LSW 1936 Australia Day run


Hare: Indyanus

Pak Sha Wan - A to B

No-one would have imagined that the group of people gathering in the dark around 7pm in the Pak Sha Wan car park would be going running last Wednesday evening. They were dressed in over-trousers or leggings of some sort and some wore puffy jackets. Some had gloves and others wore beanies, including Dr Evil, even though he was injured and present only to assist the hare. Nothing too unusual about the appearance of this group then, as it was one of the coldest evenings of the winter AND we were in the New Territories AND it's always a few degrees colder up there…. After a quick briefing, these 15 or so otherwise normal looking people immediately transformed themselves into runners and headed off, mostly still dressed as we were, up through the village much to the amazement of the few villagers still on their way home. This was of course a false trail.

The real trail was along the main road towards Sai Kung and saw the first sprint of the evening by the front runners. Trail soon led us left off the main road, across the river via a footbridge and thence along the narrow pathways of Tai Chung Hau. These were made even narrower by the numerous potted chrysanthemums almost in full flower and ready for Chinese New Year. Some intricate trail markings took us in zigzag fashion thru an area of warehouses and workshops, eventually out onto a rough road running thru the village. It was one of the two river beds in this area that we were aiming for and sure enough we soon dropped down off the road to start the fun of boulder hopping by torchlight. The valleys in this area of Sai Kung though are quite shallow allowing good progress to be made by those with good balance and agility. So the pack spread out until we reached the upper road/catchwater. Here a well placed 'Check-Back' brought much of the pack back together as a new group of runners found trail on some steps up the cut slope beside the road. But they soon lost trail and it was your scribe who found flour on a very faint trail leading upwards thru dense bush. It was at this point that I had to take a reality check. Who could possibly have imagined that we would be here in the dark on one of the coldest weekday evenings of the year in Hong Kong battling our way thru dense bush………….. Well fortunately, the shiggy trail did soon lead into the well-trodden Mau Ping path, by which time a new set of front runners took over and were battling their way up towards stage 4 of the McLehose trail. The check-back was inevitably found, at which point your scribe found himself right by the junction with the marvellous path of stone slabs leading down towards Po Lo Che. So front running once more it was, but briefly again while the real front runners - CIMT, Theo, Ouyen, Winky Twinky etc. caught up. And so commenced the second sprint of the evening, this times almost a full 2kms down to Nam Shan. It was then via Sha Kok Mei by which time local knowledge again came into play. Guessing Plod's pagoda might be 'B', your scribe followed Gobi Lo via Anthony's Catch, leaving CUTR off trail somewhere in the back alleys of Sai Kung.

The ON-ON was the Thai by the Temple at a pricey $140 per head, showing the way things are going in Sai Kung. Down-Downs were handed out off the cuff by a very willing Octopussy with a little assistance from the hare and BobbleDick. No record was taken. The hare for a run that was so 'easy' that it didn't need a wimps but then a wimp got lost

Down downs The hare - the restaurant owner could not understand her English... That's cos she speaks 'Strine' (slang for 'Australian'). At least one person understands her... Octo

Octo and the hare - for being Australian.. Aussie Aussie Aussie OYE OYE OYE

Frazier - for not knowing that his name is Winkie Twinkie!

Sophia - for her rude remark to Agnis B 'the distance of this run is ok 7-8 kms just right for a Wed night unlike your [Agnis B] run which was like training for my ultra marathon'

Agnis B - for setting an ultra marathon on a Wed night

Sophia - asking whether anybody had ever been lost on trail other than this time we recalled that Keg on Legs was three hours on trail on Agnis B's run.

Agnis B - responds Keg on Legs wasn't lost, my run was just long....

TV tits - for getting lost on the run though it's her own territory

Agnis B - for caring so much TV Tits that she had a long shower, negotiated and ordered the food, ate all the food... Then started asking whether somebody should go and find her...

Anal twice - was FRBing racing with Octo on three occasions during the run. On the last occasion she suddenly drew back and let Octo go first cos she was scared of the dogs....

Anal twice - for rolling the larb moo so expertly and efficiently...what else has she been rolling

Helena - for asking Comes in my tunnel whether he would eat first then find her

CIMT - said 'I think you'd want me to have some food so I would have energy to find you'...hmmm don't know if he'll be sleeping in the same bed tonight

Theo - said he would definitely eat first - Ed. Yeah eat and leave your gf to the dogs

CUTR - dodged the question by putting it back on Octo... Buh bahhh wrong answer

Anal Twice - for saying at the start of the run...there's a kid on the hash who would bring a kid on the hash... Ed. Err that's the co-hare Mad Max

CIMT - mad max left a message for him at the first CB but he didn't see it....the message was 'you're trolloped!' Actually it was misspelled 'trolled' which according to ADWD means 'you're f&$ked'

Teachers Indy & ADWD - for causing the deterioration of the English language in HK's young future generation... What kind of word is 'trolloped???!'

ADWD to TV Tits - for getting 'lost' and calling us from the Aqua bar...hmmm was she really 'lost in the neighbourhood parks' or crawling in the neighbourhood pubs'

TV Tits - for thinking that hashers are so posh that she would find us having the on on at the Aqua Bar

BObbledick to Indy - he went past Max' school and saw many yummy mummy's picking up their children from school... Will Max ever have that experience????!!

CUTR to BD - some say the BD is not generous however today in the change rooms he offered CUTR his towel to use then said 'you can keep it' Ed. I don't know if I'd want it back either

Hare - a great run that even the locals were surprised by the trail and didn't know where they were.

Australian koalas, kangaroos and even a sheep were kindly distributed to all by Indy - Happy Australia Day run

Song sang by the Sai Kung residents and the hare

Song sang by all

LSW 1936 Pak Sha Wan 140122 7.42km 55mins