LSW 1959, Wednesday 18th June 2014


Hopewell Centre

Hares - Lubricated Trojan & Come into my Tunnel LSW 1959

Today's run report is brought to you by the words "stairs" and "up"

Around 25 runners assembled in the usual spot next to Hopewell Centre, ready to brave the 30 degree heat and 80% humidity

The briefing went largely unheard by several of us, as we debated what the arcane symbol amidst the usual LSW markings was. A backwards 'P'? What did that mean? Was this some mysterious new symbol we had somehow missed in our hashing careers? After warning the intrepid group that a section of temporary stairs had an inconveniently placed, head-height pole that would destroy head-mounted torches of the unaware, the hares eventually gave us the opportunity we needed to resolve this mystery. It turned out the arcane symbol was actually a '9' - their estimated length of the Rambos.

Without further ado the pack departed along Queen's Road East, but quickly veered off and started what will forever be known as "The Great Ascent".

First we went up, then we went up, then after that we went up some more.

It is often said that there are three great certainties in life. Birth, death, and taxes. To that I would add a fourth - that any run starting at Hopewell Centre is inevitably going to include at least one stretch of Bowen Road. To the hares' credit, there was no lingering on Bowen, just a brief crossing of it on the way out, and again on the way back.

So after crossing Bowen for the first time we (you guessed it), went up, then up, then up some more.

True to the hares' word, we found the head-high pole, which everyone who need to (ie everyone but Sticky Sex Toy and Legally Blonde) duly ducked under).

Eventually Hong Kong pretty much ran out of up, so with burning thighs (not loins - that's something else entirely) the hares had to send us sideways instead, round the back of Mt Cameron and onto the Rambo/Wimp split.

My fellow FRBs kindly let me lead the way down through the shiggy, with one of them who is faster than me on such terrain and who shall remain nameless (cough *Crash Test Dummy* cough) being gentleman enough to insist on remaining behind me. This might have been related to me complaining of having involuntarily swallowed about 6 spiders and unidentified large flying things in the first 2 minutes of the trail. Fortunately I managed to repay him by leaving a nice big spider web for him to run through.

A brief discussion about snakes seen on trail ensured. This was somewhat discomforting, given I had received an email from a friend earlier in the day, with pictures of the cobra and the 5 metre python he recently encountered while hiking on Lantau...

Anyway, the shaggy took us down towards the Aberdeen reservoir, then onto one of the catchwaters and part of the Hong Kong trail in reverse. From there up to Wan Chai Gap, with a wild porcupine scrabbling to get away from my torchlight as we neared the top. Good eating apparently, and if you encase them in clay, then bake them, the clay takes all the spines with it when you crack it open (or so I've heard…)

From Wan Chai Gap it was a fast descent down Wan Chai Gap Road, across Bowen, and down to Kennedy Road. I had been leading the pack up to this point, but my Salomon's, which generally stick better than sh*t on sandpaper (try getting that mental image out of your head), are more like ice skates on damp, mossy concrete, so my descent was somewhat slow and cautious. This, combined with a brief lack of clarity as to whether to go right or left on Kennedy let Crash Test Dummy and Comes from the Rear overtake and we drew some odd looks as we ran, shirtless, to the finish.

All in all, a lovely run from the hares. Nice length, nice to be up on trail for most of the run, and nice to get over to see the south side of the island. Well done!

Down Down's by Indy

The Hares - Lubricated Trojan mit Comes In My Tunnel.... great run/steps and more steps..... and shiggy trail

Lubricated T- originally down as her run only, but after the 'vows', 'Du vill co-herr mit me!!'

Late arrivals - Bob Le Duck...

Returnee from Lakeside Hash, Melbourne - Klingon... Last ran with LSW 24 Oct 2001 Run number 1273

Klingon - on trail wanted me to look at back of his Lakeside Hash Shirt..... Que? His hash was flounded by LSW old boys... Stu 'Freefall' Garfath, and Midwifed(what that?) by Steve 'Couff' Prentice on 14 March 1984 - Genealogy

FRB's - on Black's Link did not mark trail from check.....

Toilet Spray - calling out on HK trail to save the lost...

The hares - finding great very shiggy Rambo trail off HK trail...

Dr Evil - walking faster than most run!

Returnees - Ingo (without Ethiopian Hijacker), Alex and Peter

Ingo - mathematically challenged... said he was visiting from Austria for 2 weeks, but it was his 3rd LSW hash....??

Suck My Pills - hoofs it down Wanchai Gap despite the slippy conditions... what pills does she take?

Walkers - The Virgin Mary/Legally Blonde

Non Runner - Rearender

The Amah returnee - Easy Over... thanks!

Easy Over - Getting dressed up for the bash... 'new dress'!...

Sweaty - raised eyebrows when he saw it!! 'Where did that come from?'

Wanchai W@nker - congrats on fathering Dennis the Menace

Bob Le Duck - returning after his trek around Northern China

Bob Le Duck/Comes up the Rear - both crossed paths eventually on the China trip..... CUTR offered for Bob to stay in his room, have meal, cold ale.... Bob looking forward to this after his Shangri La hotel.... eventual disappointment.. small room and hot ale...

Sweaty - presented with a 1956 run shirt... on 1956 run, missed run due work but went to A for drinks/bash.... to find 'No one'!!... had not realised it was an A to B

Yours Truly (Indy) - Tonight's run... Did not read run started from Hopewell... went to where last week's announcement had said, and found... 'No one!'

Anniversaries - Lubricated Trojan... 25 runs
CUTR - 100 runs
Rearender - 150 runs

And the BIG anniversary.... Macau Drunk 725 runs!!!!

Macau Drunk.... 4th in the pecking order of LSW attendance!

Bob Le Duck- still number 1 attendee... 821 runs!!

The Hares - thanks for a great trail, and bash...

Hopewell Centre 140618 8.45km 79mins