LSW 1998 - Wednesday 18th March, 2015


Peng Chau

HARE – Sweaty Snail Gobbler

SSG stepped into the breach at the last minute to hare Run 1998 and where else to set it but Peng Chau. I can’t remember the last time I ran in Peng Chau but it is at least 10 years ago.

A select group of runners arrived on various ferries. We arrived on the 5:30 with Hopeless, obviously not busy at work, and Lost in Space who was on his way to Macau. A couple more runners on the 6pm ferry then another 8 appeared on the 6:30 all ready to run. Gobi Lo Ho turned up even though she had volunteered to be last night’s hare and had booked the slot months ago. I couldn’t quite work out how she could run but couldn’t set the run?

A few instructions from SSG and we were off along the waterfront to the first check. Hopeless and Gobi Lo streaked off ahead to check the trail leading away from the start whilst others checked the other 2 trails. Oh the disappointment for Gobi and Hopeless when the trail took us back towards the ferry pier and past the market and along the seafront. Left into the village where Ruggero told me the Custom Club Makers used to be as he passed me. Gobi passed me 2 minutes later and that was the last I saw of them.

The trail took us up a lot of steps to the temple before heading down and round a contour path and then past the toilets. Taipo decided to pay a visit. We carried on round the contour path to the steep climb up to the pagoda (on Finger Hill). We had a quick stop at the top to admire the view before heading back down the steps. I am sure the last time I hashed in Peng Chau there were no concrete steps but a dirt path and on that occasion a large snake was curled up across the path which we had to carefully circumvent. This time no snake but just a lot of concrete steps. Taipo and I carried on and ran onto the next check at the pipeline. The check indicated that the trail was up the pipeline so we carefully checked the pipeline but found no trail. Then out of the darkness came a cry from Lost in Space ‘Are you?’ No we replied. So the 4 of us then checked the trail again, Lost in Space, Hash Cash, Taipo and I and eventually we found the trail down what looked like a river bed. I didn’t fancy breaking my leg a couple of days before setting the 1999 run so I decided to keep to the concrete path and headed back to the start. It was a well marked run and took in most of Peng Chau.

(Indeed it did. The trail went round the bay to start on the nothern part of the island loop. A check up to the football pitch on the hill then back down and meandered out to the radio radio mast on the headland. It seemed like it would be on home from there but there was a surprise detour up through the graves nestled amongst all the building material, plastic bottles, lunchboxes from when they were built. I think the occupants would have liked it that way. Finally on home along the watefront)

Back at the start SSG and Jo Jo provided a fantastic buffet on site, green curry, spicy beef, noodles and prawns all for HK$80.

Down Downs by Indy

SSG – for great hash trail

Macau Drunk – had hared the FCH in Peng Chau

Returnees – Taipo, Twinkle Toes, Flying Scotsman, No Name Kath, Castrato, Big bitch and Hash Cash

Visitors – Keeps it up and Wildbush from Brighton

Shortcutters – Twinkle Toes and No Name Kath

Hopeless – wasn’t going to Hash but given a green card at the last minute

Macau Drunk – ripping his tshirt

Jo Jo – great food

Lost in Space – bringing a plant on the hash

Castrato – for bringing a hula hoop on the hash

The Hash Song was sung by all.



Peng Chau 150318 7.75km 55mins