LSW 1987 - Wednesday 31st December 2014


It seems that a New Year's Eve LSW hash run is rarer than a blue moon, with chances of it happening only once every 5 or 6 years. With this kind of rarity I decided that I couldn't possibly *not* attend the hash, not that you need a reason to attend a Lost in Space's run! Coincidentally the last New Year's Eve hash was also hared by Lost in Space back in 2008 when Frank the Plank probably had no white hair, Indy was winning all the KOTH races, and Motormouth was ... well, still being Motormouth.

Speaking of MM, she turned up right on time but the hare was apparently out buying high-end Japanese beer for the pack, so we milled around, chatting about our countdown plans until 5:15pm when the hare returned. Instructions were dished out with (illegal) chalk markings on the ground: Wimps/Rambos split, with the rambos having a tough section - so please be careful - and off the pack went into the dark heart of Wanchai.

Teeny Weeny and Rigby took off like they were in a race but of course were slowed down by the urban checks. Comes Up the Rear and Rigby finally broke the check at Queen's Road, and the trail brought us up the steep flight of steps at Hopewell.

By this stage Teeny was no longer to be found, Suck my Pills and I was trudging up Wanchai Gap silently, and Comes Up the Rear despite being ahead of the pack was still not calling On On (I guess some thing never change). On Bowen Road the splits appeared, and I wimped out again, turning right while the Rambos went up along Wanchai Gap into Dutch Path. I heard there was some shiggy bits for them before appearing on Magazine Gap. For the Wimps route, it was a straightforward run along Bowen down to Kennedy Road, and then through the small path to Mother's Choice, and down through Admiralty and on home. The best part of the run was seeing "HAPPY NEW YEAR" scrawled on the sidewalk! Thank you Lost in Space for the perfect weather, day-time run (no torch!), and great markings. What a lovely way to send off 2014.

So, on behalf of LSW I will like to make some hash resolutions for 2015:

  • Bring my own water for the hash run to reduce plastic waste
  • Run more Rambos routes
  • Call "On On" / "Trail!" loudly when I see markings! *
  • Set more runs **
  • Drink more beer
  • *Meant for Comes Up the Rear
    ** Meant for those who have not hared in the last 6 months - you know who you are

    Happy New Year, LSW hashers! On On to 2015, and to our 2000th run celebrations.
    Gobi Lo

    LSW 1987

    Lockhart Road Playground 141231 6.35km 53mins