LSW 1958, Wednesday 11th June 2014


Aberdeen Sports Ground to Stone Nullah Lane

Hares - Mea Gulpa & Gobi Lo

When a run comes with an advance warning from the Hare, you know it’s going to be a tough one! The warning told of lots and lots of shiggy and therefore of course the inevitable Spiders waiting to catch out the FRBs much to the horror of Teeny Weeny! So onto the start in Aberdeen and as we drove out of the Aberdeen Tunnel there alongside us on her Motorbike came Tight Lips. “I wonder why she has bothered to ride all the way to Aberdeen when it’s an A to B run?” I thought…… the answer to that question was later answered….. sometimes it’s important to read the instructions for the run a bit more carefully…… A to B! Ah well a nice trip back through the tunnel for her later to collect the bike!

So having walked around the whole of the Sports Ground we finally found that infamous second bus stop and began to follow the flour along the road to find the start, although strangely we found Indy coming towards us following the flour to the bus stop! Confusion amongst the pack even to get to the start point! Finally we spotted Gobi Lo who it seemed was not in a good mood about her co hares direction for where the start should be and as we approached we heard “I will never co hare with her again!” Phew Gobi can be pretty feisty, note to self, never co hare with Gobi Lo! So as we waited around for Sticky to arrive with her car for the bag transport to B, Suck My Pills used the opportunity for a social catch up as it seems she knows everyone in Hong Kong, while at least everyone who seemed to be at Aberdeen Sports Ground that evening anyway!

Once everyone had on suitable body amour for the pre-warned shiggy then the briefing began. 2 splits with 3 runs a Wimps, Rambos and….. a Super Rambos. Before we could all got too excited about tonight’s revelation of a Super Rambo route the hare was quick to issue some scare tactics and warned only the hardened hasher should attempt it and that if you’re late by the time you get to that split you must not even try, this warning seemed directly aimed at Toilet Spray! Then we were off with everyone speculating where the B could possibly be.

The Wimp split came very quickly but most feeling brave headed off toward the Rambos and onto the check. Finally after some running around the Grantham Hospital scaring the patients with the cries of ‘checking!’ soon we were straight in the shiggy behind the HK Academy of Medicine, climbing our way through the mud and over branches with the spiders and cockroaches. Along the drainage pipe we went and eventually after a long run of shiggy we came out onto the HK Trail with a great view back down to Aberdeen and Ocean Park. Lots of checks and check backs and back into more shiggy! Then it was back out onto the HK Trail again and as I followed behind Ethiopian Hijacker and his mate Ingo I tried to use my great knowledge of the German language to listen into their conversation, but all I could understand was some talk of Alex’s new girlfriend!

Then came the left split up the Mount Cameron shiggy trail clearly marked ‘Super Rambos’. I hesitated for a second should I go or not go hmmmm….. but having heard Gobi’s initial warning still ringing in my ears I carried straight on and down Blacks Link to the Gap Road and down that knee killer hill closely followed my Gobi Lo’s brother who had come to support her hash, and down to the finish in Stone Nullah Garden. What a great finish point for a run! Everyone found their way safely back and it was On On to the Chinese Seafood Restaurant.

Down downs by Indy

Teeny Weeny – For telling everyone on facebook about being scared of the spiders

Macau Drunk – Virgin shiggy trail! A great find from the hares

The Super Rambos – Dr Evil, Ethiopian Hijacker, Ingo, Alex, Macau Drunk, CIMT, Teeny Weeny, Suck my Pills

Dr Evil – Best shiggy ever done

Discover Her Bay – screaming on the hash, saw a Wild Boar?!

Tightlips – Thought it was A to A so the motorbike is back in Aberdeen

Gobi Lo – Will never set a run with Mea Gulpa again!

Gobi Lo’s Brother – Got lost in the shiggy and ended up crashing through the bushes

Returnees – Gobi Lo Brother (second time on the hash only), Ingo, Rearened but didn’t run, Mea Gulpa only comes to the hash when she’s the hare

Ethiopian Hijacker – Lives with Anal Twice, Ingo, Alex and his girlfriend – a cosy family!

The Hares – Great run

Sticky – thanks for providing the car to get the bags to B.

Tight Lips – didn’t join the bash last week so she could go to the Vigil in Victoria Park but got there too late and everyone had gone

Ingo – Is that a hash name? Must be can’t be his really name according to Sticky

Sticky – For asking about the hot single guy on the hash and then trying to blame it on Lavender

LSW 1958


LSW 1958 Aberdeen 140611 7.62km 90mins