LSW 1995 - Wednesday 25th February, 2015



Hare - Suck My Pills

Celebrating the 8th March International Women's day

I am convinced that my Chinglish style write up must be very entertaining because I am asked to do that again but even by a native English speaker this time, after asked by an English teacher in early Feb. So enjoy and hope you have a good laugh. (NOTE from the Native English Speaker in question (I wrote the down downs, you only have to do the run writeup quit complainin :P)

One of the benefits for a man to have a serious relationship is that he can travel light to work for the mid-week run. CRPF seems truly enjoys this benefit, as he left the running gears in the trusted hands and went to work happily. Taking the responsibility seriously, I arrived at the Starting point as the time was agreed, chatted and exchange Chinese New Year greetings with the hare and arrived hashers, hoping the 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' wishes to the married/attached hashers could lead to some 'red pocket' jump into my hands, well I forget LSW hashers are 'guilao' , not Chinese!

Anyway, CRPF still not appear in the starting after 7pm, while more hashers showing up, so make a phone call to find out where he is and I am told that he is opposite IKEA and trying to find the starting point, so CRPF enjoyed another benefit for a man in a serious relationship --having a personal guide pick him up when has difficulty to find the starting point. Wala, no wonder scientific research shows that men generally happier when they are not single. (EDITOR' S NOTE: Despite standing at the starting point of the run, and having visited the village, the IKEA in question and the start of the run, Toilet Spray was completely incapable of accurately describing the location of the run start)

Off we go after explanation of the markings, the hare uniquely using red pocket combine with flour for marking give the run a Chinese New Year theme, and it' s the day of everyone' s Birthday! We are in HK after all. As a Chinese, it' s unavoidable to check the personal fortune at the beginning of the year, as Feng Shui (energy flowing around us) theory is in our gen, but being influenced by other cultures, I am reluctant to spend my hard earned money to see a real fortune teller, and there are millions of free website on internet, so after online research, it is concluded that I shouldn' t do too much physical challenges this year, I should take it easy when come to running, outdoor sports. Keeping that in mind, I have decided to only do W even when I was on the way to start, however when I reached to the first split, I felt I just warmed up and it' s still early as the watch showed, and the hare must put a magnet at Rambo trail, my legs were attracted to the trail and didn' t want to go to the Wimp, so even TV Tits reminded me of what I mentioned about the fortune teller warnings, I said bye to her and jump to the R trail. It' s a great trail indeed, well mark with red pocket, peaceful and runnable, although the high humidity keep remind me spring is coming..

When I reached the 2nd split, the fortune teller warning came back a bit, after few seconds thinking, my stubborn legs won and here I back to the Rambo trail! Then I was the last one in and being teased of ignoring the fortune teller warning, which why I was the last one in!

Down downs:

birthday for Suck My Pills and all of Humanity (according to Chinese calendar)

Lubricated Trojan - goes to sunny, warm Vietnam (30 degrees) and catches a cold

Bobbledick - wears a ski helmet because he thinks other skiers are hazardous - actual it's HE that is hazardous

CIMT - overheard being asked... where is your wife? Answer... Don't Know, Don't Care!

TV Tits - wants a video review ski lesson of her 2015 Niseko performance - too cheap to buy an actual ski lesson!

Bobbledick - Waiting for Frank the Plank to die so he can win the award for oldest fart at the King of the Hills races

Dr. Evil - lacking fear gene - takes photos of Cobras, instead of running from them

Bobbledick - accusing TV Tits of trampling defenseless frogs on trail

Fumio - going to make someone a good wife one day... donned the apron and help clean and cook!

Octopussy - restricts herself from skiing as she KNOWS that she is out of control - Bobbledick - wear your helmet!

CUTR - thinks the problem with Octo's skiing is the skis... nope, she assures him the skis are fine, she is out of control

CUTR - rivaling bobbledick in cheapness by carefully shopping for just the right ski lift pass (after 10am, half day, plus night skiing, minus 3rd thursday of the month discount) in Korea

CIMT - all of his fellow German speaking countrymen ALSO say LaVENder

Lost In Space - resorting to an around the neck beer cozy so he doesn't misplace his beer (getting more forgetful)

Ruggero - Just Add Alcohol and Wanchai Wanker - the leather loafer shoe club

CIMT - paid for dinner for Lubricated Trojan! First time!!!

SMP - delicious vegetarian meal (where was Ivana Nukok??? vegetarian and only 50hkd!!)

JAA - mean Korean boss won't let her come hashing

Toilet Spray - fortune teller told her to exercise less, so she does Rambo Rambo!!

All Men - no Lai See for the single girls

Bobbledick - upset that the girls were squeaking their "on-on calls" turns out TV tits was calling "Lai See" not On-On.

CUTR - too cheap to buy a hotel room, crashed on the couch of a Korean hasher during ski trip

SMP - good run - bad, cheap beer!

Chatroom & Toilet spray - while checking attendance list and hare line, they realize they are hares for next week's run. D'oh!

Anniversaries - Lubricated Trojan 50 runs!

LSW 1995