LSW 1965, Wednesday 30th July 2014


Discovery Bay

Hare - Thermal Dick. Logistics - The Parkies

Quite far & expensive to travel but still lots of hardcore hashers, including Lemon Drop....OnOn ^_^ The Parkies asked if someone would like to start first or wait a moment, after the packs from the 6:30 ferry arrived, just a few words of briefing from Park"n"Shop, all of a sudden, started sharply at 1900 from Discovery Bay Plaza! The words that I received were "technical"...."~5k".....

First checks on the main road which then follow along the road and take a turn up the Discovery Valley Road which brings the packs altogether! There're several checks on the way up, solved by the FRB in rotation, without any forking but keep going straight o_O Suddenly the front packs return back with a surprising turn down to the stream o_O Will the course be an action sprint challenge then?! The hares let us cooling down a little bit to acclimizate that hot weather, then back to the pavement after around a hundred metre of stream trekking! Follow then was an exhausting climb of the dam as a result of leg burnt @@

No sweat, no sweet! And those hardwork pay off with a nice trail around the reservoir path ^_^ While thinking if it need to climb up the tiger head, another exploration of the natural trail which then lead us up to the school steps (another top) towards the view point. With a fast pace descending to join with the wimps, then keep on track without any hesitation back to the civilization Sprint On Home from the middle lane back to the beach. Of course one should know the way undoubtedly, except Discovery Her Bay :p

Keep sweating for a long time even stopped! What's a nice intensive trail, thanks Thermal Dick of setting the trail on Monday & Park"n"Shop for secure the course by doing the Rambos twice! Of coz the logistics from The Parkies!

Run 1965 Down downs by Slippery Edge

The Hares – Stand in hares as Thermal Dick couldn’t make the run. Parky in charge of Logistics

Park n Shop – Did the Rambos twice

Slippery Edge – 1 year anniversary of her last hash as HK Resident – Kowloon Tong Kebab Run

Octo and Wanchai Wanker – For being at Slippery Edge’s leaving hash

Visitors – Cunning Linguist form the Shanghai Hash and John the Baptist from the Tokyo and Perth Hashes

John the Baptist – Giving Hash Badges as gifts

Returnees – Sticky been in Mongolia

Any Fanny will do – 1st person at the buffet. Said he needed to eat to stop himself sweating??!

Latecomers – Wanchai Wanker

Ellen – Scared of DB and asked hare to run with her

Suck my Pills – nominated for this weeks write up

Wanchai Wanker – Enjoyed the nice short 5km DB run compared to the 9km South Side Hash

Wimps – Who does the Wimps trail when the full trial is only 5km?! John The Baptist, Ellen, Sticky and Fumio with his visitor

Willy Wonka – For claiming he didn’t know how to mark the trail

Willy Wonka – for getting excited to see Ellen’s pole dancing photos

Park n Shop – Breaking the record for the earliest down downs finish

Discover her Bay – Lives in DB but still can’t find the way back to A

Slippery Edge – down down for doing the down downs even though she doesn’t live here


Discovery Bay 140730 5.35km 50mins