LSW 1963, Wednesday 16th July 2014


LSW 1963 Kwai Hing

Hares - Catch of the Day & Crash Test Dummy

A smaller than usual pack arrived at Kwai Hing Park on Wednesday night. Was it the distance or the hares that kept people away? "Stanley is harder to get to" said CTD! More and more started to trickle in until 15 or so were called to order and listen to the briefing. Although advertised as 2 hares, there was only 1 present. Was the mystery hare at a mystery location perhaps? No "B"s were handed out but CTD marked everyone with his mobile no. should anyone get lost. Is this how he gets dates nowadays? LinS got a B literally. See DDs later.
Off the pack went up the hill led as always by Cheesy and Gobi.

Run write up from Suck my Pills / Sophia…

"The first check was quite straight forward. Everybody disappeared uphill so quickly I couldn't even follow their shadows. The sky then turned dark, the monkey began to scream and the dogs began to bark. We carried on up, all the way up Golden Hill. At the top of the hill there was a false mark leading us right but all the checks were crossed out! Suddenly a FRB called us to keep running straight along the ridge but then even he ran out of chalk. We finally found the right trail and I used my last stick of chalk to mark the way along the ridge. [Thank you Sophia, much appreciated!] On the way down the ridge, there came some strange sounds from the trees..... OMG more monkeys, and so many of them, gathering at the Golden Hill Road. At the same time, we couldn't locate the marks. Had the monkeys gobbled up the flour and chalk! Finally we followed the Mac Trail and found a mark which led us to the Wilson Trail! It's was so horrible, being surrounded by monkeys that we ran as fast as our legs could carry us. It's been 10 years since I last went to Smuggler's Ridge. I normally just follow the Wilson Trail but this time I kept on running until I reached the Mac Trail again. Then came the interesting SR loop around Shing Mun, the WWII tunnels. We had to pay special attention not to get lost here. Luckily the marks were clear and we found ourselves on the backside of the Mac Trail back onto Golden Hill Road, on the way down Skek Lei side. We then followed the catchment until we found a sign to turn right..... but no…a "T" was found! We then tried to search for another way but there were several pairs of shiny eyes looking at me above a low cliff. Very scary! I walked with extreme caution, maybe for about 20m until I finally found an arrow. Yeah! Finally we found the On Home where I sprinted down the hill without hesitation!"

A happy pack filed into B at various times. With congratulations to the hares for finally getting the right distance, elevation, amount of trail, concrete, historic landmarks, culture, wild life and Bush! Well done!

Although initially announced as a joint run, NNTH3 started and finished at B, half an hour later, drank briefly with us (we are honoured), didn't join us for dinner and ran their own circle! Ah well their loss. The LSW Hashers followed CTC where a cafe was found, beer sourced, food ordered by virgin hare Ellen and then there was silence, well for a bit while people refueled. At 10pm it was decided it was not too early for the DDs and so we handed these out using our own glasses and 2 fingers. PAUSE: this was quite controversial. CTD's fingers were much thicker than say Ellen's so he complained it wasn't fair. Hell yes cried the rest of the table, plus CTD had to drink 4 fingers on behalf of his missing co-hare who had decided to stay with NNTH3! DDs:

Hares for a unique joint run with NNT who started from a different spot, later and ran a different run.

LinS asking for the B and having this written on his elbow


Duncan no nuts moved to HK from Tokyo hash, very keen to start haring. Indy will be contacting him soon. Especially as he lives in Tuen Mun.

Yummy Mummy organizing a birthday meal for Octopussy at her place and not inviting Inflatadate.

Duncan no nuts eating pizza with a knife and fork.

The hares arguing for two hours extra while on the run as to where the trail should go, especially as COTD couldn't read a map and CTD couldn't describe where he was.

The hares organizing separate circles.

Ellen virgin to LSW. Welcome.

Ellen ordered the food and more importantly the spicy sauce.

Slippery edge given a knife by the waiter as he saw her struggling with her beef.

Slippery edge again as a Returnee.

CTD thinks the beef is cooked in Acid.

Ellen a true hasher. Has been drinking beer since she was 4 years old or was that, 4 years ago? Lost in translation.

Inflatadate still in the 20th century. Doesn't have a smart phone. He's smarter, he picks up a phone and talks to people.

CTD writing his mobile no. on everyone. Hoping to get a date.

Slippery Edge for Netherlands not winning the World Cup. Now we have to live with the unbearable Germans.

CTD finding puppies on the trail. Size 44D, and some small dogs.

CTD then educated us on hashers known for their boobs, in order of sizes, apparently… Happy Valley, TV Tits, Tale of 2 Titties and finally the biggest "Brrrrrrrl" (imagine a bloke shaking his head between boobs, pursing his lips and crying "Brrrrrrrl").

Inflatadate shows how smart he really is Brrrrrl is apparently the sound of motor boat or starting an engine.

F3M trying to pay in RMB as we're so close to the Chinese border.

The song was then sung, along with the Chicken Song and Hey Makarena and then the crowd dispersed to the four corners of HK and NT!

View from the top of Golden Hill courtesy of Ellen the Virgin.





Kwai Hing 140716 7.61km 77mins