LSW 2005 Wednesday 29th April


Sai Ying Pun

Hares - Octopussy & Comes Up the Rear

30 at the start in the corner of King George V park, just down the hill from the Bonham Rd exit of the newly opened Sai Ying Pun MTR.

Gobi Lo was looking for volunteers to keep Lemon Drop on his leash through the traffic and Sex Gone Too Far took the job.

Off along High St we went looking for trail when Nia just called it and said she'd seen flour earlier at the top of the new Centre St escalator. So we all went that way, the only downside being that you might inadvertently hit the on home for a very short run.

Across Bonham and up Babbington with bit of confusion at Lyttleton. A little more confusion at the bottom of Kotewall Rd then up onto Conduit and steps up to Po Shan.

Once on Hatton Rd/Morning trail it was up to the W/R split at the 3way with Lung Fu Shan Fitness Trail.

The Wimps was marked right and the Rambos had the choice of Morning or Fitness. Come into my Tunnel was returning from the Fitness trail reporting a T, so Morning it was.

Two Ts on Morning so back to try Fitness again. Just after the Pinewood Battery trail was lost. Well sortof. There was trail but Lost in Translation pointed out that it was LH3 from a week ago. Some other trail was followed but that was also from a different hash in the last week. After going round in expanding circles to find trail we were back on the Morning trail and decided to run back down to take the Wimps route since they had not come back.

The Rambos must have continued up Fitness then looped back above the Pokfulam Playground or even as far as the Ma Li I Yuen ? You have to ask Sex Gone too Far. He was gone for quite a long time.

The Wimps looped back above the Pokfulam bus terminus and ran the zylophone path above the university to the check below Kotewall. Some went down the river bed some down Kotewall. Left onto University Drive then right through the campus to Bonham Rd and on home.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the run they did. On average 8.41km 71mins.
macau Drunk

Down downs by Indyanus

The hares - Octo and Comes up the Rear

Who did what trail ? Too confusing, don't go there

Chatroom gun emplacement wimps back track

Park'n'Shop - post run dummy spit over getting lost on the Wimps on home

Park'n'Shop - second dummly spit when Lemon Drop was back and Sex Gone Too Far wasn't - he was in charge of Lemon Drop. "Who's looking after my baby then ?"

The Parkies - pure wimps trail, nice and easy

Sex Gone too Far - no idea where he went

Who saw the "On on Lemon Drop" on the wimps - HP Salsa

Indy - who didn't do the 'shiggy trial' ? er.. everybody didn't do the shiggy trail - there was none...

Anzac down downs for the Americans. Try the biscuits (sorry cookies) they're good

Octo good Anzac newsletter from last week, and she actually wrote it

Indy recommends Pak Sha runs to avoid running on ladies hash markings

Motormouth got lost. Octo "tragic. not"

Lost in Translation survivor, fewer rock this week

Park'n'Shop apologies for missing the Anzac run, entertaining rellies from Turkey

Lost in Translation missing Hopeless at the first check

HP Salsa almost got roped into setting a leaving run - leaving for England in 10days

Sex Gone Too Far also leaving HK - no mates here, all in Burma leaving his parents and his not friends

Where's the Beef - visitor from Tokyo Samurai hash - he lived in Brisbane and knows Bite'n'Suck - Indy the abo drink thing?

Torch people problems Bob le Dick, Franz, Lost in Planet

Team Head torch down down

Sweaty borrowed Indy's head torch and couldn't switch it on during the run - needed glasses

Sweaty with glasses on - hey this down down's only half full

Bob le Dick sporting an old band aid on his face

Bob le Dick where you been. Riding bike from Land's End to John o'Groats

Wai Chee interruption down down

Comes up the Rear - 131runs. yup 131
Fourus - 50
Sex Gone too Far - 25

Thorsten no May Day run - collecting Helena from the airport. Indy "why ?"
14hour flight, pregnant, luggage, that sort of thing

Indy - "I wouldn't do that." er.. husband Stu is a pilot

Wanchai Wanker's down down
Macau Drunk chonmage

Hopeless' down downs

The Hares - Jebsen Trading Company's 'imported' beer crime - Harbin lager and Sonderberg
presented with Carlsberg beer mats to remember next time

The Lost family - presented with gifts from Tokyo, matching hashname luggage straps

Sai Ying Pun 150429 8.41km 71mins

 Sai Ying Pun 150429 8.41km 71mins