LSW 1932


As tradition has it, New Year’s Day Run is set be the Royal SouthSide Kennel. The Hares for this auspicious event have sometimes been described as the Anal twins. And as the name suggested they led the pack diligently, setting a run to cater for all possible tastes of the 81 strong gathering. We started off doubling back off the beach with some going up the stairs adjacent to Pizza Hut. True trail was found on Beach Road, first left and on to South Bay Road left. There was then an early check back, to keep the pack together.

True trail led through Repulse Bay Villas, over Repulse Bay Road which immediately met the first of three rambo splits. The Scribe followed the R into shiggy to meet Wilson Trail Section 1, turned left up the steps and straight into another check back.

Down the steps and straight into the next check. Following the second Rambos split led the pack over The Twins on Wilson Trail Section 1. Seventy percent down the steps and heading toward Stanley at only 3.5km into trail a check took the pack West and along The Twins Catch Water – level (and graffiti strewn) ground at last. A cunning stunt led the splinter pack left off the catch water and down to a river bed and the tunnel of noise.

The Map - Red, triple Rambos and yellow Kowloon (i.e. easy) and double Rambos.

The final rambos split was after the tunnel and up the steps on Stanley Gap Road, with the rambos turning left and down Chung Hom Kok Road. Some three to four hundred meters down the road saw the trail give way to the right and a shiggy fest up to the reservoir, back down to rejoin the Wimps and the cobblestone path and on home via the Tin Hau Temple and the gathering Korean and Mainland tourists..

What an outstanding day. Voted by all that attended ‘Best Run of the Year’. Several Hash Crashes led to first aid being administered on site. Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and crisps available prior to the Southside-led Circle.

LSW1932 Repulse Bay 140101 7.64km 85mins