LSW 2002 Wednesday 8th April


Discovery Bay

Hares - Discovery Her Bay & FFFM

The pack set off after a slight delay waiting for a couple of hashers who had said they were coming, but unfortunately did not. Probably decided to stay away so as not to get wet. The rain actually stayed off for most of the hashers but not for the hares while setting the trail a second time.

However, the Hares were pleased to report that most of the hashers did the trail… albeit the wrong way round! Thermal Dick actually found the right way (perhaps local knowledge helped) but decided when he could see that the trail was heading up to Tiger’s Head: “Sod that its cold, wet and windy and I can’t be bothered” Great Scot… not! Meanwhile the Chinese, Americans, Germans, Aussies, Africans, English, Welsh, Philippine (hope I haven’t missed anyone) battled on the trail up and over and down the slippier slope on the other side. Doing it the wrong way round meant that you missed the Wimp/Rambo split and so even the pregnant Hash Cash headed over Tiger’s Head. Well Done.

The Hares had earlier decided, after going up both ways on their reccies, that the clockwise route would be the best and safest in the dark. The Hashers who apparently ran through a backward T mentioned later “We saw the backward “T” and thought, ah well we must be still on trail” - YES, but the wrong way round – decided to go the harder way – who needs to HTFU not us!

As it was raining the chalk disappeared fast, especially with no cover. The flour was seen but didn’t show the correct direction and the Hell Bank Money although had pointy ends had disintegrated and so anti-clockwise they went. Perhaps next week, if there’s still no hare, we could repeat the run but the right way round!

The true trail went across Disco Bay Road and up the steps, a cheeky C/B at the bus stop but then back up the steps to a little dog park. Hell Bank Money led the pack further up the steps until hitting a soft, muddy and wet trail. At the green bin the trail led the pack right up to the lookout but this again was a C/B. The trail went back down to the green bin and onwards to the On On and then yet another C/B. The true trail was right between the bin and the C/B up a virgin shiggy trail and back up behind the lookout and then On On left.

This is where it all fell apart! Two Hell Bank Notes with pointy bits led the pack to the left but someone decided to go right and found the “On Home” flour and the trail up the little hill behind. Thus leading the pack on up to the trig and the great photo by Suck my Pills of Dr Evil and Octopussy.

The true trail went left back down another virgin shiggy path and onto a Check. Left at this and down to the river bed, across this and up to a little forest with newly planted baby trees. A few less after Thermal Dick crashed into a few. From the forest across another stream and up to the road where the Wimps were supposed to go left down the road and On Home, a gentle 4.5k-ish!

From the road the Rambo route went right off road to another soft muddy and wet trail dotted with Hell Bank Money, up to the side of The Head. A few checks to keep the pack together but ultimately on up and over to the other side, down the less steep side and back to the aforementioned and photo of the Trig. The hares wait with baited breath for Suck my Pills report.

Down Downs were kindly and briefly, given the ferry time table, awarded by Mr Parky:

The Hares for a run that was way too dry and too flat up Tiger’s Head aka Lo Fu Tau on a wet, wild, windy night.

Legally Blond for interrupting Mr Parky

Comes in my Tunnel for interrupting too and as a penalty has to pay reparations to the Greeks.

Hash Cash made a profit today with good calculations from the Hares on how much beer and softies to buy.

Miles the Virgin Hasher, but denies his virginity at 33 years of age.

Amanda the newcomer, who is thankfully wearing a condom, should the Virgin need it.

Amanda asking how to use the toilets in Asia. Mrs Parkie on in to show her the squat position, as Mr P was informed it was a No. 2 not a No. 1 needed.

The tall, dark, handsome man who looks a little like Richard Gere. New to LSWH3 and who insisted that he be called English and not British. Could he be the new Officer or rather Orifice-r. Hash naming perhaps?

Sweaty Snail Gobbler for misleading the pack past the backward T. Thermal Dick to drink as fellow Scotsman despite the fact he went the right way.

Sweaty Snail Gobbler and Macau Drunk in absentia for living on far off island and having to get an earlier ferry.

Discover Her Bay: didn’t know anyone’s names when listing the hashers on arrival, while her co-hare up on the hills soaked, cold and tired re-laying the trail.

From the floor:

Lost in Space DD: Thermal Dick ordered a beer but being Scottish didn’t have enough money so had the new-comer pay for him.

Wai Chee – Passed LIS 4 times as she was totally lost. Perhaps an addition to the Lost Family. Wai Chee was wearing a GAP tshirt, perhaps a naming of “Lost in the Gap”?

Legally Blond’s DD: Mrs Parky who really, really wanted to go up and over Tiger’s Head but because she was with Miles decided to do a wimpy route instead.

Mrs P’s DD: F3M achieving 400 runs today, although this was actually a Hair Job – perhaps next week would be her 400th!

Mad dash for the ferry again in the pouring rain and a gentle ride home, where we hummed the song to ourselves!

On On to next week’s mystery run as well as mystery hare!

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay 150408 8.46km 111mins

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay