LSW 2004 Wednesday 22nd April


Pak Sha Wan

ANZAC Centenary

Hare - Indyanus, Lost at Sea

Why are Indy's runs always in Pak Sha Wan? It's far, it's so foreign! Was the cry of the urban calvary queuing up for the modern day boat (minibus 101M) at Hang Hau MTR. Like true ANZACS (The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) who answered the call to service we lined up dutifully and waited 7 minibuses until ours arrived, we were sailing for Gallipoli (Pak Sha Wan). A few courageous souls Toilet Spray and SSG leaving on the earlier bus. Then when it was nearly our turn we sent MM ahead of us to warn the hares of our arrival.

Finally we arrived 15 minutes late and the hares had just sent the runners off, as we didn't have time for the briefing but were chasing the runners we were not warned of the dangers ahead. Little did we know that the first casualty had already happened without our knowing (MM had not turned up to the start). The trail ran on the footpath for a while with enemy trucks bearing down on us blowing gusts of wind close to our ears and dirt in our hair. So we were briefly reprieved by a mini shelter on a grassy patch next to the footpath... Soon we turned into a side street that led to a stream. So began the tough military campaign of navigating the stream...up we went... here we saw another casualty, the usually tough and fast LIT was swearing and sliding on the rocks.

After that we reached the the flat road which led into the bushland, many varied trails and potential enemy shelters. The pack was scattered but then suddenly we hit a clearing and saw many hashers running around as if lost, it was a dead end... everybody felt scared as they walked over a grave thinking that this was potentially an ambush. No sign of trail, but somehow all signs pointed to that clearing.. were we so naive to follow all the tricks of the enemy like a mice falling for the smell of cheese right before they are....whacked..

We ran back and forth, back and forth until suddenly Octo and Agnes B spotted some death notes, this was curious as the hare never mentioned any of this secret code in her briefing... however with time running out and the fear of ambush looming over us we dived down into the bush following the notes. This was truly gruesome as the trail was camouflaged and there were spiders and bugs jumping out on runners, here we had experienced another casualty...Fumio crashing out..

Thankfully most made it out and ran like crazy down the paved road... Octo and Agnes B leading the way.. but alas only a short victory as they soon lost the signal and ended up marooned at a car repairs shed, hiking through farmland and brush to try to find their way out...

Finally out the pack ran past scores of graves and LEST WE FORGET written on the ground..a sombre reminder of the huge scale of casualties caused by the war...

We ended at Hebe Haven...relieved at making it out alive and at the Haven where there was excellent food (curry) a hot shower and a boat to take us home..

Thanks to the Hares (commanders) for their great strategy route (trail) which only led to 3 casualties and most runners arriving back safely and satisfied.

Down Downs

Hares - not enough checks

Indy - did not mention the hell money

Latecomers - Winky Tinky, HP Salsa, Octo,

HP Salsa - second last hash, leaving HK cos housing is too expensive...has he tried buying a houseboat?

HP Salsa - actually finishing the trail

Half the pack - not knowing what ANZAC stands for

Wanchai Wanker - keeping secrets from wife, who still doesn't know that he has 20 stitches in his leg and he can't hash

SST - coming so late to the run nobody saw her until the end

SSG - usually so brave to do checks but was the first to turn back at the grave

CIMT - Lack of chivalry, still hasn't paid for his wife... where is she?

O-Bollocks - For chivalry as he waited for wife in the dense shiggy, allowing others to be FRBs

LIT - Usually a silent and deadly runner was swearing and complaining on the stream

SMP, Agnes B - completing the Hard as Nayls run

TV Tits and MM - for making it back to B without getting lost this time

Swimsuit - Running with spider hanging from her hair

Agnes B and Octo - should have been FRB but came last due to missing the sign

LIT, CIMT, Octo, Toilet Spray - taking so many selfies and posting on FB cos all don't have their partners at the run, boasting about how much fun they are having

LAS - not just a pilot but also an Anzac cookie saviour

LIT - award for the most koalas hanging from a hat

Wai Chee - racing on hash

Tight Lips, Sugar Work (Boy surely) - returnees

Indy's DD

MM - was in minibus before TW, Octo and HP Salsa but didn't arrive until after cos she got lost and got off at the wrong stop

LIT - for arriving extra early

LIT - for best dressed

O'Bollocks - complimentary prize for making effort to get dressed up

MM - for thinking she's dressed cos she is wearing green and yellow shirt

LAS - for calling SMP - Suck my P*ssy

Pak Sha Wan

Pak Sha Wan 150422 8.53km 75mins