LSW 1978, Wednesday 29th October 2014


Big Bitch and Hash Cash's run Aberdeen Reservoir Road
Including a special visit from Spain just to set a hash in HK!

International hares show they have not lost their Technique, with virgin hare Gonzalo, their Spanish friend and co hare.Typically with authority, Big Bitch had everything under control...all organized and in place. 20 or so hashes gathered, limbering up and stretching...ready for the challenge they faced, usual markings (circa 1983!), "flat on average", A to A, distance unknown! Big Bitch and Hash Cash called for the circle and announced 15 checks in a most unassuming and typically calm fashion, which only Big Bitch and Hash cash can pull off. Hashes cheered happily, accepting their fate but not actually realizing the full 30 plus years of check back technical prowess.

Then we were off, Chat Room Peterfile, Catch of the day and friends, Sticky Sex Toy, other FRBs, LT, Winky Twinkie, Lost in Space, Coming up the Rear, Tony, Christian, AFWD and Daniel all hitting first check, which took us up a road leading to the second check (of course), then up a graveyard for Halloween (of course), at this point, predictably timely. So into the shiggy we went, coming out at a catchment were yet another check but unlike the two before, set the ongoing theme for the rest of the runConfusion is next!!, in fact this was the start of the run - Unpredictable check distances in an any which way format, around Aberdeen Country Park upper reservoir, (apparently something to do with Scotland)!

So in no particular order, although in familiar territory, always expect the unexpected, that's what the Scots want you to think, "when you know the route, you actually don’t"…"Aye quite like the Scots referendum eh"! Checks continued reorganising the runners back to front, left and right, and they kept getting longer and longer, no Rambo wimps split, only numerous 5 way checks x 15 - yet Gobi Lo starting 20 minutes late, still caught us!!

Up to Blacks Link perhaps?...nope…. keeping away from the obvious trails made famous (long ago), Big Bitch, Hash Cash and Gonzalo (international relations mascot) kept us guessing, right up to the “crecer”, but referring to the most common phrase “crescendo”, so as not to confuse matters any furtherat the lower reservoir over flow stream, everyone (except Parky and Daniel) decided they had enough of the tricks.

With no treats in sight (just a cryptic cTb), after endless searching, all were forced to abort the run and DIY it back to the start!!. Parky and Daniel almost managed to catch a wild boar... but only because they took the correct trail up to the finish, some elusive steps apparently, curiously that nobody could find, then through a fence back to A etc. Like the story of a wild boar, rumors of a hash crash anyone? Anyroadthanks a lot Daniel and Parky for calling us back!!

Down downs by Indy-Anus

Hares Big Bitch & Hash Cash, well doneno recce needed! hares now allowed back on the hash list.

Macau Drunk, preferred to run in Zurich back in May, but according to him not today.

Indy referred to LSW Stats

Big Bitch = 646 runs, hared 52

Hash Cash = 781 runs, hared only 31, claimed working to much....but second position overall

Indy = 401 runs, hared comment

Gonzolo 3, runs = 100% turnout!

Bobble Dick = 823 runs but only hared 36, whats up with that?

Hopeless = 752 runs, third position overall but top dog with one hundred hares

Macau Drunk = 735 runs, forth position overall

Parky = 336 runs, 16 hared

Park N Shop = 513 runs to the supermarket

Although 15 checks, lots of FRB's did not call or mark off the checks (whistle blowerAny fanny will do)

Daniel, three runs

Lost in Space, no hash, last week only the whimps

Returnees - Parky and Parky N Shop

Tony CX pilot, came back with Park N shop, claimed torch blow out note: Tony's wife out of town, all time low in Hong Kong 25 years, only hashed three runs. Never done dragons back, Jumbo restaurant, BOC viewing platform

Non runners, Macau Drunk.

Lubricated Trojan, stays to collect hash cash

Lost in Space, and Parky N shop very fit, Lost in space said she can check herself.

Parky back early, not very fit, but veteran LSW and expert short cutter.

Christian lives Mui Wo and his bike no longer needs stabilizes

Park N Shop, Indy's face cream must be good because it's English

Anniversaries - AFWD runs = 175

Aberdeen 141029 6.99km 75mins