LSW 1979, Wednesday 5th November 2014


LSW 1979 Mui Wo Club Foot?

Write-up - Lost in Planet

As most of us LSWrs are old bastards, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Indy to recruit hares whose birth years match the run number. But she was successful for run # 1979 in recruiting Christian aka Club Foot but apparently it is not an official hash name. Moving into a new studio apartment in Mui Wo he selected his new home town as the run site. According to our stats we had a pack of 15 of which fourteen showed up on the first boat and Sticky Sex Toy showed up on the latter.

We left A by the ferry terminal down the road towards the hotel. As we crossed the bridge we were greeted by a few of Mui Wo’s finest local cattle. It was later learned that this was not a coincidence but a planned event from our hare.

Thru various side streets we went past the Mui Wo sports center, and through the village of Tai Tei Tong. I settled in with Park and Shop, Indy, Big Bitch and Hash Cash as we took to the Old Nam Shan Path up towards the South Lantau Road. Crossing the South Lantau Road there was the noticible absence of Big Bitch and Hash Cash as we were reduced to Indy, Park and Shop and myself as we continued to climb the hill so high high high.

Upon hitting the Lantau Trail we made an almost 180 degree turn and started down down down. At this point Indy accelerated and we didn’t see her again. And poor Park and Shop had one hash crash and stumbled a few other times. But her real concern was Hash Cash and Big Bitch. Upon reaching a confusing check she insisted that we go back and make very clear and understandable markings so that there would be no chance of Big Bitch and Hash Cash who were behind us (yeah right) being confused as to which path to take.

We hit the South Lantau Road again, made a right and on down to the A by the ferry terminal. I had hashed almost the whole way with Park and Shop but she decided that she was going to finish first and short cutted across the traffic circle.

Sticky Sex Toy came in shortly afterwards but somehow Hash Cash and Big Bitch were already there despite being behind us. Turns out they were really big short cutters.

Most of the pack took the early ferry home, leaving just a few hearty soles at the on-on including our guest and 100% attendance hasher Gonzalo. I was very careful not to set next to Indy at dinner so as not to be put on the hare list and not to do the run report, but darn the luck it didn’t work and here I am writing the run report. I guess this is Lubricated Trojan’s way of getting back at me.

My apologies to Lubricated Trojan and Come in My Tunnel as I will miss your run and will instead be joining the lovely ladies of Tokyo on their hash instead. Over to Indy for the down –downs and a very good naming.

Down Downs by Indy

Welcome to Run 1979!!

The Hare - Christian…..Great workout! Great trails!

Christian - LSW Runs…12, Hared 1 …Great stats!! Thanks…..

Park'N Shop / Parkie - Original hares but abdicated haring responsibility to Christian!! Why?

Christian - 1979 babino!!

Park'N Shop /Parkie - Oh What a beautiful baby!!

Christian - Beautiful Sth Lantau scenery as well as organising performing buffalo on trail!

Non Runners - Parkie? Gonzalo / Motormouth

Shortcutters (altho they say always on trail!!..except for a gap of 100 metres!) …Big Bitch /Hash Cash

Full Trail runners - Lost In Planet/Park'N Shop / Tony / Indy

Park'N Shop - upset that Christian not called in last week for 3 runs with LSW….little knowing that he had done 11!! Tiger Mum!!

Big Bitch / Hash Cash - last LSW run til April….back to 'normal' golf life in Spain!

Gonzalo - final LSW 'run' 100% attendance…also back to Spain

Tony - 100% attendance whilst house guests here….

Lost In Space/Hash Cash - Kamikaze HC shirts, left July 2006

Big Bitch / Hash Cash - left 15 Jan 2006

Big Bitch - LSW 666 Run shirt 21 Nov 1983

Parkie - remembers the 330 Family Day Run Feb 1985…Tai Tam reservoir with no fences in those days….running so fast round curve and looks behind to check on their youngest, Christian,…then proceeds to run off the reservoir road down into reservoir….

Christian - that run embedded in memory….was 5 years old!!

Who has the oldest LSW shirt? Big Bitch has 234 Run shirt still in cupboard…

Tony - Dutch stand in for kinky investment banker ….

Christian - old hash name from Burma? Clubfoot!!….'Tiger Mum' says…'No'!!

Clubfoot - new hash name ……Sex Gone Too Far!...'Tiger Mum' says….'Yes'!!!

The venerable Big Bitch did naming honours!!

Run reports!- Thanks Sex Gone Too Far for last week's humour! Lost In Space for 'offering' to do this week's!

Sex Gone Too Far - Great Run! Great Bash!!

From SMP

Mui Wo

Give it a try for the sprained ankle & test the gear!
Just make to catch the ferry and have plenty of time to enjoy the quiet of Mui Wo before the start
It seems that not much hashers managed to join and the run started sharply.....Fantastic, that's leisure pacing was good for my rehab ankle
And it's quite interesting to have seen several buffalo line up in an array (Are they moving from Pui O o_O)
After several closed checks inside the village, two hashers becoming the leading FRBs although they planned to do the wimps..... (as there's no split this time!!)
All the way from River Silver, passing Tai Tei Tong via Old Nam Shan path to Nam Shan!
We enjoy the quiet and keep chatting instead of pushing hard to run
As predicted, no way to go but crossing the South Lantau rd and following the Lantau trail after the junction near Tai Ngau Wu Teng!
A final check after reaching the concrete lead us to a new exit back to the South Lantau rd o_O
On Home with +1k leg stretching!
Glad to have a leisure night out at Mui Wo, Thanks for the great effort, Christian!
Thanks Denvy for the accompany & take care of that broken leg miss careless ; )

Mui Wo 141105 7.16km 57mins

Mui Wo 141105 7.16km 57mins