LSW 1957, Wednesday 4th June 2014


Tai Shue Hang, Ma On Shan

Hare - Suck my Pills

Two things this week that indicated to me that it will be a great hash run: Suck My Pills and Tai Shui Hang. If it was any other hare, I would have given the run a miss considering that the run start is closer to Shenzhen than HK!

So Mea Gulpa and I trundled in at 7:05pm to A, a stunning location at the Ma On Shan promenade with the Pat Sin Leng (8 Immortals) mountain range glowing in the sunset. Wow. At least there was something for us to admire while waiting for the late-comers - and I am not talking about the sweaty TV Tits who did a pre-hash run of 2km from the car park!

At 7:21pm the pack finally took off led by Cheesy Flying Fox and visitor, The Only Gay in the Village (he must be a pretty lucky man!).Along the promenade we ran until some housing estate where we lost trail for a bit. The FRBs quickly picked up trail further down, and then more concrete as we went up a hill, only to have a sharp left bringing us down to a large stream. Blobs of flour dotted the large boulders, and Lubricated Trojan and his friend Ingo tried to keep their shoes dry by gingerly stepping from stone to stone. I just went right into the water which was cool and refreshing - perfect for a summer run.

Following behind Cheesy Fly Fox, the pack went up the hill through an overgrown path. The Rambos/Wimps split appeared, Rambos straight on while the Wimps took a left. Mea Gulpa charged ahead, unable to quell her competitive demon within her. She took some glee in overtaking the The Only Gay on the more technical downhill while Come Into My Tunnel followed close behind on her tail.

Finally we got to the top of the hill where Cheesy took a moment to stand on the trig point to enjoy the amazing views of Hong Kong at night. I have to admit, this city is pretty unbeatable when it comes to a beautiful clear night on the trails. On down the technical downhill where I tried hard to keep up with the (aptly-named) Flying Fox but to no avail, and whizzing past Dr Evil, whom I am amazed was still doing the hashes despite his injuries.

I finally caught up with Cheesy at the catchwater. A big checkback on the reservoir road enabled the slower FRBs and also agnes b who did the Wimps route to catch up with us. Turns out that Suck my Pill had MORE surprises for us as the route took us into a really bad patch of shiggy complete with a rusting iron fence, big holes in the ground and the thorniest plants to grow in Hong Kong. At least we had fun going through the shiggy as we heard about 2 hours later that Indy missed the checkback and carried on down along the reservoir road all the way to town.

Once back on concrete, it was a quick sprint back to the beers at the promenade, and then a long wait for Lost in Space who decided to do the scenic (read: Rambos) but long route. Of course, a hash run wouldn't be complete without Comes up the Rear literally coming up from behind - he was probably 30 minutes late for the hash but still managed to come in a few minutes after the FRBs!

Three cheers to the hare Suck My Pills for a very well-set run, and for giving up her civic duty to go to the May 35th candlelight vigil to hare the run. Well done!

DD's from Indy

The Hare - Suck My Pills... Great Effort! esp. as lone hare...

SMP - How many reccies to find this virgin LSW hilly/shiggy terrain? Only 1 last week..... (besides the trot around she did a few months ago!)

SMP - Fab attendance esp. considering out in the 'boondocks'!!

Wimps - TV Tits/Agnes B??? What was that all about...?

Alfred - There we were struggling up a shiggy mountain and Alfred passes running uphill......!!!

Yours Truly Indy - Out of shiggy and scaley terrain and onto road, ran 'so fast downhill' that missed the trail through more shiggy, then off markings so did extra long run heading to Sai Kung rather than home....

TV Tits - did the same....

Lubricated Trojan - now fully-fledged Hash Cash

Comes In My Tunnel - for nominating wifey as HC, he will now do HC duties when she is absent..

CIMT - His reply 'She will not be away in future! She cannot go away without my permission!!!'

LT/ CIMT - The Happy Couple... so how is married life?

TV Tits - responds that 'She is happier than a married woman?'....

TV Tits - I am not referring to others... just me!

Ethiopian Hijacker - next one down the aisle?? He says after he has set 5 more LSW runs...... and when are you leaving HK?

Lost In Space - His humour... The Old Marble trick for the marrieds?? Put a marble in a jar every time for first year; from the 2nd year on take one out whenever.......'! And the answer is??

LIS - Don't get married!!

Lubricated T - now taken HC to higher levels for practise..... needs to control hubby's cash......!

Wanchai W@nker / C@ck Watcher - in absentia!! Many congrats from LSW upon the safe delivery of a new Horror! named Dennis...

RA Lost In Space - Welcome to LSW Dennis..... In absentia you are named.... 'Dennis the Menace!!'!!

Motormouth - can't remember too much about Dennis the Menace TV show....... Too old?

CIMT - never heard of Dennis the Menace TV show.... Too German??

Lubricated Trojan - has a lot of cultural teaching to do.. she even remembered the next door neighbour's name.... Mr and Mrs Wilson!!

CIMT / Ethiopian H - good to see peace between the Germans and Austrians finally.....

LSW Virgin - another Austrian mate of the Ethiopian's.... Ingo!

Ingo - so Ingo, what nationality was Herr Hitler? ?? Answer..... Err...Austrian!!... (Ed note ; that old chestnut again! Shame Yvonne P*sser twas not there..He He!!)

Returnees - TV Tits /Agnes B

Agnes B - chatting up the virgin Ingo...... Trying to find out if he has a 'clean record'??

Motormouth - non runner! Turned up to support the bash!??

CIMT - His condom advertises his job... 'Tunnelling and Mining' but is ripped with holes! And the next hash horror will come from.....?

Ethiopian H - happy to be reunited with his 'lost' shirt esp. after knowing Hopeless had washed it!

1956 Bloomers Tour shirts - Lost In Space/Motormouth/Indy

Suck My Pills - Great Run!! Great Bash...

Anniversary - CIMT ...125 runs....

Tai Shui Hang 140604 7.10km 66mins