LSW 1967, Wednesday 13th August 2014


Stone Nullah Lane Garden to Guildford Rd

Hare - FFFM

Stone Nullah Lane
Up to Bamboo Grove and all follow up Wanchai Gap (for a while)...
Green ribbon along Kennedy Rd so that way instead and up to Shiu Fai Toi then up to Bowen Rd via the playground
Some serious confusion at the check after the 1k mark
Up a rope with some extensive mingling on the side of the hill in the shotcrete works
A bit more back and forth on Bowen then to the Bowen Rd Park to double check the red ribbon
Up the Frank Gehry trail to Opus on Stubbs Rd
Up to Wanchai Gap 3k then left along Hollandse Laan all the way round to the end on Magazine Gap Rd 6k
Left up Magazine Gap to a bit of confusion with a false sighting of red ribbon before the check at Peak/Coombe
Left down Coombe it was to red ribbon to take us through Wanchai Gap Park all of 100m from where we were 5km earlier
Down Aberdeen Reservoir Rd 8k then left onto the HK Trail(4)
Re-emerge on Aberdeen Reservoir Rd and across onto HK Trail(3)
Traverse round the 9 & 10k and up to Watford Rd and on home to the Guildford Rd shopping centre
Great run

Stone Nullah Lane to Guildford Road 140813 10.7km 85mins