LSW 1993 - Wednesday 11th February, 2015


Shau Kei Wan

Hare - Octopussy

As usual, even though Lost In Translation and I arrived very early, Lost In Space was already at the run site, sitting in the stands watching the local 7-a-side soccer match. “Hey Lost!”, to which the reply “Hey Lost!” was duly delivered. The Lost family is growing and ever the more popular…..

The lone Hare arrived about 10 minutes later, a light sprinkling of flour debris on her clothes. Me, myself and I, plus Space were dispatched to buy the drinks while Octo “remarked the In trail, just in case”. In case of what we weren’t sure, but arriving back with liquid and ice, the last “In” arrow was clearly visible at the top of the steps where we were sitting, thus giving a clue as to how the run was to finish.

A small but quality group of hashers arrived before the off, Octo advising of a Wimp / Rambo split, about 8km of trail for the long, and a local Chinese place for food afterwards”. Tequila Fcukwit, having had his “Pink Ticket Application Form” duly signed by Will Not Come, led the pack out of the park and onto Shau Kei Wan Road, across the tram lines.

Thermal Dick picked up the pace along with Sweaty Snail Gobbler, solving the Check at the foot of the housing estate on Yiu Hing Road. Another Check saw the pack mill around a little before the call up the hill, the FRBs then pegged back by a Check Back which turned us into the hillside.

About 15 layers of steps and stairs finally took us onto the contour trail which comes out towards Kornhill… but…. it didn’t go that way… TFW and Come Into My Tunnel solving the Check to send us left, Wai Chee, Suck My Pills, Platey and Ruggero in hot pursuit. There were several attempts to fool the front runners with Open Checks but they all pounded forward towards Tai Tam Road, guessing correctly every time. Finally the CB came, turning us down towards the reservoir and the Water Supplies pipeline which leads right back (via several hornet’s nests in July) to Shau Kei Wan.

At this point I found myself surrounded by Scots…. It felt like the Battle of Bannockburn… Lost In Translation in front, Winky Twinkie, breathing down my neck and shorts, Thermal Dick bringing up the rear. “Keep the heid“, “Heid doon arse up!”, “Guid gear comes in sma’ bulk:, “It’s a lang road that’s no goat a turnin”, “Ye mak a better door than a windae. None of it made any sense to me other than I was surrounded by a group of foreigners.

Thankfully we came out on Aldrich Street having passed the local heroin shooting stalls at the bottom of the hill. Up onto the bridge and Wimps cut left and home for less than 5km. We followed the R trail, winding through Shau Kei Wan, and ending up going past the Shing Wong Temple up to A Kung Ngam Road. Confusing Check saw the three of us lose Thermal, who headed off back to the hills. The rest of the Rambos was pretty much in English, heading onto the seafront and back to the finish, passing Fourus underneath the Expressway. A very well marked run, excellent effort from the lone hare.

Latecomers Gai Tai and his mate, David, came in, hardly sweating, with the indefatigable Indyanus bringing up the rear as DFL for the evening. (Gobi Lo had set off 30 minutes early, running the Wimps and doing the Checks by herself, not marking them off, so that the pack could enjoy the full hash, the joys of being in demand at the office!).

After a few social beers, the pack headed off to the local Sichuan for some great fare.

Down Downs courtesy of Indy:

Hare - Octopussy

WACO Run - it was in 1993 - Octopussy...

Newsletter – Octopussy, English improvement from last week!

WALOB hares - Octopussy & Lost In Space

Lost cohare - HP Salsa.. but could not contacted - Octopussy

Late - Gai Tai and David...

FCH3 20 Year Run Attendees – Sweaty Snail Gobbler, Lost In Translation, Hopeless, Ruggero & Indy

Not marking CB - Come Into My Tunnel

Hopeless - not crossing off CB too, and Lost In Space

Ruggero - claims the old flour was new..

Lost In Space - couldn't work out fresh flower

Hopeless - same on FCH3

Octopussy - letting Gobi Lo go early

Lost In Translation & Hopeless for rescuing Motormouth on the Wanchai Hash

Sweaty Snail Gobbler & Easy Over – for leaving early...

4 Scots - Lost In Translation, Thermal Dick, Sweaty Snail Gobbler & Winky Twinkie

Delights of being a father. - Come Into My Tunnel

Come Into My Tunnel - enjoying his freedom while the wife is out of town

Missing Hash Cash - Come Into My Tunnel

Lost property - Winky Twinkie for mate’s lost torch

Non Rambos - Lost In Space

Valentines dinner planned weeks ago - Hopeless & Lost In Translation

10 hours to travel to Manila - Hopeless

Announcement - Breon’s wife gave birth to twin girls today – CONGRATULATIONS from LSWH3 !

All fathers - Winky Twinkie, Ruggero, Thermal Dick & Hopeless

DD Hopeless to Come Into My Tunnel – “I saw a hedgehog on trail”… sorry, it was a Porcupine!

DD Gai Tai to Dave – “Oh that Indy has a funny laugh!”

April fools hare - Gai Tai

Hash Song sung by Octopussy aided by Hopeless and Gai Tai

LSW 1993


ShauKeiWan 150211 7.99km 73mins