LSW 1960, Wednesday 25th Junr 2014


Hare - Cheesy Flying Fox

As I left my office in Kowloon Bay, the sky opened up and dumped rain (albeit briefly) and I wondered if this would be a theme for the night... well, there was lots of water, but not from the sky. A pack of about 25 stupid... errr.. brave runners turned up for the live hare affair. Cheesy Flying Fox (CFF) was posing with his hangman rope draped around his body, gave a quick briefing, asked us to wait 10 minutes (to which Wanchai Wanker repeated... wait 3 minutes?)... and then CFF disappeared over the bridge. The pack set off up the hill after him. At the first check, I decided to commune with the mosquitoes and spiders by checking up the hill left, but the path went right. By the time I made it back I was last and nobody seemed interested in marking anything (or maybe we had no chalk, or both?). I passed Parky in the kid's playground and shortly thereafter, Park N Shop... who was waiting for Parky as Parky was carrying the torches! A few slippery steps up and through the forest led us to our first check conundrum. I caught up to the pack milling around, checking and rechecking. After a good 10 minutes of finding nothing, Any Fanny Will Do was proposing a make your own run scenario... just as the HARE emerged from up the street. He directed us left and NOT over the drainage ditch, but INTO the drainage ditch. We sloshed along for a few hundred meters in the ditch, though a tunnel, and just before getting swept down a waterfall, we found out what the hangman rope was for... climbing out of the ditch!

Next we headed up into the muddy forest for a short loop back on ourselves (where we had the pleasure of meeting the hare just recently) and then down the path to the north. It felt like the end of the run should be near... but NO... there was a nice U turn back to the road... long way up the road... and back into the jungle for more balance testing as we slipped along the rocks and trail back to the north again. And just in case your feet had dried out by now, there was a lovely (and treacherous) decent down a staircase to nowhere which led to a stream trek back down to the road. The finish was a long downhill trot back to central Chai Wan.

The hare claimed 7km and 1hr 10min for FRB's, but it turned out a bit longer in both time and distance. Miraculously, nobody broke any bones nor got swept away in the streams.

Down Downs (as reported by Sticky Sex Toy):

Hare - slidy slippery trail. Said 1 hour for FRB, but took FRB 1.5 hr. Last one ~ Indy 2 hr 20 mins

Bag Lady - Virgin Mary & La La but Breon got his helper to help buy ice.

Runners want to thank Breon for the tunnel run.

Toilet Spray - scared and bitten by mossy in the tunnel.

Breon -- making runners run in the water of the water catchment

Any Fanny Will Do -- suggesting if we can't find trail, we'll improvise and create our own tour

Triple FM, saying we catch the hare, but it's the hare who caught us

Hare -- making rope ladder for big people 'cos it takes high steps

Bobbledick -- always last one to turn up

Hash crashes -- Indy, Toilet Spray, Hare

Short Cutters -- Parky & Park n Shop, took a taxi back to A

Returnees -- Parky & Park n Shop, if they hash more often, they won't have to take a taxi

Parky & Park n Shop -- married fir 45 years, Parky still fondling P n S's ass and asked her to bend her legs in the run

Comes into my Tunnel -- wasn't there to help Lubricated Trojan when she's struggling with the rope ladder

Teachers -- no need to work. Sticky Sex Toy only works half day. P n S retired

Hare - Indy asking and begging him to set a run... finally set one on his 100th run