LSW 1940 Chinese University


Indie: “put that in the newsletter”
Indie: “yes that should be in the newsletter”
Indie: “yes that thing with the Ethiopian plane hijacker, I forgot to make a down down, put it in the newsletter”


LSW 1940 – Chinese University – Hares prove their efficiency by setting the shortest run of the year
While it is normally the French that claim to be the most “efficient” workers our two Austrian hares Theo and Analtwice have shown that they can easily compete by setting the a 6.23 km Rambo and a 5.67 km wimps run last week.
The run, in dry weather at moderate temperatures, started at a romantic location by the lake at Chinese University MTR. It was well marked and hardly anyone got lost, apart from Dr. Evil.
The course was in principle up a hill and then down it again, then along the railway. As Analtwice acknowledged it was more like a German mountain rather than an Austrian one.
Everyone arrived back at A soon and safely and the Bash was held at a Chinese restaurant in the University. The food was good, lots of fun was had and down-downs were dished out by Indie.


Hare: “was worried about my reputation”
Commenting on the run Theo pointed out that he wanted to set an easier run this time to avoid getting a bad reputation for setting tough runs.
“I could have set a super-rambo, but there were dogs”

Rumours: Indieanus and Analtwice to form interest group
On the sidelines Indieanus and Analtwice were spotted discussing hashnames, (Indieanus to Analtwice: “it’s a nice name”) and might form a group to represent the interests of hashers that have names containing “anal”

Not noticed by many was the disaster of the missed down down with the Ethiopian Hi-jacker. Who would have gotten that down-down ?
Indie: “all Austrians, the plane landed in Geneva, that is Switzerland and the Austrians and the Swiss are similar”


Down Downs – courtesy of Indie Amin:

Idi Amin

The hares: for the run

Dr. Evil: for getting lost

Come into my tunnel, Yvonne pisser, Helena for skiing in Japan and not making it to Russia

Comes up the rear for skiing in Korea with bobbledick and also not making it to russia

Shiggy Gaga: for being out there

Shiggy Gaga and Lost in Space for doing the whimps

Lost in Space for helping out with the hareline

Comes up the rear for wanting to do a runner, but not wanting to set a run

The hares: for calling the station an MTR station when it is actually a KCR station (this one indie had to down down herself)

Alex: for being from La Reunion

We are looking for a hash-name for Theo!!

Any suggestions welcome. May contain perverted elements, such as anal, dick, etc.

Suggestions so far:
- a play on his name - like “theo” , “theology…”,
- ladyboy
- Theo: “ my nickname is Johnny”

Not much of use yet….



Identify the dishes in the photos:
A) Vienna Saftgulasch, a very nice stew served with bread-dumplings or sausages and fried egg
B) Hungarian Gulyas, a soup, very nice, but distinctly different from the Vienna saft gulasch
C) Chinese curry, which is also very nice but not a gulasch at all


LSW1940 CUHK 140219 6.9km 40mins