LSW 1951, Wednesday 7th May 2014


A to B from Repulse Bay to….

Hare: Teeny Weeny

A small but keen group met up at Repulse Bay, dodging the Mainland Chinese tourists taking photos of the sand and sea… (sad), to prepare for the hash trail. After water was finally bought due to the many complaints, Teeny Weeny gave a short briefing on “you’re only on trail when you’re on trail” and “if you don’t see trail then run a little further”. A worried pack headed off again past the Mainland Chinese towards the Repulse Bay Temple. A turn up left dodging Mainland Chinese buses, the pack ran up the KOTHs HK route to the shiggy trail up to Tsin Shui Wan Au, the catchwater and open split, one of two Checks I think. A group led by Mia Culpa headed over the Twins but another wiser group headed up Violet Hill, led by Frank the Plank. FTP finally called down an On On and the pack slowly followed.

Thermal Dick in the fog didn’t see the marking left and kept going up the hill until called back by Southside Hash Toy. A gentle jog along this trail until there came an almighty squeal (like a pig) when Wanchai Wanker tripped over a rock (the infamous moving rock perhaps?) and then headed off along the Wimps trail instead of the wonderful shiggy Rambo up Violet Hill. Rambo was a sharp turn up through a steep narrow path made even more difficult with handheld torches and bottles of Volvic water, isn’t that right, Slippery Edge?

The fog (similar to that found in the Lake District Suck My Pills blinded people at the top, especially those wearing glasses and a headlamp. But it was a pleasant non-pressure climb up the shiggy with the company of others, chatting along.

The Rambos then joined the Wimps up over Violet Hill properly, having climbed over 2 Trigs already, then on to Tai Tam Reservoir Road down to the bottom of Park View then a fast run down along Deep Water Bay Road, Island Road to F3Ms 2nd home, Deep Water Bay.

A cool, wet, pleasant trail run, not really a hash, but still enjoyed by all. Thank you Teeny Weeny.

Down Downs delivered by F3M with 5 minutes notice and against tradition on the beach before the meal.

Teeny Weeny forgetting how to set a run with only two Open Checks, no Closed Checks and no Check Backs but still a lovely trail. Last time he set a run was perhaps 1951.

Teeny Weeny for bankrupting LSWH3 by buying Volvic water for the hashers, much to F3M’s delight as it’s her preferred beverage. I think a profit of HK$10 was made that night!

F3M hash cash, awarding hash down downs and hash scribe.

Bobbledick hash stopped while Bobbledick paid his hash cash.

Teeny Weeny forgetting cups for the DDs so everyone had to be checked beforehand and confirmed that they didn’t have any oral diseases so that the same can of beer could be shared.

Suck My Pills bringing the Lake District weather back with her.

Suck My Pills wearing bright orange crocs so that the resident Dutch Slippery Edge felt comfortable.

The attention to detail lawyers, Peter and Nick, not able to read the small print on an invitation from F3M.

Bobbledick’s new $10 hair cut makes him run faster and was even complemented on by Any Dick Will Do, whom he is living with at the moment.

Frank the Plank persuading F3M to paddle with him in an Action Asia race.

Slippery Edge over in HK to see her husband and spends 4 nights out of 7 at hashes.

Thermal Dick crap at going down … spent most of it on the floor on the shiggy trail from Violet Hill, plus overtaken by 3 ladies.

Suck My Pills “has that small girl come back yet” who..? Oh... Southside Hash Toy.

Gin and Vomit playing it dangerously on her bike in the rain and after a DD or two. Left her jacket in the Teeny Weeny’s car too.

Wanchai Wanker squealing like a pig on Violet Hill. So loud they could hear him down on the beaches.

Wanchai Wanker awarding himself a returnee DD.

Peter and Slippery Edge wearing matching outfits.

The song was sung by everyone as there were so few left and no one else to watch.

A hardier crowd of 5 then headed off and filled themselves with Thai. Using the chilli, WW, to clear his sinuses, at the Amoy Thai. Full for only HK$52 each! Bargain!

On On to next week’s run…..

Repulse Bay to Deepwaterbay 140507 7.97km 98mins