LSW 1984 - Wednesday 10th December 2014


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    By Kazumi Miura and Kevin Buckland Dec 11, 2014 11:17 AM GMT+0800

Just when you thought that all the different options for healthy running were exhausted, a new and revolutionary study has emerged in Hong Kong. It is called “running on air”, recently trialed at the HK Island KOTH event, and being pioneered on the running group “Little Sai Wan Hash”.

It involves running trails and races with absolutely nothing in your running bottle. KOTH last week ran out of water on the Marathon course, but the study group of LSWH3 shows that this is actually a good thing for runners.

The technique is fairly simple. You fill up your water bottle to the brim, giving you the psychological feeling that you have enough water. You then pour out the entire contents, maybe over another competitor’s bags, leaving nothing but neat air. This “Suck It Up” air is then consumed on trail when you reach certain critical and mental points of a run. For example, you see a fellow runner ahead of you, and you need a boost of confidence or some level of Anger Management, open up that special bottle, down the “Suck It Up” air, and lo and behold, you have an energy boost second to none.

A runner on LSWH3 was asked why she was running with an empty bottle on trail. To which her response was “Well, I feel mineralized water is overrated, and in order to get ahead of the competition, the Suck It Up air is lighter so I am hoping it’ll give me the edge for future runs”.

Meanwhile, at the finish of the hash, front runners “Hopeless” and “Lost in Translation” were quoted as saying “We love water, especially baths together, and it was a bonus to have one in our bags tonight”.

The jury is still out on this new idea, but one thing is for sure, less water means drier bags for runners, and less impact to the environment now that buying water for a run is a thing of the past.

The actual hash itself was “hared’ by the pocket battleship “Fumio” who promised “6.5km Supawimps, 8km Wimps and 10.5km for Rambos”. His guestimate did not disappoint, like his run. Remarkably though, LSWH3 has taken to mark its trails in blue chalk of late. Difficult to see at night, but this week’s run was not the fiasco of last week, with clear markings of blue on dark surfaces, reinforced with strips of yellow ribbon.

Out of Po Tsui park, left and across to Po Hong Road and the first of the Open Checks had the pack milling back n fore until the cry of “On On” took LSWH3 past the petrol (“gas” for ’mericans) stations. The predicted Checkback was guessed by Inflato and Hopeless, heading up the blue metal ladder steps, first used by Gin n Vomit, many years ago. Po Lam Road North – Open Check again, this time Gobi Lo leading the pack down one side of the road, Hopeless the other.

Up the stairs off the road, and a nice trail heading out onto Tsui Lam Road, and The Wilson Trail. Hopeless again guessing the impending Checkback by heading straight for The Little Hawaiian Trail, where, sure enough, small blobs of flour were found down the steps. LHT for a while before the inevitable three way split with Supawimps heading straight down to Po Lam, Wimps heading straight on, and the Rambos going for broke up to Clearwaterbay Road, and then Razor Hill before rejoining the Wimps further along the trail.

No Checks or trickery from the rejoin, and a straight “blast for home” to the finish with the first Rambos coming in around 1:40, with Indy, Winky Twinkie & his mate, bringing up the rear for a 2 hour finish. Nice trail, some good options and well marked– excellent job Fumio-san!

The pack hiked to a Pak My Dong on the other side of the estate where 17 enjoyed typical cheap Chinese fare and Carlsberg (or Tsing Tao if you are Comes In My Tunnel!).

Down Downs delivered by the on-form Indy…..

The hare - Fumio… excellent run!! Trails to suit all… Super Wimps, Wimps and Rambos... all the way to top of Razor Hill!! Busy boy!!

Fumio - virgin hare too!! Brilliant…

Fumio - And how long did you take you to set run?? All day… took day off work!! Rambos - Sex Gone Too Far/Macau Drunk/CIMT/CUTR/Just Adds Alcohol/Winkie Twinkie plus mate/Indy

Wimps - surprisingly Hopeless and Lost In Translation so back to A earlier than expected? What a surprise that was......

Lost In Planet to Lost In Translation - when one "Lost drinks...'....

LIP - surprisingly did not choose the R option.... did not want to get 'Lost' again, with memories of the 4+ hour hash run ....

Lubricated Trojan - a R runner (in past!) for past few runs chose Wimps... and again today instead of the challenge of clambering up to the very top of Razor Hill 'mit her herr'..(or Indy for that matter....!!)

Fumio - officially the youngest LSW hasher.. last of the birth year runs!! 1984... What a babe!!

The 1984 run - noted by Lost In Planet as 'the George Orwell' run! He would have been pleased with the bash choice..... looked like something from that era.....

Hare Raiser (yours truly)- now looking for hares to celebrate... wedding years? Gai Tai and Sheik Yerbouti already down for 2011 run, Comes in My Tunnel/Lubricated T.... the 2014 run??....

Children's birth years - W@nchai W?..... and engagements?? So Toilet Spray..... and others??

Toilet Spray - when on run, yours truly enquired politely to TS 'So how is it going living with PaedoChat?' "Fine, Indy, but he is already jealous that I get on better with the puddytat than he does....' ..Hmm...

Sex Gone Too Far - Is available to go to Chrissie Eve hash! Says he 'My days of bouncing around Lan Kwai Fong are over..'!! Hmm..

Octopussy - can't do Chrissie Eve hash - Work calls!! those gals do need her more......!

Toilet Spray - not here for Chrissie Eve..... flying off with PaedoChat to enjoy Phuket in Caspars' mansion with infinite pools..... massage anyone??

Hopeless / LIT - Not in town either...will be slumming it in Lost In Translation's Scottish family castle.....

Hopeless - not fazed by 'Meet the Family' conversations... anticipates that he won't understand them anyway!!

Returnees - Fourus... aka Franz /... Octopussy... first time back since sojourn to Israel with CUTR

Comes Up the Rear - looking sophiscated with new haircut and suntan.....

Bobbleduck - leaving early from Po Lam bash... when home is just nearby....

Fumio - great hash/great bash.... thanks for all your effort!!

Song Sung by the Japanese.. Fumio /Just Adds Alcohol

LSW 1984

LSW 1984