LSW 1931


Christmas Day Run 2013

Hare: Ivana Nukock

Hopewell Centre, A to A

The day's hare was our very own Russian exile, Ivana Nucock. It was a hurriedly arranged run with the hare having sought opinions for run locations at the Sunday WH3 gathering just 3-days prior. The consensus for a Christmas day run seemed to be for a short jaunt around Wanchai from the Hopewell Centre, which indeed is what it was. Never-the-less, the arrangements were still made and carried out to a level of precision expected of our Russian hare, who was seen to be in a buoyant mood while skipping around registering arrivals. Eight or so visiting hashers, including a bevy of ladies from WH3 swelled the group of 6-LSW regulars to a pack of 14 or so, probably a record for a Xmas day run. Indeed, can anyone recall Xmas day falling on a Wednesday before? Your scribe certainly can't in 25-years! The briefing was held in a dictatorial style with the run length said to be 5.01kms for the Wimps and a "little more" (5.08kms?) for the Rambos.

The pack headed down Queens Road East and with most of us anticipating an anticlockwise run, the front runners checked all the usual lanes to the left. After a while, a feeling of déjà vu set in as we approached Justice Drive and headed up into Hong Kong Park. Both the KH3 Santa Hash and BobbleDick's pre-Christmas run had taken this exact same route. HK Park was absolutely seething with day-trippers. This slowed the pack right down into a long crocodile as they dodged kids, kerbs, water features and the occasional Santa. The trail led up the steps to the right of Olympic Park rather than the left as before, in order to pass through the ornamental garden with its watchtower. The Rambos loop was straight up and down the spiral staircase of the watchtower and then, along with the Wimps, up and left into Kennedy Road. The fun was now over and the pack stretched out on the long run along Kennedy Road to Queens Road East and home.

There was no mulled wine, but instead, the hare provided marked down boxes of broken mince pies from Taste. And with most of us expected to be heading on to Xmas gatherings elsewhere, the hare decreed that there would be no ON-ON. Rather, the Down-Downs would follow on site. The hare then decreed that she would dish out the DDs, which were executed with the expected military precision:-

The hare, Ivana Nukock for being the hare

LSW Virgins: Joyce Taperre FPF, Hot Lips (Malou) & Jega Jaugan, Dhel Temple, Martjin Doekes

Visitor: Popeye

Popeye: being a beer bitch

Returnees: Franz, Pink Poofter, Hash Bike

Cums Up the Rear: being Late for the start

Cums Up the Rear: bringing presents to his hash friends

Martjin Doekes: not being able to find the start

All the Rambos: running up the Tower in HK Park

Shortcutters, Catch of the Day and Bobbledick: not running the tower

Catch of the Day: not wearing underwear, for being a nude model and a nude artist

Franz and Swing Low: potential nude models

Franz and Swing Low: six-pack competition

Hash Bike, look alike (Pinkie): for still being missing in action

Boobledick: being excited about discounted $10 minced pies

Bobbledick: telling Motormouth that he would not come today and then showing up

Hash Bike: for safe return and for adding extra mileage to the run to make it a one hour run

Down-Downs from the floor

Catch Of The Day

Sophia: Calling herself a non-runner but running like a pro FRB and finishing The North Face 100


Swing Low: Not bringing his dog because the dog's bowl was left at Santa Hash. Down-down from the dog's bowl.

LSW1931  Hopewell Centre 131225 4.19km 25mins