LSW 1956, Wednesday 28th May 2014


The 1956ers run

Hares: Indyanus, Lost at Sea, Gary Glitter, Boilers, Rearender

Good weather after many days of raining so almost 40 hashers gathered at the new location of Ship playground awaiting the boomer runs of 1956!

Everybody started nervous after the briefing of Indy especially when it's an A to B run without any hints of the "B" details, maybe the phone number can help :P

After some mess and excited lucky draw, hashers groupped in 3 and start for the first part of the Treasure Hunts. Suddenly a crowd of flash mob converged at the Queen's road east, flooded the estate agents, 7-11 and Burger King..... :P Second part of hash run can start only if the first hash markings appeared by following the instructions. Poor Toilet Spray got missing her group, and many of the hashers usually looking for teammates! Maybe it's a nightmare for the E Von Pisser and Lost in Space's groups as they thought that they were at the front but going the wrong direction instead!

What's a good warm-up exercise?!

Finally Hash trail started at the City Hall public library and everything back into normal! It's surprised that Boilers appeared twice in the beginning of the trail trying to encourage hashers to shortcut and take a ride, so where the B was?! Hashers spread widely so that another team formed with Macau Drunk, Spermoff, Teeny Weeny, Suck My Pills etc. run together from Western Market, through Bonham Strand West to Queen's Road West. Follow then Wanchai Wanker joined after the Check at the King George V Memorial park. It's such a hot weather to jog along the High street to Pok Fu Lam road, not only did the clothes but also the shoes soaked with sweat >_<

OMG, hundreds of steps needed to be climbed after ~7-8k @@

That's the hot summer of Hong Kong and seems that hashers haven't been acclimatized it. Check at the Pik Shan Path brings all the front pack together. Joined with Gobi Lo, Just Add Alcohol, Come Into My Tunnel, Chessy Flying Fox, Lubricated Trojan etc. sprint On Home to the B with great hospitality of Rearender and Boilers. Massive Thanks!

DD prepared by Octopussy!

DDs from LIS

Hares - raising the hopes of real estate agents. 20 hashers suddenly in the market for a flat!

Macau Drunk - if somebody doesn't take charge the DDs will start at 11

Boilers - trying to encourage hashers to shortcut and take a ride!

Just Add Alcohol and Discover Her Bay - birthdays

E Von Pisser and Octo - for refusing LIS help and running the wrong way.

Octo - for saying she'll never go camping with Bobbleduck

Just Add Alcohol - for hiding Fumio

Tightlips - Introducing us to the joy of 'scotch'? 'Scottish' eggs

DDs from Octo

Indy- for wearing a spotty 50s dress all the time

Boilers - for picking up two rounds of short cutters and not picking Octo up.

E Von Pisser and LIS- EVP thought we were at the front and getting all the answers we thought LIS was going the wrong way and we were ahead of him... But sadly we were behind him so we knew we were DFL

Frank the Plank and Tightlips - he told Octo while pointing to dishes 'this is good' 'this also is good' then says 'this is bad' when pointing to the Scotch eggs ... Ohhh maybe cos he's vegetarian.

Lubricated Trojan - for actually returning from her trip to take up the hash cash role. We were doubtful!

Gary Glitter - for not doing much as a hare...oh cos he's on crutches

DDs by WW

Lubricated Trojan and CIMT - for being the next ones to have children

TVM and Legally Blonde - for complaining that the DDs may go til 1am

Spermoff - where did your gf go?... Wanchai!

Boilers and Rearender - great bash

DDs by Indy 1956ers - all did their part. Gary Glitter helped design the T-Shirt - who's the best looking? Rearender... But not born 1956!

Winners of treasure hunt and quiz - Doug's team and LIS' team.

Boilers - people thought he was wearing pink underwear

Indy - the power of a woman, she could persuade WW's pregnant wife to stay for the bash when he couldn't.

Frank the Plank - for retiring early...he must be getting old.

Gobi Lo - throwing a wobbly cos not enough vegetables were killed

Thanks to all 1956ers for their great effort!

Ship Street 140528 10.22km 80mins