LSW 1976, Wednesday 15th October 2014


Start on Kotewall Rd
up Hatton to Lugard Rd
Rambos right down Harlech
Wimps left along Harlech
Rambos up over High West
rejoin the Wimps on Harlech
all round to the Peak Cafe check
big rejoin as Mt Austin, Peak Rd, Old Peak Rd, Lugard Rd ruled out
on-on found down Pokfulam Reservoir Rd just beyond the Peak Galeria
right at the checkback onto the HK Trail
some serious radio silence from the boy racers
traverse above the Pokfulam Reservoirs, Queen Mary Hospital
round the base of High West, above the cemetary
down the steps onto the zylophone path above Pokfulam playground
on home above the university
'bout 10km for the Wimps and 12 for the Rambos
great run

hared by Teeny Weeny (absent), nurtured by Indyanus

basho at the Malaysian on Bonham

on on on to the Wanch Queen Vic

Kotewall Rd  141015 11.79km 98mins