LSW 1953, Wednesday 21st May 2014


Shiggy Gaga Farewell Run

Tung Chung

Hares - Hopeless & Shiggy Gaga

Well here it was ! The leaving run for yet another hash cash…..This time it was Shiggy Ga Ga's turn to 'F*** Off' to the Motherland, England! ...If you are ever not sure if you should leave HK, then just become the LSW Hash Cash and the decision is made for you! And Hopeless had even organised a 'particularly popular purple' shirt for this departure with all the names of the previous Hash Cashes on the back…… most of them Dearly Departed! At the top of the list is Hash Cash who p*ssed off to his resort in Spain with his share of the loot! Kamikaze - hung around as hash cash for a while before he too p*ssed off to New Zealand…. Sweaty Snail Gobbler - Being a Scot, he found it hard to drink and count $, and despite tradition he found the golden ale more appealing than the silver coins! But he did eventually go over seas….…… to Peng Chau!

General Bite 'N' Suck took over and ran a very tight ship……. until she shipped herself to Brisbane…. for lurve!!! Buttfan and Castrato stepped into the position next, with the latter sporting an excellent Hash Apron… Buttfan retired to spend more time with her animals, and Castrato eventually succumbed to his destiny, moving to a nice 'little' Primrose Hill Terrace House in London where his neighbours include Jamie Oliver! He too had done well as HC…. He handed the apron to Toilet Spray, but she graciously handed it over when still on 'L' plates as her lengthy 'Apres-run' Spray was of greater importance…. Higgie picked up the Hash Cash Apron for a good tour of duty… then duly lost it literally, which heralded his departure to…. Sunny England! And then Shiggy Ga Ga - named cause of her love of shiggy and ballet dancing!!.. which ironically can no longer do until NHS England has weaved its magical wand…..!

So yes! Onto the Leaving Run…… Well the weather was predictably going to be bad, with previous incessant rain, so Hopeless altered the trail to suit and hell money was the marking! It was set from Tat Tung Road Garden, Tung Chung, .. close to the airport for the SGG departure that night! I was followed from the MTR by Bob Le Dick, who I naturally thought was doing the run, but no…he had only turned up all the way from FANLING, to hand his 'old-one-man-lived- in- tent' to Comes Up the Rear, in case he were to join for a race in Mongolia..

When I got there, the pack had gone, but fortunately Tightlips came back for her forgotten torch so I had her for company ….as trail looped around overhead bridges and then headed to the airport over a very long bridge section, up past the cable car, then up the scenic Hill to the top trig pole! On down through the shiggy, (well there had to be some shiggy!!). I came across a rope that was being pulled all over the place! Wondering which hasher was ahead, I espied Freewheel - a rare appearance these days at LSW, who had obviously turned up to farewell SGG. He was holding on to the rope for dear life! Below him was Lost In Space and then our returnee HP Salsa!…….. From there it was onto road, and and through the Ancient Kiln Park outside Cx city!

The next view point was the sea where Tightlips and I spent some time trying to work that check out! ….. The Rambo loop then jumped out and Tightlips, despite her fit form was pontificating that she could see too much shaggy, or so she thought, so Wimps it would be! Finally I convinced her to do otherwise….. and to her delight, twas an interesting trail…… past lovely quaint Tung Chung villages and windy paths, then more running… and running, back over the bridge we had originally run over….. then eventually On In Home!

An interesting run despite the necessary concrete... good use made of the terrain of airport fringes/cable cars/ ropes/ the sea/villages /the stars?... with the threat of pending rain looming! The map

Then T-Shirts were happily fussed over and pizzas On -Site!


The Hares - Hopeless and Shiggy Ga Ga….good run despite the concrete!

Hopeless/Shiggy Ga Ga … who did what? Err… SGG collected hash cash for the last time??

Hopeless - organising T-shirts/setting run….

Tightlips - forgetting her torch!

Bob Le Dick …. lookalike Frank the Plank….. coming from Sai Kung to hand over his mangy old one man tent to CUTR…..

Motormouth….. correction! He came from Fanling! where his abode is now! Trust a fiancé to know……

Tightlips - Saying 'What a Great Run!'

Indy - Que? Wondering why she said that ?? Ahhh little trail due to inclement weather!!

Shiggy Ga Ga! Farewell Run…… 72 Runs, 4 Runs Hared…… Introduced to hashing by Pauline, Ladies Hash……. such a quiet wee thing then! How much $ did you make in your time in office

Macau Drunk - the stats man…… Yeh! All sound good!

The Amahs - The Stoodent…. Prize Booby/Crack Pot

Returnees - Free Wheel /Prize Booby / C*ntractor

LSW Virgin - Crack Pot

Ethiopian Hijacker…… What have you done with @nal Twice?

Freewheel - Ropes all over the place…..

Wimps runners - HP Salsa / Freewheel

Non Runners - Just Adds Alcohol / Legally Blonde

Just Adds Alcohol - Talking to 'Fumio' for a long time….. did not recognise fellow Japanese…. then started bowing and more bowing!!

Fumio - First time LSW hasher.. from Tokyo hash…….

Fumio - very excited to be at LSW.....

Tokyo hashers to welcome him - Hopeless / Dr Evil

Suck My Pills - came to Hash rather than a party!! Yeh!!

Frank the Plank/F3M - came 4th in team effort Action Asia race on weekend…..

LSW Reunion attendees.. Switzerland - Hopeless

Ethiopian Hijacker…… Why are you not going since moving to Zurich soon?

Legally Blonde - ordering the pizzas

Shiggy Ga Ga - Farewell!

F3M - wondered who TBA is on t-shirt for next hash cash…… err… 'To Be Announced!'

New Hash Cash - Drumroll!!!... an accountant this time…..'Lubricated Trojan'! Yeh!! Not present as honeymoon calls….

The hash song - led by SGG / Hopeless

Tung Chung 140521