LSW 1989 - Wednesday 14th January, 2015


HK Cricket Club

Hares - Park n Shop & Parkie

The group of about 20 huddled in the carpark leaving their warm clothes on till the last moment

C*ntractor didn't have a choice in the matter because his running gear was busy going back and forth through the Aberdeen tunnel 'cos Legally Blonde was making poor bus number decisions

A quick briefing and Charlie Hebdo tribute and off we went on the path behind the petrol station. A couple of checkbacks on Sir Cecils turned the pack inside out for the shiggy climb up to the catchwater Across the catchwater and up to the HK/Wilson trail. Wimps right and Rambos left

I think the Wimps might have been a turbo-ultra-wimpsł as they ran down Tai Tam Reservoir Rd on home! 18 mins! Back out to do it all again....

The Rambos went up to Jardine's Lookout then down to the catchwather above the quarry and down onto Mt Butler Rd
I dunno if anyone went right at that check but left went to the next check on Mt Butler Rd at the government flats
A ? had several of us go down to the Sir Cecil's trail but no markings.
Back the other way to wend through Moorsome, Perkins, Wilson and along Tai Hang Rd
Up Blue Pool and on home past the Japanese and French International schools

Beers, showers, jacuzzi, nice

Tequila F*ckwit did gibbon noises when he slowly lowered himself into the jacuzzi and his nether regions made contact with the boiling water...

The basho was fish and chips, chicken pie and rhubarb crumble and custard. Excellent.

Down Downs by Indy

The Hares - Parkie and Park'n Shop.... Great run as always!... enjoyed by all!!

Octopussy (in absentia) - 'Just loved the urban area after Jardine's lookout! Never run around that (prestigious!) area before.......'

Parkie/Park'n Shop - 2nd run of the year, after Crash's run, where no reccie was done!! A tradition is being set!!

The hares - thanks for setting with little notice! increasing their run ratios Park'n Shop 518 runs - 28 x hare: Parkie 341 runs - 17 x hare!! Well done!

Parkie/Park'n Shop - originally billed the 1989 run as the early Valentine's Day Run..... was changed to the 'Je Suis Charlie' ....

Parkie - Gave a very symbolic eulogy..... Ed's brief version... 'We are here as hashers to unite... and toast to peace amongst hashers.. continual good humour with satire... and bonding despite tribulations presented to us....'..(or something moving like that!)

Sex Gone Too Far - Thanks muchly for doing your interesting Run Report for Ma and Pa!

SGTF - Had made a slight 'predictive text' style error!! Instead of writing Valentine's came out as Vientianes's Day Run??

SGTF - Actually told me that he was a bit 'miffed' about calling it a Valentine's Day Run... as he has 'not got one'!! (Ed - Watch this space in one month's time.... but no pressure!!)

The 1989 Run - also the Tianamen Square Commemoration.. as suggested by An@l Invitation

Lubricated Trojan / CIMT - asked to set the 2014 run to celebrate their first wedding anniversary (which we can all attend rather than Lake Como?)...... but will not commit as... 'not sure'...of what????

Late starters - An@l Invitation / Franz / Legally Blonde / C*ntractor /CUTR

Non Runners - Will Not Come

Legally Blonde - Very late due to catching wrong bus..... 6X... ending up at Deepwater Bay

Park'n Shop - advised LB to catch taxi to run start just up hill.......

LB - No listen to P'n S... catches 6X bus on other side back to Central then another bus up to the Cricket Club....

C*ntractor - in the meantime is at Cricket Club on time and waits patiently

Stinky - keeps knocking over plates/glasses all night at the bash....

Returnees - Tequila F***wit / Will Not Come... back from Sth Africa somewhere..... for a brief visit!
Franz... huge effort to get to the run.. from Sth Lantau
Tinky Winky

Hangovers - Macau Drunk / Tequila / Indy...

An@l Invitation - 'that's how i always feel at a Sunday hash.....'

The hares - The Cricket Club Bash.... great attendance...

Parkie - ordering his speciality... rhubarb crumble...

Park 'n Shop - upset could not get enough custard to go with the rhubarb crumble.....

Many Thanks hares - Great run! Fab bash..... despite the lack of showers.....

LSW 1989

HKCC 150114 6.27km 54mins