LSW 1982, Wednesday 26th November 2014


Yung Shue Wan, Lamma

Fifteen or so hashers warmed up last Wednesday by running from work to Pier 4 just in time for the 640pm ferry. After a streak of birthday year inspired runs, the LSW is running out of young'uns and no 30yr olds volunteered for the 1984 run. Macau Drunk gamely stepped up to the plate, which was why we found ourselves heading out to Lamma.

Gathering at the normal Lamma meeting place Shake Your Booty felt nostalgic as this was the location of her very first hash run last Easter. The group were promised a good run out with straight 8km trail, no rambo/wimp split. The group set off winding through the village backstreets, sticking close together or at least within hearing distance of Lemon Drop's enthusiastic yelps. The first check was reached with a simple 50/50 decision, up or down. The pack split and raced off in opposite directions. And didnt come back. Or call. For ages. Markings were finally spotted an unreasonably far distance off and soon bobbing torchbeams were all heading in the same direction. Muttering FRBs caught us up and disappeared into the night, including one visitor from London who thundered past so loudly you could hear his knee cartiledge grinding down as he grunted past.

Several kms of gently undulating concrete paths led us around the coast of the Island and the group stretched their legs for a good run under the twinkling lights. Not stars, the power station. Just as we hit our stride an unmarked checked perplexed the group at the back, was this the point where we'd cut off the path and into some shiggy? No turned out to be the answer but as all the FRBs had blithly sailed past the check we clambered all the way to the top of the hill to find a tauntingly large flour T. Inching unsteadily back down the hill on those dodgy ankles Shake Your Booty has been left for dust except for HP Salsa who waited like a gentleman. In contrast to Guy Tai who was neglecting his usual good husband chivalry. Good job HP Salsa stepped up as not long after this we did veer off the path for a long section cutting across the island through paths roughly cut into the scrub. This was immediately after SYB had briefly frozen on the normal path as a snake ONE OF THE REALLY POISONOUS ONES slithered in the direction we were heading. Recognising that we had no real choice but to plough on SYB decided to pretend she hadnt seen it. We proceeded for an enjoyable few kms to yomp back across the island. We gently climbed through the dark towards the thomping sound of the lone wind turbine. From there we were caught up by Dr Evil and descended back down towards hippy civiliasation. We treated to a final flat concrete section to for us to run on in home and satisfyingly overtake Dr Evil again. We were finally rewarded with nosh and circle in the sarcastic fish restaurant.

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Another Lamma run in weekday evening, great trip indeed after a full day in the crowded city

After checking the gps from the previous run, that's totally different from the last one! Only 1 trail without any split but the long check bring the packs together! Brilliant hare, Ruggero ; )

Apart from the beginning run on concrete until Kat Tsai Wan (after Hung Shing Yeh Beach), I do enjoy the freedom of trail running and the silent! (not fit for running and the slope >_<)

After leaving the family walk, all the way shiggy and reaching the windmill in a close range

Thanks Lemondrop accompany and leading the way ; ) Finishing the run from the Power station Road back to Tai Ling Tsuen. The map

On Home back to Yung Shue Wan!

Fantatic night ferry trip, OnOn

Down Downs by Indy

The Hares - Macau Drunk/Barbie… A very enjoyable trot around Lamma environs, hills and the windmill….

The 1982 run – no birth year hares, but famous 1982 events …the Royal Wedding of Princess Di and on a similar note… the Falklands War….

Comes Up The Rear – 1st back idea of time/distance

Comes In My Tunnel – 2nd back 7.5 kms, says he....

Lemon Drop – 3rd back…made a mistake somewhere towards the end….

Lubricated Trojan/Indy – first ‘Wimps’ in.. 6.22 kms, last week 5.21 kms…

Indy – FRB with Lemon Drop!! also with W@nchai W@nker snapping at her heels....... for all of 40 secs….

Bobbleduck – Last in…. and last to run start!

Gai Tai – deserted Shake/Sheik My Booty to run on his own… ’I really do like running with SMY, but I only do so on A to B runs as I worry she will get lost!’

Gai Tai- 'worried' after run as SMB was ‘still out there’... and so was HP Salsa!!!

Shake/Sheik My Booty – was ‘volunteered’ by hubby to do the Run Report for this week, as she would be KL and have ‘nothing to do in the evenings’!!

Gai Tai – hopeful thinking!

Gai Tai – ‘At least if she went to Singapore she could hash, as that is where hashing started!’… er that would be a DD!!

Macau Drunk – deciding that SMB’s name should be spelt Arab style, rather that Brit!... like ‘sheiken not stirred’!!

LT/How Long – getting lost on the run… separately

Dr Evil – walker

Returnee- Completely Utter B@st@rd

CUTR – ‘holiday’ in Israel, with Octo…. who has been sick ever since return

LT/CIMT – plan to have a ‘holiday’ in Lamma

New hasher – How Long visiting from UK hash….

How Long – in convo with MD…’so how long have you been in HK…? ‘ ‘Oh about 25 years!’ ‘That’s longer than I have been alive!!’... Hmmm

Gobi Lo – (in absentia)….. ’I think How Long was drinking before the run….’!!

How Long – 'I had to do something before the run when I got here early!'. (Ed Indy: this carbo loading must have worked as he was 'crashing' around everywhere!!)

SCB/LT – her job is to investigate Financial Crime…. beware hash cashes!!

Macau D/Barbie - Great run followed by excellent basho......

Then it was On On to the ferry where the jolly atmosphere continued!

Lamma 141126

Lamma 141126 6.59km 55mins