LSW 1962, Wednesday 9th July 2014


LSW 1962 Stanley Plaza

The very warm weather warning was in effect, as I set out for the eagerly anticipated Lost in Space / Stroke Me Harder run.

Now Stanley Peninsula, formerly known as Tai Tam Peninsula has three hashing possibilities, North (hilly) South (hilly) West (hilly) so who was it that arrived saying "Stanley is so flat"! I arrived fashionably early having spent a very pleasant journey from central on the appointed bus at the appointed time. Well done the hares for such well thought out instructions. On the way I chatted with Frank the Plank who is so old he remembers when Gloucester Rd was Gloucester Forrest. Just kidding but we swapped some good stories.

At the start a short fat lady in baggy ill-fitting uniform was loitering around taking our pictures. Some sort of janitor / park attendant person, I don't know. Hong Kong seems to be sprouting these type of irritating quasi security people nowadays. No substitute for developing a society with proper citizenry who can look after themselves, but therein is the problem. There I go again! Anyway a geezer with a mop was summoned to wipe out Lost in space's pavement chalked notes. Poor lost in space was dumbfounded. The park attendant probably worried they were a protest of some sort, possibly against ill-fitting uniforms. But the words low and profile don't compute to Lost in Space, who to his credit wasn't in the least bit phased, and sent us off with a verbal deliverance instead. Go forth and run before Agnes B shows up, were his final words.

Now I usually don't listen to briefings, let's face it they are completely unnecessary mental props for the feeble minded. It's a hash you should just take what your given and like it! But my ears pricked up when I overheard there being no markings somewhere. That'll be the Twins Hopeless immediately chimed in. So with the wanderlust ruined, the first few checks were disposed of mechanically. Teeny Weeny then surged ahead oblivious to the heat. Cheesy Flying Fox made a bad checking decision half way down the headland path, taking some of us with him. Goby Lo and the pack cruised by but then she too made an ill-advised left turn at South Bay Rd, which should have been a no brainer. But then since she got her game console, that's exactly where she's headed… it's a slippery slope! Even more stupidly the rest of us followed her, even Herr Hopeless who already knew better. But like a fly to a windshield we were eventually drawn to the bottom of the 900 plus steps of the Twins. At least the Rambo's were, the soft option was a simple jaunt round the catch water.

Hopeless and I shared the miserable climb, he elected for intervals with short rests, I for a slow steady plod. The intervals strategy worked better as Hopeless topped out just ahead of me. I was so overheated I decided to walk the downhill to the 2nd twin, and promptly fell over. Putting on a bit more steam worked out better however, but alas Cheesy and Teeny were way ahead. Cheesy had "already downed two waters" by the time I got in. Hopeless arrived in shortly thereafter having "completed the marking for the hares " and the rambo's were rounded out by the intrepid Octo and Toilet Spray, who arrived on in together in very flattering, matching lycra gear. "Hello purples" was Indy's amusing greeting.

Well done to the Hares! And good effort by all the rambo's, a tough climb on a hot airless day.

In summary, a delightful run, plenty of up's and down's, enough to satisfy even the most ardent hasher.
Crash Test Dummy

Down Downs by Indy

The hares - Lost In Space/Stroke me Harder......What a run/walk/crawl/stumble/struggle!!... In such heat!!

The hares - stepping in at last minute to save Thermal Dick (prior engagement! Something to do with a birthday celebration for himself!!)

Lost On Space / Stroke Me Harder - the 1962 run !! denial !! Not born in 1962 ... Hmmm ... !!

Stroke Me Harder - fab run to hare ration - 2nd LSW run and hare already!!

Lost In Space - his pretty hash markings swept away by street sweeper!

Rambo - Toilet Spray ..the only Rambo at bash...the other 6 had all p*ssed off!

Wimps at bash - Sticky ST/Agnes B/Sophia//Dr Evil/Andrew / Yours Truly ..Indy

Suck My Pills - doing Wimps ...first time!! Her excuse..been on holidays?

Virgin - Andrew...colleague of Toilet S...enjoyed the hike/hills ...found it challenging??

HP Salsa - in absentia...lived around Stanley but never knew of the steps up to the Twins from Repulse Bay!!

Agnes B - Occupy Central duties...beware!

Late starters - Sticky ST even tho she lives in Stanley!! Agnes B...had to move her car to station so was parked 'legally'

Suck My Pills -even during her 'holidays' went to Chamonix for a race!..

Agnes B - thought Sophia's real name was 'Suck My Pills'!! Que??

Stroke Me Harder - has been a tai tai for 3 years!! but only allowed out to co-hare as fiance is away!!

Stroke Me Harder - her job is 'to look after my fiance!' Hmmmmm......

Lost In Space - booked resto for 14 but only 9 survived the hills and heat to get to bash!! and he paid for it...literally!

Frank the plank .. In absentia ! Hash crash .. He survived the twins but crashed on concrete when On In !!

Sticky ST..... Almost on holidays so going to buy 2 hash beers to stay up and watch the World Cup !

The hares - Many thanks .. Great run! Great bash !