LSW 1945, Wednesday 26th March


Pier 8, Central

WWII themed run
"There we were knee deep in grenade pins, and boy did we get f**ked up"

With numbers swelled beyond 40 by new runners and 7s visitors we were briefed by Gai Tai. On on to the open check at the bottom of the stairs. With that the hare watched from the bridge as the pack split left along the reclamation and right past the other ferry piers.

After 10 mins. most returned and found the middle route towards the GPO. Over what was Queen's Pier, through the City Hall Memorial Garden into the Connaught Rd underpass.

Between the Centotaph and Old Supreme Court Building/Kempeitai HQ/ex-Legisative Council Building/soon to be Court of Final Appeal.

Between the old Bank of China and HSBC, up Battery Path past Former French Mission Building/Court of Final Appeal and St. John's Cathedral Memorial Cross.

Right up Garden Rd then right past Government House with it’s Japanese tower (when you're in charge in HK you can do illegal extensions) and up the steps to Albany Rd past the memorial arch of the Zoological & Botanical Gardens.

Up Old Peak Rd past the Canossa Hospital which was destroyed in WWII then left along Tregunter Path to May Rd.

A check back (for the non-shortcutters) on May Rd went back down Brewin Path across Magazine Gap Rd and down Tramway Path. Some checking round Zetland Hall version 2 (version 1 was destroyed during strategic bombing by the Americans – “I know, let’s get rid of some masons…”) then down Cotton Tree Drive.

A checkback on Queensway brought us back up past Flagstaff House/commandant's residence and on to the British Consulate. A loop behind the explosives magazine/Asia Society back onto Justice Drive and some chicanery behind the Conrad and down to Queensway.

Over Queensway it was pretty much on home through the Lego gardens and the new waterfront back to Pier 8.

Fast and furious with some fine racing.

Excellent basho courtesy Sweaty and Jojo and down downs by Indyanus which must've got lost in the mail...

Pier 8 140326 11.02km 68mins