LSW 1992 - Wednesday 4th February, 2015



Hares - Stinky & Toilet Spray

Heartbreak and healing run

Fresh from the third time having my application for a China visa denied, i was heartbroken.. i sullenly dragged my feet to the Cyberport minibus... thinking.. a run in a seldom run area in HK will be good to lift my spirits... My spirit was lifted alright but not in the way I expected..

We waited til around 7:15 for a few latecomers. So we had the briefing and it was a bit confusing.. Something about construction and gates and maybe closed... Who knows... At 7:15 we were off... Without poor Bobbledick who was devastated that he did not make it before we left..

After 5 minutes I realised my torch was ruined Id already lost the cap and battery, thankfully Dr Evil was there with a spare torch and it was a good one! Better than mine was...

We ran through some shiggy then up to the infamous petrol station check and check back both rather faintly drawn on the concrete. Some runners were running around checking every path around the petrol station maybe 2 or 3 times. sweaty Snail gobbler even scaled a dangerous rock face to see if it could be the path. Some runners stood at the check and check back philosophising whether these markings were indeed those of the hares or a much earlier hash cos they were so faint and trying to make sense of it... How could there be a check so close to the cb without any paths or an ONON in between...

I had a suspicion the path may lie in a hole in the wall section with shiggy behind so CUTR and a virgin hasher jumped up to check it...CUTR found the trail but his ONON cry was softer than the flap of a mosquito wing which only the Virgin hasher heard and so he yelled ONON again in a more robust tone and Hopeless shook his head saying 'Thats the one place I refused to check!'

Up we climbed the crazy steps with steps so wide we wondered how SST could have climbed it.

We then ran onto the Pokfulam road and up to another tricky check where all runners turned left but CUTR turned right and that was the trail...

His ONON cry could only be heard by the trained ear of the lazy ones waiting at the check... This time more like a strangled duck cry but an ONON nonetheless...

So we all followed him up the right or so SGTF thought... but then his torch went bust and he had to guess because CUTR was too far gone for anybody to hear his cry..

We were somewhere along Pokfulam Reservoir Road. This led to the path of healing up to the Peak. This path which I have traversed many times as a newby to HK was a path of great struggle and release in those days it was over a person not a country. However on Wed while walking up this path I made a resolve to let go of my application for the China visa for a season.. I felt great.. Healing..

The trail led to Old Peak road and down to Tregunter path then Brewin path, Bowen road (Thx to Suck My Pills for your directions on FB) and finally HK squash centre with a warm shower to wash away the debris of heartbreak and a party at LKF to show everybody we are young and free... Ohh the nostalgia..

The map and Twinky Winkie's at the check below...

Down downs by Hopeless

Hares... SST & Lavender

No calling - CUTR

Newbie LSWH3 Dave, friend of Gai Tai & Shake Yer Booty

Calling.. newbie Dave and not CUTR on that CB

CUTR.. Headless chicken.. running to Pokfulam.

Sex Gone Too Far.. Racing to The Peak to beat the 50 year old Hopeless to the barrier

Gai Tai.. great shirt for spotting front runner, but at the back

Hares.. marking on Saturday, Monday and today

Last week's write up in Chinglish.. chalk

Ruggero.. buses.. 42c only goes 0800 and 0835

Lost In Translation... First lady Rambo, Hopeless first male Rambo, Tinky Winky first male Wimp (Denvy absentee for lady)

Hares... interesting place for food n circle.. Rat Alley LKF

Bobbledick. . refused to pay run fee... says he brought his own beer.. so no dd, Frank The Plank proxy drinker

Sweaty Snailgobbler.. first ever $180 bash... this one with beer was over the $180... $128 for two pints of Stella buys 24 cans in PnS, so another

DD to the hares

CUTR - next weeks run will feature no calling nor marking trail might make it difficult to see the tral.

DD from SGTF for Gai Tai for taking his phone on trail but, in fact, using it to solve that CB

Song by the hares and Frank The Plank

LSW 1992


 Cyberport to Squash Courts 150204 10.43km 92mins


Victoria Rd