LSW 1985 - Wednesday 17th December 2014


This week’s hare obviously read last week’s interesting newsletter and avoided purchasing any water for the start of the run. The cool weather meant that the idea of running without water, albeit controversial, could be tested again.

Hopeless and Lost in Translation, last week’s receptionists of “Hash Waterboarding” were back again to see how the new technique was holding up. Some of the pack, a little cautious of the effects of the “Suck It Up” bottles, decided to keep their bags away from these two for fear of collateral damage to their kit.

So a pack of 25 gathered by the toilets in Chater Garden, waiting for the hare, Gai Tai, and Indy – who had been buying The Bins in Admiralty somewhere and bringing them to the run site. “Not buying water Hopeless is great” quipped Indy, “means about 5 kilos less weight to carry, but, unfortunately, I left the top partially undone on my water bottle and I Waterboarded my own bag, how about that?!”.

Indeed, although we noticed the 2 bottles of wine had their tops firmly screwed on!

The hare’s wife, Shake Your Booty, despite working in the nearby HSBC building, was having difficulty finding the start. “It’s the flipping big park right in front of your office!” advised Gai Tai over the phone. Once that was sorted, and M’Lady arrived, the briefing could take place.

All Open Checks, one split, around 8km+ Wimps and another 2km for the Rambos, plenty of chalk and flour. For once this was pretty much the truth from the hare (and no blue chalk this week!). A very well marked run, which, it has to be when mainly urban.

So.. up over the bridge, Check, Queensway Centre, Check, Lippo Centre, and along to Queensway main road, turning into Harcourt Garden and onto Police HQ, HPAPA, and Queen’s Road East past Burger King. Up the stairs to Sun Street, Ruggero and Lost In Translation setting the pace, with Indy and Kneeling Virgin bringing up the rear. Monmouth Path, and the Check solved by Hopeless up to Bowen Road from the petrol station. Dutch Path…. No, by Jove,,,,, along Bowen Road, and a Checkback to take us up the stairs to Island School and another Open Check on Borrett Road.

Down to Bowen…? No again! Up a set of metal ladder steps and onto new pipeline, to the service road leading to Magazine Gap Road. Agnes B and Ruggero leading by now, Sex Gone Too Far in hot, (blistered) pursuit. Not back towards home yet… May Road, and the inevitable Checkback up to the football court on top of another service reservoir, and then winding paths to Duddle Street and the split. Wimps heading for home, Rambos heading for the waterfront.

By now On The Edge thought he had the edge, his local ‘hood in his sights now. The returning Sweaty Snail Gobbler too thought he had a sniff of the lead, this new waterless running style coming to the fore in the cool weather. But all was to come undone at Jardine House where the majority of the pack, led by Come Into My Tunnel, failed to find the markings to Pier 9 and the waterfront. So a call of “head for home” was made, OTE, CIMT, LIT and SGTF all racing to the beers, closely followed by Lubricated Trojan, Agnes B, and then HP Salsa and girlfriend.

A somewhat perplexed Indy and Kneeling Virgin arrived about 15 minutes later, having laid claim to “finding trail and doing the complete Rambos”, although the jury is out on that! Unfortunately Indy’s attempts to dry out her self-waterboarded bag failed as the cold had zero effect on the (mineralized) marinating clothing that was hanging on the protestor barricades at the run site.

Apart form the small hiccup at Jardine’s, a very well laid trail enjoyed by those gathered around the Bins. Late non-runners Bobbledick and @nal Invitation helped sup up the amble supply of beer and Pringles before heading off to Hennessey Road and the Swali Thai Club.

Down Downs, as delivered by Indy………..

The Hare - Gai Tai…..'Fun' Chrissy run around Central Chrissy lights and 'out there' environs……

Gai Tai - The LSW baby….1985 birth run!! Ouch!!…

Indy - facts wrong last week!! suggesting Fumio was the LSW baby…….

Indy - Gai Tai's mum same age….Double Ouch!!

Sheik Yerbouti - Why did she not help set the run??? Not a 1985 birth….Baby snatcher….!!!

Gai Tai - so many steps……even new steps!!

Macau Drunk - had never been up the zillion steps to the 'reservoir'……

Comes Up The Rear - calling On On like a 'wild warthog in pain'!

Hopeless - what trail did he follow?

Kneeling Virgin - at Wimps / Rambos …getting lost around Post Office area…..then running back

Kneeling Virgin - throws out the challenge to Indy ….'I have checked everywhere ! The R trail ain't there! If you can find it you are a better man than me!'

Indy - And there it was ... leading to Star Ferry Pier (a little local knowledge comes in handy!)

Rambo runners - Kneeling Virgin then leading the way /Indy / Octopussy / visitor

Gai Tai - Great extension run around Central Piers 8 and 9 / Tamar park area….

Returnees - Lavender / Sweaty Snail Gobbler!! Great to see you again….

Sheik Yerbouti - Told Indy on the run that she does 'it' at 6 am Monday to Friday….

Others - LSW Survey shows 'it' is done at a range of times…..from 7am (Hopeless /Lost In Translation) to Sweaty at midday…..???

Comes In My Tunnel / Lubricated Trojan - Don't do 'it' in morning now……married!

Sheik Yerbouti - 'It' …Boot Camp…Hmmm!...

Gai Tai - Makes her a 'nice cuppa' afterwards upon her return!

HP Salsa - moves chairs at bash down to 'singles' area…..more fun! (apparently?)

Lost In Planet - recounting scenes from the film 'Airport' and its plane humour…..

Lost In Planet - recounting headlines of person opening door of Chinese plane as 'wanted some air'!

Sex Gone Too Far - racing on the hash….against On The Edge

Indy - Thoroughly Waterboarding her own bag before the run!

Macau Drunk - Asks LSW to bring own water bottle…but omits to add to Indy, 'do the top up tightly'!

Hopeless / LIT - causing others to move bags away from theirs before run ….

Gai Tai - excellent markings….except for that little Rambo section ? Street Sweepers?

Gai Tai - fab bash!! fab food……fab run!

Hash song sung by hare / Sheik Yerbouti and returnees….

LSW 1985

Chater Garden 141217 9.25km 70mins