LSW 1986 - Wednesday 24th December 2014


Christmas Eve

Not expecting anybody to show up on Christmas evening, I was delighted when by 7pm seven runners, all girls had shown up. Just as I was savoring the thought of a first, ‘All Girls LSW’, Comes up the Rear and Chat Room Pedophile appeared.

Off they all went, up Mount Parker Road.

Before setting the run there was a warning that NT2H3 were setting a run from Bremar Hill. True enough, they had marked the best part of my trail, but in the opposite direction. Their arrows looked like ‘Royal South Side’ markings to me, with a S over it.

Some 40 min after the runners set out Bobbledick arrived and began brewing Mulled Wine.

It was a big success, even Ivana New Cock who no longer drinks alcohol had a cup and somehow got it for free saying “I never pay for drinks”

After all had showered, and take note that Toilet Spray was not the last out of the municipal bathroom, we all went to a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Chatroom Pedophile did the Down Downs. I forgot what they were about and I cannot read his scribbling but everyone got at least one Down Down.

At the end we all sang the LSW song, but only once, and the call for “Next week’s run” went unanswered.

Ivana New Cock and I went with Octopussy and Comes up the Rear to a church in North Point for midnight mass.

I was in bed before 1AM
On! On!
Dr Evil

LSW 1986

Quarry Bay Road 141224 6.72km 64mins

LSW 1986