LSW 1952, Wednesday 14th May 2014


Tiu Keng Leng

Hares - Anal Vice & Ethiopian Hijacker

Recent weather and an A to B run always makes for a nervous pack grabbing for "B" details. Especially as it started to rain as the hares briefed the pack under the roof of the impressive Hong Kong Design Institute Building.

Pack of 26 runners (less the two hares) sent on their way with warnings of "Rock climbing... River beds... Get wet... Slippery (no Edge)..." and, basically, encouragement for the likes of F3M and Plod to do the Wimps. Also along with a few other notable names - citing "a race at the weekend Hopeless". Isn’t LSWH3 a race nowadays? I failed to understand this previous statement. Especially as we completed the Rambo section abseiling, running across rubbish strewn beaches and scrambling on granite along the rising tide waterfront, like an adventure race. I said to Frank The Plank "perfect training for your Action Asia race at the weekend?"

"To be sure Hopeless. But only if I get through this evening unscathed. If so I’ll tip my hat and a pint of Guinness to ya".

So Rambos arrive back on the road in the cemetery with Cheesy Flying Fux being pursued by CUTR. The Wimps were ahead as they came to a Check on the Wilson Trail below the forts. Tequila Fuckwit was found to be grumbling. ... "didn't fancy the Rambos.. way too many fast and weird people up my bum for my liking".

A night of profound statements then....

"Oh... hello Hopeless" from Ms. Lo.... less profound……

Onto the main road, and a predictable Check Back. Down the steps. Check. Choose right... looks like Lei Yue Mun via the shiggy trails...

Another profound statement from CUTR... " ". Yup... no calling...

He comes back from a trail off the Open Check..... Hopeless piles back that way for 120 metres and finds trail... runs back to call on the pack.... as any good hasher should, leading them onto the village.

Here Ms Lo winds up the motor for the podium finish, CUTR in pursuit with a new Chinese guy and Hopeless chasing for a finish on the waterfront at Lei Yue Mun.

Great trail, pack all close finishing together... as a hash should be. Well done the hares! The map

Down downs by Indyanus

The Hares - Ethiopian Hijacker / @nal Twice ....Great Run ! Well done!

Ethiopian / Anal - How many reccies? At least 3.....Hmmm ! surprising number since it is one of their favourite 'Coastal runs'...

The Hares - scarying many off from doing the Rambo run with words like...dangerous/ abseiling/ wet /watery beach rocks / slippery / moss...

Certified Wimps - Lost In Space /Toilet Spray / Indy/ Dr Evil / Herr Pisser

Rambos who became wimps - Octo (the first turnaround!) / Macau Drunk (surprise!)/ Tequila F / Gai Tai (another surprise!)

Macau Drunk - excuse ... the 'wee small tensile weight rope could not support 1.5 tonnes......'!

The true Rambos - CUTR / Chatroom / Suck My Pills / Alfred / Taurus

@nal Twice -'First qst when back 'Did you see the dogs, Indy?' 'No but I saw the sign!'

Ethiopian - @T so scared of the dogs that he had to 'man up' and set that section.........

Gai Tai - On coming down slippy 'I'm not so good at going down! Need something to grab onto....'!! Hmmm.....Volunteers?

Chat Spray /Toilet Room .....on trail the old Facebook status discussion ...Chat Spray ' I am not not saying tthat TS is not not my g/f'....'......Right!!

The Hares - Their Leaving Run unfortunately!! Off to less hilly countryside ...Zurich, Switzerland!!

EH /@T - not even back to Edelweiss countryside

Yvonne Pisser - says they are only 3 km from the Austrian border and his own hometown, ..Sweet!!

Ethiopian Hijacker - Thanks for great contribution to LSW...55 runs, hare for 3 and great fun!!

@nal Twice - even better stats! 21 runs and hare for 3!! ...Also a great laugh! 'Don't go!!'

Returnee - Yvonne P ....freshly back from the USA and Sri Lanka just for this Leaving run / Gunpowder Plod...last run was joint run 26 March...and before that another joint run.....

Newbies welcome back - Taurus...LSW Run 2 / Alfred ..LSW Run 4

Walkers - Dr Evil

Non Runners - Hash Cash Shiggy Ga Ga

Suck My Pills - Mt Fuji runner ...very humbly says "i did the Mt Fuji wimps....'....only 91 kms and unsupported!! approx 15 hrs / 5th Female.....Fab effort!

Taurus - another Mt Fuji runner....did the Rambo version...only 169 kms.......

Lost In Space - got lost but not DFL...

Dr Evil / Bob Le Dick - DFL - got badly lost...

Hares trail - Great marking except for one section...

Yvonne Pisser / Octo - on trail section with no markings 'Doubtful true trail...!' says Yvonne! 'Octo replies ' Well Hopeless ahead .. chalk here so maybe he is marking as he goes?'...Then Octo 'Flour here! Must be true trail .. doubt that even Hopeless carries flour!'

Ethiopian / @nal - freshly returned from doing the true Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea

Octo - inspired them by setting the Kokoda Trail for Anzac Day Run

Ethiopian / @nal - very thoughtfully bringing yours truly Indy back, an 'heirloom' from her birth country! PNG Vodka...Mother's Milk!!

The Hares - Great run! Great Bash!! On On to the Yodelling Country......

Tiu Keng Leng to Lei Yue Mun 140514 6.44km 80mins