LSW Reunion 2014 Baden, Switzerland


LSW Run Nos 1954 and 1955, 23 – 26 May 2014

Hare - Nutcut




Hash Cash
Big Bitch
Hash Horn
Dame Edna
Charlotte the Harlot
Special Branch
Twinkle Toes
Jonathan Pickering
Harvey Bailey (Sunday Only)
Joshua Bailey
Slippery Edge
Felix (Saturday only)
Sam Stevens
Sophia Bailey
Tina Pickering

The team

Friday 23 May

Most of us arrived in Baden by train from the Airport. Hash Cash and I started the 10 minute walk from the station and on the way we bumped into Hopeless who was on his way to the Biergarden for the rendezvous. ‘I’ll show you the way to the hotel and then the biergarden as you won’t find it from the instructions’ he said. So we walked towards the hotel and bumped into Peterfile who was also on his way to the hotel. We checked in and had the welcome glass of wine then followed Hopeless to the biergarden. Vulcan was manning 4 seats, as all the rest were fully occupied, until we spied a potential table which had been reserved in the name of ‘Bally’. Being in Switzerland they must have thought Nutcut was a shoemaker!

The ‘Bally’ table was being manned by Nutcut Jnr, Josh, along with 2 new runners, Felix and Jonathan. As the beers went down the numbers grew and we were joined by Special Branch and Mrs Special Branch, Hooligan, Hash Horn and Dame Edna. By this time we had had 4 or 5 beers and the time had come for some food. This consisted of various types of sausage and chips. Good blotting paper material. It was around 10pm when we decided that the decibels from the surrounding tables were too high for us. We were by far the oldest table in the whole place and so feeling our age we moved on the Pickwick Papers. A pub which it turned out was nearer to the YHA than to the Parc Hotel, all because Vulcan, the only resident of the YHA wanted to be nearer home. However the Pickwick Papers ended up being the On On On pub for the rest of the weekend. They must have made a few bob from us at £6.50 a pint.

Run 1954 – Saturday 24 May

We made our way to the lowest point in Baden, out over a bridge, and down in a lift, to meet near some steps. Trail markings were explained and bags put in the car for our A to B run. After a VERY short distance we reached a flight of steps, and were warned that there was a bit of a climb. Signs nearby warned that those of a nervous disposition might not wish to go further. A few more 'staircases' later, we realised that this was not going to end soon! Still should be a nice run/walk at the top. Wrong... in such a big way! Having inflamed my upper thigh muscles to the degree that an F1 cars' brakes endure in the Monaco GP, Big Bitch, Special Branch and I now had to steady ourselves to deal with a narrow precipitous, and uneven ridge walk, continually climbing, whilst trying to take in the truly stunning views on both sides. It was worth all the pain and angst, and the occasional 4 legged crab crawl.

Having climbed to the dizzy height of 684m, it was down through a slippery wood and a long open jog along a farm track to the road. Since I was on a hash I thought I ought to make an effort to run a bit, but others in my group were content to just walk and talk.

On the way back up the other side, we apparently we passed a Llama farm, but I guess I had either lost concentration or I was going too fast. From this stage onwards things became a long continuum of country roads and wooded paths, until we came across the smell of burning wood. Must be close now we thought, knowing that a BBQ was being prepared for the ON ON. Not so. There was a BBQ in progress - but not ours, which was still some distance away.

Another 20 minutes or so of woodland paths, and we could hear the alcohol fuelled banter of early finishers and were soon joining them with glasses of cool Swiss lager.

Having already decided in my mind that there was no way Twinkle Toes and Dame Edna were going to do the steps and ridge walk, I asked when had they arrived, only to be told they were doing the Rambos run and were not here yet. Contact was quickly made with them by mobile, to discover that they had probably half of the run still to do, and by then had been out over 3 hours. Transport was despatched to bring them back.

Although it's not a race, young Speedy, having completed the Rambos, was very pleased to have come in third.



The team

A BBQ followed, with Nutcut, ably assisted by family members, displaying great expertise and chefing skills akin to Masterchef. Down downs followed, dispensed by Hopeless with the able assistance of Speedy. The list of demeanours is not in my possession and too long to remember.

Normally the evening is concluded by singing the hash song, but on this occasion, due to a forgetful Hopeless, we sang it on the local bus on our way back to the hotel. There was of course the inevitable ON ON ON at the Pickwick Bar to conclude a fabulous days hashing.

Well done to Nutcut and all those involved.

On On - Taipo

Saturday Down Downs by Hopeless

Hare - Nutcut

LSWH3 origins... spies in.... Tai Po

0710 flight instead of one stop to Luton... Special Branch and smarter Peterfile who took the Luton flight

Hare left the flour behind and discovered he had done so after 3km into the run - Nutcut

Vulcan - 4 hour head start in the biergarten

Hash Horn & Dame Edna - camper van blocking the Nutcut private road

Hooligan.- “Who’s the new husband?” Hash Cash without the beard!

Charlotte and the Tardis.... no freeloading parking this year!

Tee shirt - City Hash rubbish yellow shirt vs LSWH3 red cow – on in Vulcan for producing rubbish haberdashery in London versus the great Swiss shirts

Newbies to reunion – Jonathon & wife, Hooligan…..

Lost son - Cyclops and M.O.L.E – Little Einstein drunk and sick again

Coasters - Peterfile the collector & hooligan no Liverpool coaster so awarded an Arsenal one instead

YHA people - Vulcan, Charlotte & Slippery Edge

Anyone done all 7 reunions? Hash Cash, Big Bitch, Hash Horn and Dame Edna

First timers - Hooligan and Slippery Edge

"Don't call me Hooligan. . I am a professional"

13 years since last LSWH3 run... Hooligan

Shortcutters. . Felix & Hooligan plus Dame Edna and Twinkle Toes

Dame Edna actually answered her mobile on trail

Fell on the slate. Banged head. Peterfile. Other Hash Crashes include Dame Edna and Hash Horn

First in - Slippery Edge

New shoes Callum.. Coz grandma didn’t pack.. Coz Grandpa was pressuring Grandma for being late!

Hopeless – new shoes


Charlotte - furniture key

Hash Cash shirt – Shiggy Ga Ga leaving shirt presentation

Open Floor Down Downs

Shaggy spell error - Nutcut

45 year anniversary - Taipo & Twinkle Toes

The hare & Louise for superb organisation & food

Next year hares for Hong Kong – Big Bitch, Hash Cash, Hopeless, Cyclops & M.O.L.E

2 years’ time hares - Cyclops & M.O.L.E

Run 1955 – Sunday 25 May

Breakfast was noticeably quieter on Sunday morning . Hashers assembled at 1:30pm as requested by the fountain near the railway station. Nutcut assured the assembled Hashers that the run was not as arduous as the Saturday Run so with those words ringing in my ears I thought I might go for the Wimps. Bags were put in the car and we were off down the steps towards the river. At the bottom of the steps was the Wimps/Rambo split so the decision was made, it was far too early to do the Wimps so we went right on the Rambos. Off we went through the town past Pickwick Papers and up the steps to the Castle. Up, up up we went and then came out at the Castle with some more views of the valley below.

The valley below

Through the castle and then up the road and then on right through the woods where we found a pram with a baby in it, all alone in the woods and no Mum to be seen. A bit further on we reached the viewpoint and the MUM so no search parties required.



The steep bit

Then it was down down down down a serious bit of shiggy before ending up on the riverside path. A pleasant amble along the riverside before we crossed the river at a bridge and then more ambling along the other side of the river.

The trail then headed inland through fields of barlay to a small village where the trail took us right and up through woods. At this point Taipo succumbed to the indulgences of the night before and summoned the Hare to come and pick him up. I carried on up through the woods until an arrow took us down a steep bank to the road.

The trail went up the road to a village where Nutcut pulled up beside me and Dame Edna and Twinkletoes got out. Taipo remained in the front seat so the 3 of us continued the trail up through more woods to another small village and the Restaurant Steinenbuhl.

This restaurant is famous for ‘Grillspeissing’. This is where you load your skewer with an assortment of meats(horse, wild boar, lamb), chicken, fish and prawns. The skewer is then put on the BBQ to cook. The record number of skewers was set by one of the youngsters who managed 6 skewers. All washed down with copious amounts of Swiss beer.

The food finished we retired to the fountain where the bins had been for the Down Downs.

Down Downs by Hopeless

The Scots for complaining the Down Downs on Saturday were too small

Hopeless for forgetting to call for the LSWH3 song yesterday

Hash Horn... still can't find the 2008 run info on the back of the shirt

Hash Horn scaring the locals on the bus back to Baden (with his singing)

Vulcan... swallowed up by the Tardis last night (and the electric bike?!)

Slippery Edge – sneaking hash beer bottle into pub as "cheaper" and almost getting caught

Hooligan - why isn’t the sundial working at 11pm?

Hooligan - Drunk to get over Real Madrid win

Hooligan – “I can only get drunk with unimportant people like you lot”

Slippery Edge - leaving on the 9pm train

Peterfile - hash crash trying to cycle the run route in the morning and crashed going up to the castle

Hash Horn forgot his horn at the start of the run

Harvey - calling the Checks and letting Hopeless get them wrong

Tina and Charlotte real wimps – driven part of the way

Muddy arse bad sight - Hooligan

Hash Cash and Big Bitch – “this trail is too early for us to take the Wimps”

Jonathon – “I am going to kill the hare!”

Jonathan - for peeing on trail infront of the hare's wife but Louise didn't notice

Hooligan – “I am injured so let Slippery Edge go past me today”

Tina - walking with Charlotte “ look for flour” Tina asks “flower? Where?!”

Cyclops - marking Checks wrong

Taipo - for short cutting in the Audi and Twinkletoes and Dame Edna for a partial SCB in the Audi

Vulcan ... “Where's my beer?” 1 minute after Slippery offered to get one – chivalry is dying on the hash!

Cyclops - fashion malfunction – neckline bottle holder

Lost property - small Slippery underwear – looks like a bra but smaller?

The model ....bulimia candidate.... Rhys – naming “Catwalk”

Jonathan... getting water for the son

The kids who went up 4 times for food – Harvey and Josh.

Harvey- lost on trail and took Callum off trail

Hopeless - for abandoning Callum so he could finish first

Hash Cash - now fits an L size shirt after ydays run

10 franc bet on Callum... so here's 10 Francs as Harvey spoiled his chance of winning!

Scottish independence – Sept. 18th vote, actually the English, Welsh and Irish are voting for you to go too!

Hash Horn down down regarding Room 101 went wrong as the McLeod’s are actually in 110!


Callum... listening to hooligan about Liverpool

Crabbing on trail... Taipo

Cyclops.. 3 hashers... (story?)

Adrian to Hash Horn for ruining shirt

Special Branch minus the missus...

Louise secret source of Down Downs – named “Grassyarse”

Hare... Swiss themes.... great weekend ON ON to Hong Kong 2015!

The Hares and the Scots sang the Hash song

From here it was back to Pickwick Papers, where else? For the On On On.

A very big Thank You to Nutcut and Grassyarse for organising a fabulous weekend and to the Cutlets also for their help over the weekend in acting as taxi drivers etc and On On to Hong Kong in March 2015.

On On BB


Saturday run 13.01km 113mins

Baden 140524 13.01km 113mins


Sunday run 11.12km 87mins

Baden 140525 11.12km 87mins