LSW 1942 Kennedy Town


Hares - Catch of the Day & Rearender

A pre-run conversation with one of the hares... Hello, do you have a rope? Errr Yes? I can include the dangerous bit then…! More on that later. And so it was that on a dreary March evening I commenced a long march to the west. Not a 3B Y-23 Long March, another kind of long march. Actually this long march was to Kennedy Town, and I didn’t march this time, I took a tram. Ding Ding. $2.30. Sitting comfortably on the wooden seats watching the world go by, the two level electric vehicle rumbled along Connaught road. It was actually very pleasant with just the gentle whirr of electric motor, and the reassuring waft of sewage and diesel off the harbour, telling that all was right with the world.

But suddenly the air was rent asunder, by a vehicle horn. But not a normal horn, this one was one of those mega decibel North Korean super weapons grade horns. Probably manufactured at a secret facility in Yongbyon, and designed to induce ear bleeding, nausea, vomiting on the south. Or was that Kimchee! I’m talking about sheer raw sound power! The overpass above the offending bus shook as it reflected the sonic boom back down to merge with a cacophony of other less well endowed horns. Now I actually had my i-pod phones in, listening to the ‘sultans of swing’, and still the sound was almost painful in level. I mean the horn, not that magnificent album by Dire Straits. Granted sure as fear spreads through a pack of wilder beast, in Hong Kong car drivers will honk at the slightest, most minuscule hesitation in the traffic.. Its part of the character of the city I guess…. But if you are one of those drivers who has to honk at the drop of a hat, DON’T use one of those after market air horns, and don’t stand on the horn for 60s at a time. Show some spacial awareness people!

And so with my daily rant safely behind me, I arrived at the start, an hour early. Fortunately the “Old China Hand” was well… on hand to calm my nerves, just opposite the start at Catchick Street Garden. “Catchick” ha ha, you couldn’t make it up! A sturdy looking pack of cool cats and chicks assembled. COTD asked us to follow, not the usual single arrows, but specially devised double arrows, thoughtfully contrived to keep us safe from the lure of lesser hash markings. The briefing also came with a stern warning, no wimps on the Rambo’s. The Rambo’s has a very dangerous bit. Now normally I wouldn’t blink, but COTD. Worry crept into the minds of some. Spectres of a hideously steep featureless slope above a bottomless abysmal pit . I’m not talking about the anti chamber to the grand mattresses boudoir. Could COTD finally have set a run that no one dared do.

No chance… off we went with trepidation only the companion of the wimps. The first check had been cleaned, by the ever busy cleansing services, however Hopeless eventually made the ON ON call. I don’t remember exactly where we went after that. For once I was getting some of the checks right. The mysterious gate that might be locked, ticked! Shortly after that we ended up on the steps up to Mt Davis. I love the summit of Mt Davis, all those old wartime bunkers and redoubts to explore. I knew we were going to the back trail, but couldn’t remember exactly where it was.

The check was well placed in the middle of the field, and had all the hashers running hither and fro. It was like someone had emptied a bag of motion sick monkeys then let off a firecracker. Round and round we all ran, shouting ‘checking’ at each other as we crossed and re-crossed. Other less charitable replies were made to fresh arrivals, Frank The Plank in reply to his becalmed and frantic shouts of ‘are you’, received a full broadside of musket and ball from the oppositely tacking Goby lo.

Well that was one tricky check, until the ONON was found by your scribe at the western corner of the field, tick2! The next few checks all went well tick tick tick, until after the reservoir, Mt Davis Path loomed. Ticked again! Or so I thought…, actually the steps up began to look a little too familiar. With my usual distain for logic, I pressed on up, only to find the brightly lit YMCA for the 2nd time of the evening. Both ‘Comes In My Tunnel’ and “Frank The Plan’ fell for the same trick. Back down we went, finding the pack moaning their way over the sharp left turn that cut just before the rejoin at the corner. Down, the steep switchbacks of Mt Davis Path we all ran to the Wimps & Rambo’s split.

The choice, Wimps and safety, or Rambo’s and a brush with destiny. Well I figured we are almost at sea level, how high can it be! The answer was appallingly banal, a short plank of wood bridged over two poultry boulders. I vaulted it with half a pound of heft. I don’t think any group has been so thoroughly hoaxed since the Trojans said “that horse would make a nice ornament”. But the fun was not over, Ethiopian Hijacker crossing the plank as if it was radioactive was mildly amusing so was finding Gobi Lo who had been lost and had a close encounter of the village dog kind. So up a steep and overgrown slope it was, and on back on to Victoria Road, for an interesting finish down the multi story spiral rubbish truck road to the on Home on Sai Ning Street. Great and inventive trail by COTD and Rearender.
Crash test Dummy

DD's by Indy

The Hares - Catch of the Day and Rearender .....Great run, especially with only 1 week's notice!

COTD/Rearender - How many reccies to pull that together when neither lives in Kennedy Town? One...'Used a map!'...well well!

Ethiopian Hijacker - Pilot, Lost in Planet, had to suddenly pull out of setting the 1942 run due to work commitment...'one pilot drinks! All pilots drink!'

Frank the Plank - the 1942 Run....!! Knew that number rang a bell! ' My birth year......!!' (Ed aside; well why did you not volunteer to hare the run then??)

Gai Tai - from the eldest FtP to the youngest hasher, born in 1985??

Gai Tai - Did anyone ever tell you you are a look-alike for Mr Bean? 'Er drrrr!!' and humour to match!!

COTD - said the run would be 8 km for Rambos....not a bad guesstimate this time!

Crash Test Dummy - solving that tricky check across the open field!

FRB's.....not marking checks ....

Thermal D*ck - appeared on the scene in that open area to see yours truly Indy running around and round in circles trail hunting!

Thermal D*ck - then running around in circles for 20 mins with yours truly, trying to find trail after going through the old tunnels....(before that tricky left turn)..

Butterfly/Southside S*x Toy et al - (in absentia) ...joined the duo running round and round!

FRB's - not marking trail!...

Gobi Lo (in absentia) - 'If Kin says this is a somewhat dangerous run, it must be!'

TD to Indy - wouldn't want to leave you run on your own, on this 'dangerous run!'

The Rambos - Cums in My Tunnel/Ethiopian Hijacker/Gai Tai/Thermal/Indy/Frank/Crash Test D

Crash Test Dummy - flew across and up the dangerous- shiggy- rocky- glassy- brambly-ropey- fest!! 'I loved it'!!

COTD/Rearender- Great run! Great Bash!!

Tightlips - ran/bashed on the bike to Sai Kung

Dr Evil - non runner (old war wounds!), but at the bash! Yeh!!

Visitor - Clit On (Montreal )

COTD - had to have visitor's name graphically explained to her

COTD - last week had to have Bratwurst explained to her....

Lubricated Trojan - loves her new name

CIMT - so did he get it after last week's run then?

Ethiopian Hijacker - would be happy with a name like Lubricated Ar** but thinks Cums in My Tunnel would get jealous!! ..

Haircuts - Gai Tai had a number 1? Crash Test ....looks like goldilocks!

Rearender - paying for Frank's dinner to celebrate Frank's birth year!!

Then it was ON ON ON to the Trendy Old China Hand in Kennedy Town for the stalwarts....Just like the good old LSW days !!... Rearender / Thermal / Indy


Catchick Street 140305 8.5km 74mins


Last night's Hopeless trail... the "Wimps" - at 6.8km the Rambos head across the road and onto the "Sh*tler rocks" for a scramble to come back up for the On Home.
Trail out/in came a bit too close to each other causing some confusion - pagoda at 5.8km - where Helena and Jo almost went around again!
Indy & Thermal Dick still on trail at 21:30 as the group headed off to the restaurant.