LSW 1946, Wednesday 2nd April


Braemar Hill Braemar Hill in the rain

Hares - Bite'n'Suck, Hopeless

DOWN DOWN's by Indy

The Hares - Herr Hopeless and 'ah!! fresh from Ozzie..Ms ' Bite n Suck'!

Hopeless - good run especially given the wet weather conditions/..

Hopeless - always sets Braemar Hill runs in amber warning/thunderstorm conditions!

Co - hare Bite n Suck! - and exactly what did you do? A reccie? no time..... The run report? Ah!! no time!..... the DD write-up? Ah.... no time! Read out run directions? Ah..... nope!!

Wanchai W@nker- very well-versed in major hare/minor hare responsibilities... or lack of them......

Co-hare - did very generously buying and paying for the post run drinks to celebrate her brief return and birthday in 2 weeks!! Yeh!! Thanks Bite n Suck! Happy Birdie!!

Bite n Suck - who exactly did pay? VD? No... she proudly has $ left in her HSBC account well-hidden away from Oz!!

Hopeless - said the run was to be a 'runner's run'!!... well, that was after you clambered through the first 3 km of intense up and down shiggy!!

Tightlips - brought a virgin hasher work colleague then duly dumped him on the run!

Tightlip's visitor (in absentia) - managed to get back to A about 1 hour after everyone else!

Tightlips - went to bash with visitor still on trail!!

Hopeless- patiently waits at A for runner to return (hopefully!)

Lost In Planet - also trouble on trail and shortcutted home..... (blamed a broken torch that worked back at A-A)

Comes In My Tunnel - of Lost In Planet being behind on trail said 'Doesn't matter! It's only Lost In Planet!'!

CIMT/Lubricated Trojan - late but looked forward to a romantic run together on hash.....

Indy - running with them spoilt CIMT's plan of romanticism.....

CIMT - says to LT that since Indy with her he can run ahead.......

LT - And her reply? CIMT stayed right by her side...... Hmm! England 1.. Germany 0!!

Tightlips - getting together with yours truly the previous night for a supposed professional talk that ended as a heavy session!

Tightlips - stayed over! Did any of her colleagues recognise same clothing?

Non Runner - The Virgin Mary/Dr Evil

The VM - food ordering!

Wanchai W@nker - doubling food order and doubling the bill!!

Visitor from Shanghai - named something like 'Clifford the red c*ck'!!

Hopeless - keeping pack together by not laying paper for a long section...Oops!

Teen Weeny - who's always the w@nker checking out his facebook?

Lost In Planet to F3M - before run F3M most concerned that LIP stay in A area and does not disappear! Not worried about Hopeless' gear but her own!!

Co -Hare Bite n Suck - her last LSW hash until her next visit from oz!! Must go back and look after the grandchild....and of course Verbal D as well!!

Herr Hopeless - Good run and bash....

Braemar Hill 140402 8.55km 66mins