LSW 1947, Wednesday 9th April 2014


Lok Fu

Hare - Comes up the Rear

Some confusion over the write-up duties so there are two...

Fine weather after many days of raining, more hashers arrived while CUTR going to buy more drinks. Don't know where's the boys gone or more girls were eager to have the run, we assemble at the complex playground and wait for CUTR briefing..... Just a simply sentence "today is a normal run"...... so the run started!

Not surprising that we have the brilliant Chessy Flying Fox and Gobi Lo as the leading pack to solve those checks and checkbacks, so the first checkback is easily done at the Junction road. After a long run crossing the estates and basketball playground, we finally climbing up the Lion Rock to the Macleshose Trail from the Chuk Yuen road. There's several checks along the way to Shatin Pass but we can't be tricked so easy!!

There's a rambos and wimps split before the Unicorn Ridge which may be ~1-2k and we then finally united along the Shatin Pass road. It seems that it's quite straight forward on home, of coz NOT, haha! A cruel checkback occurred at the bottom of the steep Shatin Pass road, thanks Chessy Flying Fox and Gobi Lo again for the effort! And the trail was found by the smart Tightlips and Chatroom near the hospital. We then get inside the gate and follow the trail and along the retaining wall back to the civilization. Then sprint back to the Home from Chuk Yuen Road to complete the run!


With the hare, Comes Up the Rear, having forgotten that he was the hare for this week's run...until last week's run....I wondered what we were in store for! And it was to start from a previous school's stomping ground, Lokfu, of which believe me, I had no fond memories!! ...although Inflato did tell me that the Lokfu shopping centre has an excellent Wellcome which stocks all different kinds of beer, at good prices........and not just Blue Girl!! but that is a later story!

A decent size pack of about 15 straggled into the run, ....some hashers were eager to get started but ...where was the hare? He was off buying the amber liquid, or so we thought! Upon his return, he informed us that there was a Wimps/Rambos split....of about 6 - 8 kms! Not too tough he said!....Then the pack led by Cheesy Flying Fox and Gobi Lo were off like eager hounds.....of course the shouts rang out 'It will be up Lion's Rock'! and that prophecy did come true!

As the next week's hare was in absentia, after the run I did ask Inflato if he would like to do the run report,.. to which he said! 'It would be a very short one! It was like a plane......It went up....then it came down!!' Err ...thanks for that Inflato......I guess I will be writing the run report then....But do you mind if I quote you??

And that was it really! Up Lion's Rock to the Maclehose Trail Stage 5 which is all too familiar to the Trailwalkers......hence Suck My Pills comment that it was a good training run! ...along the trail to the end for the Rambos and down to Shatin Pass, down the road....the wimps trail joined up on the road down to Wong Tai Sin MTR......I did wonder how we were to get to Lokfu from there.....would it be along the road? Fortunately for us the hare had found a trail to the right that led us for a long way till we were on the home path! It was on that trail that i aspied the walkers...... Toilet Spray and Sticky ST whose gossip was all in Chinese, so unfortunately I have no dirt on them - maybe Toilet Spray was still pontificating whether she could trust a Gweilo b/f? And if so, SST's reply would have been....??

So then on in to home and the liquid amber that was well-deserved after that 'training run'! But having looked in the bins and seen the Blue Girl, I was glad that i had brought my own supplies....Of course Inflato was not so fortunate!! 'What??' said he most indignantly!! 'Of all the beer in the world to choose from, it's the Blue Girl?? and no ice........'!! But i did notice it did not stop him from drinking his share......

Apart from the Blue Girl......the run had been proclaimed to have been a success, (and with such short notice too)!!


The Hare - Comes Up The Rear .....good run!

CUTR - the run better known as the 'Blue Girl' Run

Inflato - named the aforesaid run as such, as with all choices of beer at Lokfu, there was only Blue Girl beer, ...and no ice....

Suck My Pills - 'a good training run, up up up Lions Rock, Macklehose trail then Down Down Down.... '

Chatroom - 'outstanding run!'

CUTR - had forgotten he was this week's hare until last week.....

Toilet Spray /Sticky Sex Toy - walkers due to TS's ailment....

SST (in absentia) - staying with TS to keep her company

Non Runners - Yummy Mummy / Shiggy Ga Ga again!

Anal Thrice - 'Don't really like more of a hiker! but I like the hash.....'

Anal Thrice - worried on run....thought she heard a crashing boar....or was that a bore?

All those who have set runs up Lion's Rock - Shiggy Ga Ga /Indy/ Inflato

Inflato - ' I'm boring! I used to only set runs around Lion's Rock......about 6 - 7 times and always in the rain! '

Rambo runners - Octo / Anal Thrice / Chatroom / Inflato / Suck My Pills / Indy

Suck My Pills - offered to set her 2nd run early June! Yeh!!!!

Yours Truly Hare-raiser Indy - Reminder .....Hares are needed.......about once every 3 months!!

Octo - organising great food! and at $60 ..a bargain!!

CUTR - good run and bash!!

Lok Fu 140409 10.31km 73mins