LSW 1944 Quarry Bay


Wednesday 19th March, 7pm

Quarry Bay Street

Hares - Sophia & Octopussy

A thoroughly entertaining and extremely comprehensive tour of the shiggy of Braemar Hill. Three Wimp Rambo splits meant it was fun for the whole hash family!

The pack started at the sitting out area next to the Quarry Bay market. On On! Off down Quarry Bay street until we hit the main watercourse coming down off the hill. Up under the water pipes up until we hit the Mount Parker Road trail. On trail into shiggy on the Rambos and up a terribly steep and treeey bank for miles and miles until we finally came out on the Quarry Bay Jogging Trail.

Sprinted round that for a bit and then up steep steps on left towards the Braemar Hill listening post. At this point it all became terribly confused. It wasn’t down the secret catchwater but instead, right towards the main aerials. But then back left and down again to the RF post. Then up some hill I have never climbed and back onto Sir Cecil’s Ride. Off up that path back towards the RF post again and then left into the bushes, down a bank over a small creek and a whole lot of confusion. Shiggy shiggy shiggy. Up to the RF post yet again then back straight into the place we had just come from off down the main river.

The river descent was great and would have been even better if my torch hadn’t started playing up. But it is a wonderful scramble and finally we joined up with Po Luen Path down at the sitting out area. Then right up the steps and another Rambo split over a big hill covered in bamboo. A particularly steep descent through eroded gullies until we hit another path. Then right round and then down down down back to the Mount Parker Road and on home. The map

Down Downs by INDY....

The Hares - Sophia and Octopussy.... excellent well engineered run

Sophia - fab trail for a virgin hare! Must get you to do more often!

Co - Hare Octopussy - helped with trail laying (a little)/drinks/bash.... moral support?

Sophia - fab turnout

The hares - well executed planning with 3 wimps and 3 rambo options but scared hashers off !st rambo trail - 'full of shiggy' , 'not for the faint hearted'!

Wimps trail 1 - Lubricated Trojan/Indy/Rearender/Anal Thrice/Tightlips

Anal Thrice - was worried about any dogs

Lubricated Trojan - Does whatever trail the hashers around her are doing...... obviously used to doing as commanded by ze German fiancé !

Lubricated Trojan - reccying on ze last weekend mit the German fiancé... when they met village dogs he made sure she went in front!!

Anal Thrice - worried about her boyfriend's name origin ' What's the relevance of 'Etiopian Hijacker?'... Drr.... watched the news lately? Does he look like a terrorist? or a pilot? When one pilot drinks... Lost in Planet'!

Ethiopian Hijacker - Where is that plane?.... Errr.....

Wanchai W@nker - on 3rd Rambo..... screaming and squealing cause he had gone up wrong hill! Rearender calls to him - 'You're not going to get out of there swearing like that!!'....

2nd Rambo - huffing and puffing from behind ! Twas Sweaty with the comment 'If you are in front of me Indy, I am in worse condition than I thought!'

Castrato - huffing and puffing too ! 'This is not like London trails!!'... Drrr....

Returnee - A huge welcome back to Castrato!!.. We have missed you!

Castrato - 'Err, btw, can you write up the run Report?'

Sweaty - 'Don't sit anywhere near Indy at the bash! You get 'volunteered' to be the hare or do the write -up!'

Returnee - Macau Drunk!! Yeh!!..... achilles almost healed...!

Shiggy Ga Ga - leaving HK for British NHS system due to achilles trouble....

All Hash Cashes - Shiggy Ga Ga / Castrato / Sweaty / Toilet Spray... and in absentia due to leaving HK... Bite and Suck (returning next week for 7's) / Higgie / Hash Cash... next??

Returnee Rearender - for past 3 runs she had become a permanent co-hare!! Now she has the 'love of running' again

Rearender - happily survived the Lantau 50 km last Sunday! She loved it and sang all the way!!!

Indy/Rearender/Tightlips - loved tonight's trail so much that they went around again!!... well parts of it towards the end....! Thanks Sophia!

Sweaty - hob- nobbing with the Gentry! Lord Patten ex Governor of HK will be at Pier 8 on Friday!!... booked a table and a journalist.... Sweaty has had to do a lot of wine-tasting in preparation!

Castrato - signed up for a table with MD... after all the Gov is a neighbour of one of his friends in France....

Returnee - Scrubber from Downunder.... When one scrubber drinks...., on up Rearender ! 'What me?' says she....

Sweaty - asking Wanchai W@nker to be Godfather to his Elisha... and then apparently not telling him the right time for the baptism....??

Crash Test Dummy - spending all night coming up with crazy hash names for Sophia that are lines out of his song repertoire.....'Can't cum enough' 'Keep on cumin'...

Sophia after much discussion was given the name by Castrato upon discovering she works at a pharmacy! To unanimous applause.....

RA Lost In Planet - 'Sophia shall henceforth go forth as 'Suck My Pills'!

Suck My Pills /Octo - Great run! Great bash...... Thanks

Toilet Spray - late arrival...

Quarry Bay Street 140319 8.27km 72mins