LSW 1972, Wednesday 17th September 2014


Chai Wan

Cheesy Flying Fox and Legally Blond with water/bag- as injured- boy Hopeless

Run write up from Suck my Pills…

A to B run starting at Wan Chai…ooops I mean Chai Wan!

One must not miss the Cheesy Flying Fox run I’m told, especially as I missed the last one where he hared, yet again, an amazing live run!

As I’m not familiar with the Eastern side of Hong Kong I had no idea where the B would end up.

We started at Chai Wan Road, going up the stairs to Hing Wah II Estate, where we found a check-back at the recreation garden bringing the pack back together. After a few twists and turns we finally found our way up Mt Parker’s lower catchwater.

But what now? OMG! No rope this time (last time CFF had created an intricate knot that allowed us to climb out of the catchwater to shiggy). Instead we had rusty old, partly broken ladder to climb down into the catchwater, well all except Frank the Plank who decided to jump down.

Across the catchwater and then immediately into a river valley but allowing us some fresh water to cool down our faces. Nice!

This river bed trail however didn’t last long.... we then struggled along a slippery path full of rubbish. I felt so sorry for the poor old teddy bear we all stepped on. On up we scrambled until we finally hit the Tai Tam Road. The drivers must have been very frightened to see so many people climbing out of the gutter into the road. Thankfully most of them were polite and gave way. Well except for the one who tried to mow WW down. Shame!

After crossing Tai Tam Road, we came across another trail full of ruins, long grass and thorns. I wish I was even shorter than I am, as I was tired of bending so low to avoid low hanging branches by the end of this particular trail. I actually felt sorry for the taller people.

It didn’t take us long until we found the Mt Parker upper catchwater. An enjoyable run although after the typhoon damage there were lots of branches and roots to avoid. You had to concentrate really hard running down such a narrow path with many twists and turns.

Finally we hit the familiar Boa Vista! Yeh! But why does it seem like an endless path from this direction, made expecially more spooky with the foggy atmosphere. Even Comes in my Tunnel and Lubricated Trojan had limited vision with their extra bright torches.

With only half way along the 9.5k trail the hashers still didn’t have a clue where B could end up with many speculating Quarry Bay (hopefully)!

And so it was quite a shock when we reached the end of the Boa Vista to the pagoda to see the trail head on up to Mt Butler… what!? And so On On up Mt. Butler to the top and a little further until we turned right on to Siu Ma Shan via the secret ditch at Braemar Hill, otherwise known as Bobbledicks’s Ditch as that’s where he fell and broke his leg. May now be known at Frank the Plank face plant after sustaining a number of scratched on his face and neck.

Still we didn’t have a clue where the B could be?

Finally a chance to stretch our legs as we ran on down Po Luen Path to Tin Hau Temple Road until a sudden right turn took over into the bush again to more wonderful hash trash. Quite slippery here with many a tired hasher slipping on their @sses including Discover My Bay and F3M.

After another struggle along the hash trash jungle we finally came back to civilization. This time weaving inside the concrete jungle and Hong Kong people trying to get home. We finally found our own On Home at King's Road! What an amazing journey, thank you hare and for opening your home and more importantly showers to the many hashers!

It has been such a long time since I felt this tired after running. I miss u ; )

Down Downs by F3M, short and sweet
Ably assisted by co-hare Legally Blond with a huge brace free smile!

To the hares Cheesy Flying Fox and Legally Blonde and any other 1972 baby (missing TVM)

Frank the Plank for his fantastic face plant along Bobbledick’s broken leg path, perhaps a re-naming

Another renaming - F.R.B. are now to be referred to as Fat Retarted Buggers according to Chatroom Pedophile

There was very little road on this trail however Wanchai Wanker still managed to get in front of a car who had to beep his horn at him to get out of the road. Car won.

Macau Drunk – looking like a Roman Emperor with his towel draped casually over one shoulder and down to his shorts

Comes Up the Rear actually thought he looked like a painting – needs more alcohol

And talking of alcohol, Just Add Alcohol kept hiding in the bush until Octopussy went by so that they could race each other on the hash

No racing with Teeny Weeny. He’s so fast now that he gives the LSW Hashers a 10 minute head start before he starts the run

No-name Christian is getting faster too. He pushed himself so much this time that he couldn’t possibly eat… well for another 5 minutes after that he devoured 3 plate full’s of pasta – great dinner by the way

Prison break really couldn’t eat anything after pushing himself over the hills but he could certainly drink and didn’t care what – downing San Miguel.

And talking of dinner, given that there were 4 showers on offer, nearly everyone showered and dressed for dinner. Not our Englishman Total Utter Bastard, no, he eats standing up in his sweaty hash clothes wearing white socks, pulled up.

The dinner was lovely, although Fumio tried to negotiate with the Welsh woman for the last lamb chop. Doesn’t he know she’s Welsh and it’s her staple. Now if it was tuna or salmon then the Japanese would have been welcome to it.

Legally Blond got the other chewy lamb chop, despite being told by her dentist not to eat tough chewy food today.

Final one to the hares again for such a great venue.

Finished by 22.30 with a few DDs from the floor – can’t remember them though as too busy trying to find LIS phone in his bag and call him... not sure why!

The song was very quietly sung so as not to wake the baby, in fact so quiet that some of the hashers didn't hear it. Most people then departed home but others stayed behind waiting for Lost in Space who apparently ambled in off trail around 11.15. He had tried to find a short cut, couldn’t find further trail and so had to go back onto trail up a few more hills until he finally found Kings Road and the B. But the final photo shows he’s still smiling with a beer in his hand so all good. On On to next week.

Chai Wan to North Point 140917 10.14km 101mins