LSW 1968, Wednesday 20th August 2014


LSW1968 - Lok Fu

Hare - Comes Up The Rear

As I arrived at Lok Fu and made my way to exit A, I was expecting to see a trail directing me to the start. However due to the extremely wet condition Octo was there to direct. This caused some slight concern - if the markings to the start had been washed away, what hope do we have for the trail? Had CUTR employed more people to direct on trail?

However over the bridge I went. In the rain, I found 20 keen hashers ready to go. Then a very wet CUTR appeared. He spotted me and came over to give me a special "brief". I thought he was being nice to me since I was doing the run report, however this is not the case. He thought I was a virgin hasher on my first run. Anyway I played along and found out that this would be a very "safe" hash and it shouldn't be a problem for people like myself - He did however mention that it would probably take 2hrs to complete!

After my "special brief" he briefed the pack. This went something like this:

"You know how last week's hash in the rain was well marked ? Well this week's isn't!" …

"I'm not sure my markings will last" …

"There's a wimps and Rambos trail and a few open checks but the rain has probably washed them away"…

"There's a twig with some paper tissue on it on the Rambos trail"…

"In the shiggy I ran out of flour so you'll have to keep your eye out for Hell money hidden in the shiggy"…

"I also don't have any chalk to give anyone"…

"If you get lost you should just ask someone how to get back to Lok Fu"

Now at this point I'm thinking what is the chance of bumping into a local on the trails behind Lok Fu on a wet Wednesday night, who on the off chance may be able to directed lost hashers back home.

CUTR then announces -

"The trail starts down there past the building, over the road turn left… or was it right?……....."

With that Gobi Lo was off closely followed by the rest of the pack. WW was shouting at everyone "we have to turn left!" as we all turned right. With that everyone turned to follow the WW in the hope that he would be wrong and placed at the back of the pack due to his directional error; however this wasn't the case and with shoots of "trail" we were ON!

As the rain start to get heavier, the pack stayed together through the housing estates of Lok Fu, apart from Rosie who made a dash to the public toilets. Was she the first retiree of the night? The pack continued on and soon Rosie rejoined us as we made our decent up towards Shatin Pass Rd.

For the next 30 minutes we went up and up and up to join Stage 5 of the MacLehose.At this point I could hear Octo scrambling up behind me and we stayed together up past Lion Rock. As we started to descend, Octo suddenly screamed "SNAKE!!!!". I started jumping around shouting "where???" and got the response "you just stood on it!". That meant that between Octo and myself was an extremely pissed off cobra - or maybe it was just a grass snake? Anyways, we didn't hang around to identify it (so much for a safe trail - I'm not sure this "virgin" hasher will be back!)

We continued on down, still expecting to find a Wimps Rambos split and kept our eyes peeled for a twig with tissue paper. However before we knew it, we were back down at the housing estates and heading on home.

We arrived back to cold beers and a somewhat disappointed CUTR due to everyone missing the Wimps/Rambos split and only the wimps 9.1km/566m elevation gain trail was followed. Having said that, despite the crap weather and reptilian encounter, it was a great hash and definitely one of the more memorable ones for myself! Despite the rain, it remained pretty well marked considering the conditions.

On on to the bashetaria just under the footbridge where Yummy Mummy did the ordering and the food was flying out of the kitchen 3½ minutes later. All good and $50 a head. Real. Down downs on the spur of the moment by Wanchai Wanker - for the hare and his description of the run and his marking, Suck My Pills for something? And naturally WW for inadvertently doing the Rambos but winding up in Shatin and taxiing home.

LSW1968 Lok Fu 140820 9.33km 77mins