LSW 1950, Wednesday 30th April 2014


Kwai Chung Park

Hares - Come into My Tunnel & Toilet Spray

As we are still coming off the Easter holidays and in a bit of a remote area, there were not too many hashers to greet me as I arrived and as 7pm approached there still weren’t that many hashers. Toilet Spray became worried. Maybe she should call people to help bring up the numbers, Sticky Sex Toy maybe? But it’s no use; it’s already five past seven. We did however have a notable returnee in the name of HP Salsa though who is thoroughly bored with Brisbane and so has returned to the always-exciting Hong Kong with its fantastic LSW Hash.

Come into my Tunnel gave the briefing, as rain was threatening we had the addition of Hell money to help guide us on trail. HP Salsa was happy that I could look after him on the W trail. Off we went through the park to Castle Peak Road. Over the pedestrian overpass near Shek Yat House and then climb the hill so high high high, a vertical ascent of almost 350 meters to the TV Transmitting station high atop Golden Hill. I had fallen behind everyone, even HP Salsa.

Trail then went down to the Shek Lei Pui reservoir that we skirted around for a bit. Then trail up and down two more hills in the Kam Shan Country Park to the Wonderland Villas. Down a path back to Castle Peak Road and on in to Central Kwai Chung Park where HP Salsa was waiting for me. Turns out he didn’t even do the trail. He claimed to have gotten lost – hey, only I can do that- and returns to A not really having done much of anything. Also awaiting me was the experienced hasher Indy whose excuse for not hashing was that she forgot to pack a pair of running shorts.

On On to a nice local restaurant

And now I will attempt to decipher Indy’s Down Downs…

Hares Well Done

Lubricated Trojan Already did half the trail

HP Salsa Back in 15 min.

Lost in Space Not really last

CUTR First Back

Lubricated Trojan Second Back, had inside Info

Lubricated Trojan Complaints not allowed by German fiancée

CIMT, Lubricated Trojan Remote marriage location so as not to be embarrassed by hashers.

CIMT No idea how old Lubricated Trojan is

CIMT Planning an outfit that will match Lubricated Trojan for the wedding

CIMT Quoted as saying “ I only want to get married once, if no good, I will never marry again”

HP Salsa Returnee from Brisbane

Dr. Evil Thought he was Castrato

CUTR No Blue Girl

Gai Tai Late

F3M Comes in and tells hares what he could have done

Chatroom Can’t pronounce aluminum

Toilet Spray HTFP instead of HTFU

Chatroom Paying for LiS dinner

Kwai Fong140430 9.06km 122mins