LSW 1991 - Wednesday 28th January, 2015


Pak Sha Wan to RHKYC 150128 8.28km 64mins

Indyanus & Lost at Sea

Rumor said that you could get good lucks for the whole year of 2015 by attending the Australia run, which hared by one of an Australian has had miracle happened on her. With the hope in mind, and think I would be less tasty to any dog's again after all the injections, here I went and arrived at A. After some new year catch ups with the group, I talked to the hare about the run, she told me that there shouldn't any dogs on the Wimps and she particularly mark a dog free route for people want to run the Ramboo but doesn't want to go through the dogs......

The hare mentioned that again during briefing, so my decision is made on which route I will do, but it's village area, how can we not run into a dogs in the village in HK??? No long after we started, we've already surrounded by loud barkings from many dogs when we try to sort out the check at the base of a village, luckly they are all locked up. So I try to keep up with the group, running a bit instead of chatting, all nice until come to the split of R & W.

I took the hare's advise to do the W, which it's a nice mix of road and trail running route until I arrived the check point at the park by myself. Being a slow runner on R route has it's advantages -- those FRB always considerate and leave markings/guess markings on the check circle, so I just follow and feeling a sense of safe.... Now there is no markings, and seems like a big park for my own to sort out the route, I run to the left straight for few minutes, nothing then back to the check, run to the right straight ahead for few minutes, nothing, then decided to follow the trail seemed circling the park, I finally saw the flour almost the the end of the circle, I was happy and yell loud 'on on', although I am not sure if anyone is following.....

Not long after come out from the park, the trail joined a concrete road, there is a check there need to sort out which direction to go on the road, I took the guessing of left hand side, just about to pleased by my luck on sorting out the check after saw 2 arrors, a loud barking flying to my direction on a super fast speed! Being caution, I slowed down and in a blink of time, I saw a dog running like a race car in full speed from the botton of the hill toward me.... I freezed there, put my headlamp on the brightest level, directly into the dog's eye, he/she stopped there in the middle of the road and keep barking loud, I thought it's not a good idea to spend my time looking at the dog and trying to pass by, so I slowly turn back, walk back to the check point and continue on the road, it turned out this is the right way! the rest is again runable and I managed to get myself back to B in one piece and being the 2nd FRB in W.

Down downs by Hopeless

The hare - Australian run

Last week's hare - Hopeless skipped it due to experience last time

SST - parking drama

Oli - virgin

the hares - Anzec Day

Crash Test Dummy - didn't finish first

Gunpower Plod - short cutting 3 times

Lost in Space - not finished last

Doctor Evil - finishing last

Sex Gone too far - communal shower, went to private shower

Oli - got a new t~shirt

Inflated Date - only man at the table got vanilla rice

Lubricated Trojan - in shower for long cos she's pregnant

Lost at Sea - run other hashes cos he doesn't wanna run with his wife

Gin and Tonic - 375 runs

Indy - wraring the worst designed hash t~shirt designed by a Scott.

Lost in Space - thought that the Aussie cork string hat are for decoration only

Hopeless - claimed he would have done a better down down if he were informed earlier.

Hopeless - coming in first

Lost in Space - ditched HP Salsa in the run

LSW 1991

Pak Sha Wan to RHKYC 150128 8.28km 64mins