LSW 1938 Yau Tong


Instructions from the hare, Tightlips, were simple enough. Yau Tong MTR, exit B1. I got there at 7:05pm only to see that there is a "T" (checkback) at B1 exit, and instructions saying to go to A1! So arriving at the hash start way past the start time I was surprised to see the pack still there. They promptly left 1 minute after I arrived, and I hurriedly changed and put on my running shoes to catch up after them.

Tightlips said the trail is to run back to the MTR exit B1 and follow trail. Well, everyone was running around like headless chickens trying to find the out trail but there was nothing. After ten minutes Crash Test Dummy and I figured that Tightlips got the MTR exits mixed-up, so we went down on the road and found chalk markings. On On!

On to the next check, and then another one just 50 metres from the first one. Come into my Tunnel took off to find the next marking near some building steps, only to have Crash Test and I getting it right - through the park and on the overhead bridge along the Eastern Harbour Tunnel Toll Road. I'm not usually a fan of running on road and especially not when there is so much smog from the vehicles, but as we have never been here it was rather cool. Up to the roundabout, and as usual Crash Test and I weren't looking out for markings and carried on down towards Lam Tin. Luckily I turned around quick enough to see the pack heading up towards Kai Tin Road.

A Checkback brought the FRBs led by Sophia, agnes b and Come into my Tunnel back together with the pack. I thought the trail might go up on the metal ladder, and it sure did. Through the housing estates, and a check at Pik Wan Road which threw everyone off. Gary Glitter actually broke the check and had a mighty long headstart until Crash Test caught up with him. A long road sprint to Lam Tin Park (now it's starting to look familiar!), and suddenly the pack realized that the trails will start soon, after 45 minutes!

So we ran along the concrete path behind the park, heading north until a check which threw the FRBs off. Up on the Wilson Trail and along the ridge line, down to a contour path, and then a quick sprint on home following the signs to the MTR station, and on home.

Thanks Tightlips for a great run!

Yau Tong 140205 11.39km 78mins