LSW 1937 Tseung Kwan O


Bobbledick's Birthday Run

Markings from Tseun Kwan O MTR were rather obscure to say the least, running behind schedule it was very pleasing to see Gary Glitter re-marking trail to the start. With only two present at 6.55pm GG obviously thought he'd better try to boost the numbers and enhance Bobbledick's very resourceful trail laying. To highlight this the final approach to the start involved shortcutting across the Central reservation of dual carriageway to get to the start at TKO stadium. The numbers had now swelled to almost 20 and Bob le dick set everyone off on a one trail only hash.

Trail was out from the stadium on to the usual array of cycle pathways and paths. With plenty of checks and CB's keep the pack together those carrying a few extra lb's these days did not suffer too much and were able to hang around with the big boys & girls of LSW. At Pung Loi Road a tricky check had us climbing over a fence and making our way over waste ground and up to to Wan Po Road via a shaky set of metal steps. Across the road and the FRB's were returning from yet another check back further down the road. This caused a great deal of searching up and down the various steps and inclines. Eventually common sense was restored by Comes in My Tunnel who decided to re-check nearby the original CB and lo and behold trail was found. Demonstrating good hash etiquette he turned back on himself and called the pack in the right direction. My goodness the hash has changed, it was only a couple years ago when we used to turn our torch off and tip toe up through the undergrowth whispering on on, on on!

Trail was via a rather overgrown shiggy path which took us up to the landfill or whatever abomination that is around TKO and over towards what was definitely a quarry. Again disarray amongst the pack until trail is found running up and along an unfinished and unnerving fence line.

Trail eventually led us back down towards Hang Hau old village and towards Tsuen Kwan O hospital and via the cycle pathways to TKO stadium.

Good job by the hare and an appropriate trail in keeping the pack together.

The Down Downs by CUTR & Indy after a very reasonable Thai feast opposite TKO stadium.


Bobbledick - birthday Run

Lavender - off to the US of A, Boulder for a spot of skiing.

FRB's - (Gobi Lo, not present) Commenting "This is why I don't like BBdicks runs, all these T's and CB's keep the pack together"


FRB's - Gary Glitter, Toilet Spray, Octopussy calling in the shiggy.

Returnee - Godzilla

FOYC almost, Godzilla planned move to Australia hits red light. Now remaining in HK after enjoying his farewell party.

ADWD, 20 km instead of hash run, recognized by Gobi Lo.

ADWD, full of yacking - obviously super fit.

Sweaty Snail gobbler, living in Peng Chau to save his pennies.

Comes Up the Rear - "can you do write up"? "see me afterwards his reply"!

Sweaty Snail Gobbler, don't sit next to Indy he grumbles - dangerous for hare duties and now hash write ups!

Sweaty snail Gobbler, not getting as much exercise as before! 2 min walk to ferry, ferry then 2 min walk to work. No wonder he needs to come back to the hash, to lose weight!!! Not the same as the old days……

Bobbledicks Birthday, but what age? Hash recollection and investigation demanded by Indy. Present along with BBdick at his 60th: Gary Glitter, Any Dick Will Do, Sweaty & Indy. The place, none other than the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and in presence of Wanchai Wankers Father all dressed up for the occasion and eager to check out just who WW was hanging around with in HK. An LSW classic ensued, nobody and especially ADWD will ever forget Indy Anus at full flow prancing around with crusty Dildos and other gadgets!!!! Quite easy to figure out then that BBick was celebrating his 66th Birthday, but what happened to the Dildo?

Indy Anus, shortcutting from Hang Hau Village.

Gobi Lo, 150 runs - next week attendance promised.

Octopussy, sterling job on previous weeks write up.

On On.

Tseung Kwan O 140129 9.37km 63mins