LSW 1981, Wednesday 19th November 2014


Pokfulam Road Playground to Bonham Rd / High St

We waited till about 7:15 after Suck my Pills said it took about an hour to get from Admiralty

The Briefing by Winkie Tinkie - the Wimps is 2 km longer than the Rambos on the first split. The Rambo and Super Rambo involves some elevation...

So out of the park we went and all missed the first checkback behind the playground. Then up the steps we went to the next check on Pik Shan Path. Breon right, Funio left, the rest straight up the river bed

Up the river bed it was with a false trail to the left which everyone followed and turned the pack inside out Continue up the river bed to another false trail left. Still further up the river bed emerging on the steps up to Hatton Rd near Lugard Rd for the rejoin

Left down Hatton to above the fire station then right turn for the super rambos to start back up the peak again ! WTF

First it was up the steep waterpipe maintenance path, then round the side of the reservoir (which several people missed), then straight up the shiggy to Lugard Left round Lugard to the Peak Tower then down Old Peak Rd Left into Hornsey, along Conduit, down escalator, down Seymour, along Caine and Bonham to High St and up to the 25th floor for showers, sauna and BBQ. All good.

Down-downs by Indy ably dispensed by Suck my Pills

A quick recap af all years since the Crimean war for any significant dates, ages etc.

The Hare Winky Twinky for the confusion announcing the Rambos, longer Wimps and Super Rambos

All those who didn't understand - Wanchai Wanker, Indy, Lubricated Trojan, Gai Tai, Sheik Yerbouti and visitor

Tiger beer pink glass confusion - Indy

Super Rambos - Savour my Suppositories, Elaine, Prison Break, Macau Drunk and the absent Cheesy

Last back - Gai Tai and Sheik Yerbouti

Gai Tai - missed the ladder up the S/R

There ensued a great discussion about where the ladder was and no one had any idea what they were talking about...

Indy and Lubricated - felt cheated - finished in 5.4k

Er.. so how long was the wimps then - 5.41k

Indy and Lubricated - first in

WW - got lost

Cheesy - 1hr15- same as the wimps. Sweat free and topless

Cheesy - Been in Nepal came 1st in a 60km race - 9hr. Next person in - 11hr

Mea Gulpa - 18hr trail walker

Indy - bragging about 15hr

TG support - Gobi Lo

Stinky and Filthy - knew where the finish for B was

Denvy - the BBQ chef

Non runner - Comes into my Tunnel

Dr Evil took his bike to A. For an A to B run

Queen Vic trail walker support - Telecum supported them for all 26 hours

Visitor from Nanking - Matthew or '6 Kwai'

Indy - so are you Chinese ? - "no, from Lebanon"

6 Kwai - used to live in HK 7 years ago, used to drink beer in the hills above Pokfulam with the Germans and Austrians

Gobo Lo and 6 Kwai - only democracy supporters

Prison Break to Gai Tai - why is he in HK ? Did he leave the UK because of his A-levels

Lost in Planet - beat his previous personal best on the same run

Suck my Pills - whooshing sound as she passed Indy

Lubricated - worried someone would get lost on her run last week - made laminated maps of B

Lost in Planet and 6 Kwai - Beijing Boxer hash runners

Dr Evil - very quietly cooling his gonads with a can of cold Kirin - probably due to the cycle to B

Mea Gulpa - finds WinkyTwinky cuddly

Gai Tai - onother grumpy down down

Sheik Yerbouti - is he normally grumpy ? No it's just his hang dog expression

6 Kwai - "best bash ever" - shower, sauna and BBQ

Indy and Lubricated - did not think that the run would finish here again

Thanks the hares Gobi Lo, Mea Gulpa and Winky Twinky for a great run

Pok Fu Lam Garden to High Street

Pok Fu Lam Garden to High Street 141119 8.57km 76mins