LSW 1961, Wednesday 2nd July 2014


Having just arrived back in HK and missing the ferry over to Central Pier because of maids with one hand on their phone talking to their sisters and the other hand trying to get their charges on and off the shuttle bus, yours truly turned up near the end of the 'race' briefing. I only caught the last 2 minutes of the detailed instructions but was subsequently informed that I'd missed the first 90% of the speech which included advice not to do the second Rambo split without 3 years mountaineering experience (and a certificate to prove it!!).

Changed, mozzie spray on, I headed off up the spiral staircase at the back of the temple area to meet Sticky at the top filling her car with the bags on route to 'B' the HK Cricket Club at Parkview. I didn't expect to catch the pack of 27 so quickly but given that the route out was a right turn along the road to the slippery drain at the end there was still a queue when I arrived. The FRB's must have been over 10 minutes ahead after the hashers at the back toiled to get a foothold in the rough concrete section leading to the drain. Up we went to the bus terminus and a left turn back round up Yee King Road for about 400m before taking a set of stairs on the right up through the destroyed squatter village.

Running over rotten timber, nails, voodoo dolls, door handles, bent wire, bottles, cans, parts of fridges, cooker rings, toys, cassette tapes, smashed tiles, broken glass etc. in semi darkness might be the quickest way to get to the Braemar Hill section of the trail but certainly not the safest at night. Negotiating the various hairpin bends and semi collapsed stairs often required the use of a hand on the ground for assistance, and with so much loose vegetation around, the chance of stumbling over was fairly high. Everyone however came away unscathed on this occasion. It would be a great trail up to Braemar Hill if only the authorities went in and cleaned it up.

Onto Sir Cecil's Ride and the first W/R split where the Wimps continued on the main path and the Rambos up the steps into more challenging terrain. Swearing was heard at a checkback on a hill, as there wasn't meant to be any checkbacks. On through a low bamboo covered track section that must have been set by Sticky as everyone else of slightly taller stature got repeatedly hit in the face by back springing shoots and branches.

Eventually we descended back down to re-join the Wimps trail on Sir C's and a welcome stretch of the legs on a section of concrete which then led on to Mount Butler Road. After a good 1.5k on the hard stuff the second W/R split took the Rambos up an energy sapping set of steps and I assume the Wimps onto Wong Nai Chung Tree Walk and Tai Tam Country Trail.

I forget what the terrain was like before we arrived at the dodgy bit. Now some hashers probably bounded over these rocks like mountain goats but others, and I include myself, aren't that keen on either mountains or goats. The rock section lasted for an eternity, or so it seemed, and then we hit a long traversing drain section (or did that come before the rocks?) to rejoin the Wimps on Tai Tam Country Trail and then on home to the Cricket Club.

Cold drinks and that first beer were sitting there on the table and most people ventured into the pool to cool down. The majority of (real) hashers stayed for food at the Sportsmans Club/Bar. We were given the prime seating spot straight in front of the big screen where Andy Murray was attempting to get into the Wimbledon semi's ('not with that coach he won't' I said confidently the day before). A group of local posh natives all dolled up, arrived after the first set and threw daggers at us before finally accepting that we were staying put. How were we ever going to do the down downs with that lot next to us all concentrating on the tennis?

This part you will not believe but Indy lost all courage and was heard to whisper the first 10 minutes of down downs " it would have been worth videoing and putting up on YouTube. Fortunately for LSW, Andy bombed out in three straight sets and the natives departed.

Well done to the hares Octopussy, Sticky Sex Toy and Chatroom. Next run that they hare I will wear protective clothing for the dangerous glass undergrowth and bring a crampon and ropes for the mountaineering section (actually a decent pair of trainers with a good sole would help). Thanks to Lost in Space and Stoke Me Harder for agreeing to step in and hare next weeks hash in my place. Finally and not least thanks also to Rearender for the arranging the facilities at the Cricket Club " so exhausted at the end that she missed most of the down downs.
Thermal D

DOWN DOWN's by Indy

The Hares - Chatroom/Octo/Sticky.....the run? Great bamboo/shiggy/rocky mountain fest!!!

Chat Octo Sticky - and the occasion? July B/days.....all born in the same year??? (Ed note from Indy:.....boy did I get into trouble on that one?!!)

July B/days - hares plus Any Fanny'll Do/Shake My Booty

The hares - and the other occasion? ....American Independence Day!! but only 1 hare an American...

The Yanks - Chatroom/Lost in Space

The hares - and the other occasion? Bikini day?? Que?

Rearender - for organising On On with cold beers and drinks awaiting before the swim!

Sticky ST - giving out run details in true teacher form (according to Frank the Plank!)

Sticky ST /Octo/Chat - setting run through the squatters area complete with broken glass/cassette tapes and yes! Voodoo dolls! etc etc

Sticky - obviously must have set the first Rambo trail through bamboo as only leprachauns and dwarfs could easily get through

Toilet Spray - not allowed to hare with the b/f Chatroom in case of disputes!!

CIMT - co-hare to Toilet Spray

Lubricated Trojan - will hare with Chatroom next time then!

Rambo/Rambos - Frank the Plank/Funio/Lubricated Trojan/Thermal/Sweaty/WTFIC/Any Fanny'll Do/Godzilla/Vibrator

1st In - Mr Flying Fox

Sweaty - How did you do? 'I would have come in 2nd if Godzilla had not short-cutted when On In!!'....

Godzilla/Comes In My Tunnel - short-cutting

Thermal - slowed down by those mountainous rocks!!

Last Rambos - LT / AFWD / WTFIC

Gai Tai - Staying with Wifey on W - W trail to make sure she was ok........

Dr Evil - spilling the beans about where B was 'Oh's at the Cricket Club' says he on trail.....

Dr Evil - Not last in even though walking the R - W trail...

Returnees - Shakes My Booty /Godzilla / Easy Over /Elisha /Fumio

1st time LSW runner - Stroke Me Harder

Stroke Me Harder - getting US visa sorted as marrying a yank in Dec!! Congrats!!

Toilet Spray / Denvy lookalike /Yummy Mummy lookalike - the passionate Facebook Chinese Debate!!

Toilet Spray - Chat's b/day ...paid for his entry in the Mongolian Action Asia race!

Chatroom - his b/day present to Toilet Spray ...already bought her the Garmin! Most likely a racing holiday somewhere....TBA

TS/Chat - what a romantic couple......ever heard of a holiday on a picturesque island in a bungalow?

Thermal - Just back that day from UK /Deutschland but got to the hash

Thermal - can write run report but cannot set next week's run after all....

Lost In Space - stepping into the 'space' with Stroke Me Harder to set next week's run!

Stroke Me Harder - her 'run to hare' ration will be excellent next week! 2 runs 1 hare....Way to Go!!

The hares - 13 hashers put their hand up for bash.....22 stayed

Rearender - many thanks great bash / pool / beers etc etc ..

The Hares - Great b/day...US Day ...Bikini day run!


 Tin Hau to HKCC