LSW 1975, Wednesday 8th October 2014


Tsing Yi

Suck My Pills was awaiting us all at Tsing Yi. Quite the most complex markings ever devised by a hasher. Three Rambo Wimps splits. A special Wimps+ for Wimps who feel a bit Ramboish and a Rambo+ split for Rambos who feel they're being too Wimpish. Dropped bags off with Agnes B replacement and off into the night we popped.

The trail went down the road and then off into the trails on the right hand side. Up darkened paths and then down the road onto the Tsing Yi Nature trail.

The first split went down off into the bushes and through a rather unpleasant smelling mud patch and then up the hill at which point we rejoined the wimps on the trail.

Around a bit further along paths and a surprising number of people seemed to be out for a woodland stroll in the middle of the night. On reaching the top of one bepeopled hill Macau Drunk pointed out that there was a lunar eclipse. An auspicious day if ever there was one.

So back off into the shaggy with the Rambos and a rather steep and untrodden trail to the top of another tall hill. Then off back on family trails and backwards and forwards, up and down stairs.

The final Rambo split I missed because I thought I was at the back of the pack. Must have been a long one because Fumio, Cheesy and a bunch of other FRBs came hurtling past me just a little way down the trail.

Then back weaving around trees and down road to finish at footie stadium. A fine trail. Interesting location. Well set. Full marks.

Down Down's by Indy

Suck My Pills - What a run...!! A run for all hashers!! There were wimps trails, Wimps plus trails, rambo trails and rambo plus trails!!!

SMP - Excellent run.....

SMP - All marked by herself as supposed co-hare was on 'Occupy' duty!! (what sort of excuse is that??)

SMP - How did you know the area so well since u don't live here or work here..I mean, who does???
Answer...'I printed out this map'........

Crash Test Dummy - has a complaint! Surely the hare could have timed it for the hashers to be at Eclipse viewing point at exact time of eclipse????

SMP - 1975 run is her anniversary of one year hashing with LSW.... First run - 9 Oct 2013. Number of runs....43, number runs hared 3...Run Ratio rate - 1 in 14.......great effort by a 'newbie'!

SMP - Also does her weekly write up of the run with map and shares with all......A true hasher!!

1975 - signicant date for ? 'yours truly' Indy....began university, Catch of the Day...her birth year she claims!!

Returnees - Castrato has returned back to the fold...Yeh!!!! (little did he realise though that he would be on run report duties whenever required!!?? He He!!) /Free Wheel /Catch of the Day / Indy

Rambo runners on all R options - Macau D / Frank the Plank / Catch of the Day / Crash Test / CUTR / Octo / Fumio / Comes In My Tunnel / Lubricated Trojan

Virgin LSW - Linda...brought along by Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde - offering to be Amah

Castrato - says to Indy, 'You know when you are married when it comes to $, legally there really is no his or hers because it is all considered to be joint'...

Comes In My Tunnel to Lubricated - 'Gute!! Now you can fund the new bike I want to buy '

LT to CIMT- 'No! No! No dear hubbie!......I don't agree with that supposed 'law' one bit!!...What's mine is mine ...and btw what's yours is mine too!!!'

CUTR - on a Rambo section he missed his footing and fell down an incline into a Chinese Crash Test was like something out of Indiana Jones.....

CTD - Took advantage of this, to run straight past CUTR.....

Frank the Plank - winning medals against all those other youngsters in his age category! Go Frank! Go!!

Fumio / Catch of the Day - Again, yabbering away in English not realising that both were Japanese.....

Fumio - table organising we wandered all over the resto looking for perfect table......

OCTO / CUTR - Hoping for table on their own at the bash....for a 'romantic encounter'!...Foiled!!

SMP - Excellent run and bash......

Tsing Yi