LSW 1934 Kam Sheung Road


This run was billed by Crash Test Dummy, and very appropriately for him, as the 'Revenge of the Dummies'! Aligned with him was his much -oft intrepid co-hare, Catch of the Day! Well that was enough to convince Hopeless to organise a trip to warm Manila (under the guise of work...with luxurious swimming pool to note!)!!!

Others 'may' have been intimidated by this 'Dummy Run', and its perceived 'revenge' but still there was an excellent turnout of about 25 -30 LSW and NNT runners in the cold NT conditions, who were looking forward to this Kam Sheung Rd run in 'virgin' territory for LSW runners....! Even Thermal D**k managed to navigate himself all the way from Disco Bay!!... And I do love Crash's newsletters...esp as he always talks about the timing of transport to the run being based on the direct correlation to the number of mobile phone users you encounter on the way! As I pushed past many on the Mei Foo transit line glued to their mobiles I did well remember his lines.......!! Speaking of which the 'Revenge of the Dummies' run was also billed as 35 mins from Central.....but was 65 minutes from Sai kung!! naturally Bubbleduck contacted me on his 'brick mobile' to see if we could hook up with transport arrangements...and then he duly went off at Choi Hung MTR without me! So we get to the run...late!! surprises there...! All LSW runners had gone except for Shiggy Ga Ga who was holding the LSW fort to tick the list and collect the cash! Duty before pleasure! The NNT chaps were hanging around...not sure why! Waiting for their gang to appear, so they could run together....??? That was hardly the case as it transpired!

So Bubbleduck and I headed off together and stayed together due to my lack of torch light! ...up the '1000 steps to heaven', where we heard that Gobi had her nose bleed due to the altitude!...then a great undulating trail along the ridgeline that BD was very impressed by ...'for Sunday runners/dawdlers', he said!...I thought he meant the WH3 hash but upon further questioning he had meant what he said! For the locals to venture out on a Sunday along the ridge line, and not too hard in its undulation! ....once on the ridgeline and after the 1000 steps to heaven, that is....!!! and great mountainous views of this area... Eventually the NNT hash had apparently said 'Ready Setty GO! ....Firstly there was the bouncing Eunuch who leaped past us, followed by Mango.....onto the Rambo trail they did go! whilst Bubbles and I made the strategic decision to do the Wimps run due to my blown torch and timing! but were then joined by the rest of the NNT hash.....Dingalong mit dog, then One=Eyed Jack plus a couple of others....(Golden Balls and his mob having stayed on the flats rather than venture to the Heavens!!!) After turning off the ridgeline and scrambling down shiggy and shale, Bubbles and I were on the downhill straight when we came across another LSW hasher who we mistook for a hare!....Catch of the Day! When asked why she was out on the run now and at the back ..Was she sweeping? No? Just wanted to do the Rambos run...Thought you were hare? ..No just drinks and bash lady......Aaah!!! ...Hmm! 'Little sign of revenge then on COTD's part' I thought.....! ''Unless she had bought no beer??'..... We eventually hit the road for a good leg stretching run On In to A to find most of the pack back in and lots of camaraderie between the hash groups!! COTD had even bought us the required refreshments!.. Keeping to hash traditions though, LSW moved off to their own bashateria... and NNT stayed for their own DD's outside the KCR.... Thanks to the 'Dummies' for a great run which was enjoyed by all.....but not sure where the revenge was ?


The Hare - Crash Test Dummy ---as always a good run! The Hare - How many reccies?? Better than some but more than Tightlips with her computer reccies!...CTD did a half reccie on Monday night... using a map of all things!!..actually less than half a reccie! Up the huge steps to heaven, surveyed the terrain then back down again!

Co - Hare - Catch of the Day (in absentia),,,,,but had stayed with NNT mob (with Motormouth) for their DD's.... Gobi Lo - ...ran up the steps to heaven but altitude so high that she had a nose bleed!!

CTD - Where was the revenge?

Rambo runners - Comes in My Tunnel - 'excellent run!'

- Helena - 'Shiggy was so horrible!'

- Theo - 'Too busy worrying about Gobi's nose bleed but excellent ridge trail!'

- Anal Twice - 'Liked the shaggy! Scared of the dogs at the end!'

- Peter - 'obsessed by pylons....?'

- Thermal - 'An hour too long? (getting old Thermal?)'

Wimps - Gary Glitter....1st runner in!! ...Fab trail to win on!!!

- Bubbleduck and Indy....torch blowout....

CTD/COTD - setting run for LSW and NNT, then dividing up for DD's........

Gary Glitter - hashing in his territory on that run, but still joins the LSW bash....

Bubbleduck - phones yours truly before run to hook up at Choi Hung, I hang around waiting then he promptly gets MTR 'all by himself!'.....

Eva - turned back on trail as had no torch and in a rush to get back ...down those 1000steps..,,,but hung around at drinks....

Shiggy Ga Ga - 'Can't run' non runner... but appeared as hash cash!

Sweaty (in absentia) - had he got the glass door allocated with sign to stop hashers having hash crash into them....?

Crash Test Dummy - excellent write up! esp re 'face implants' on SSG glass doors now the latest thing!

Run to Hare ratios - Most were approx haring duty for 12 - 14 runs...

- Comes In My Tunnel/Gary Glitter /Indy

Others lagging behind in the ratio........But are stepping up to the plate!

Others - Watch the hareline!!!

CTD/COTD - Great friendly bash.....and cheapest in town....

LSW 1934