LSW 1928


Gobi Lo: "Sticky, can I borrow your car to transport bags from A to B? A is on Hollywood Road."

SST: "Sure, where is B? Is it your fancy love nest?"

Gobi Lo: "No. but it's a very nice place. But I won't tell you where!"

The above conversation took place a week before the run and for a whole week, I was wondering where this secret location would be.

So I parked the car above Caine Road Garden at 6:50 p.m. and stayed in the car to avoid another parking ticket. One for a day was surely enough! But then I missed Gobi Lo's briefing which, according to rumors, intimidated many runners.


Although I wasn't warned by the hare, I was well informed by Ottopusy of the qualification requirement to do the Rambo run.

Octopusy, "Sticky, I'm not sure if I wanna do the Rambo. Gobi Lo said it's like a super doper Rambo. I mean it can be a really scary route……."

SST: "Woow really? Then I'm not doing it. I haven't fully recovered from my flu yet. I'm still very tired. Let's take it easy. By the way, do you know where B is? Apparently it's a very nice place but Gobi refused to tell me. I bet it's someone's home." So we did take it easy, so easy that we were chitchatting when we were slogging up Old Peak Road and May Road. Basically, the conversation focused on speculating who's nice house is full of mulled wine and delicious food awaiting sweaty and smelly hashers.

Octopusy, "I guess it's Kaspar's, or Alex's! You see, we running up the peak now."

SST, "It could be, but you know Gobi has a lot of rich friends! It can be just one of her lawyer friends' fancy place………..."

Octopussy, " Does she know a lot of lawyers? Oh yes, she works in a lawyer hunting firm. I see ………"

The dialogue went on until we hit The Peak Tower.

SST, "Ahh.. no chalk leading up to Mount Austin Road. Daa so it's not Kaspar's or Alex's. The two choices are the Peak Road for the super doper Rambo OR Harlech Road for the Whimps."

Octopussy, "What do you think? Should we toughen up and try the Rambo?"

SST, "OK, may be let's try!"

Octopussy, "Ah but Gobi said it's a super doper Rambo route!"

SST, "Maybe NOT then!"

So the two girls found themselves tuning right onto Harlech Road, then Hatton Road and then down and down towards Central.

Octopussy, "Ha we're back to the Mid-levels! So B is definitely on of her lawyer friend's place!"

SST, "Apparently not. Where is it though."

Chalk led us back to Bonham Road, then we turned left and kept running until we saw a tall building standing on its own near the Tung Wah Hospital.

Octopussy, "Look! There's chalk mark on the ground. 25/F sky lounge it reads." SST, "Told you! Rich lawyer!"

The escalator took us up to the 25/F, (Music - Dun Dun Dun Dun) the door opened and the mysterious rich friend's identity was to be revealed.

SST, "Nia! Oh my god! So you're the rich friend"

Mea Gulpa, "Welcome Sticky and Octo"

SST, "You've never told me you'd moved to such a nice place!"

Mea Gulpa, "Ha ha surprise! Let me show you the sauna room and fitness room…"

So the two girls walked in the sauna room to find Shigygaga already showering herself. What a nice place for a good run!

Down Downs

The hare ~ waiting for late comers, Indy 10 mins later and Toilet Spary 30 mins late

Gobi Lo ~ sold her posh convertible BMW

Gobi Lo ~ intimidating hashers by saying "don't do the Rambo if you're not fit!"

Gobi Lo ~ good markings, but didn't give enough chalk to FRB

Sweaty Snailgobbler ~ believing that there's no way Indy would get raped.

Mea Gulpa ~ being used for the sky garden for bash , a wonderful venue for a bash.

Come Into My Tunnel ~ commenting on the sausages, saying there are better ones in Germany

Many others ~ only did the whimps 'cos they were terrorized by the hare

Rambos ~ Come Into My Tunnel, Sofia, Teeny Weeny , Discover Her Bay, Bobble Dick, Franz…..etc..

Franz ~ called Sweaty Snailgobbler Lily Trotter

Returnee ~ Teeny Weeny, Peter, Candy

Mea Gulpa ~ moved school, moved flat, stating a new life. All good!

Mea's Husband ~ refused to join the bash, too shy and intimidated

TV Tits, SST, Mea Gulpa ~ Stealing soda water from Indy

No body knows Franz's hash name!

Helena ~ disappeared in HK but was found with Hopeless in the UK PLANNING the wedding

Come Into My Tunnerl ~ getting married on 17th May in Italy! But we're not invited!

Mea Gulpa ~ did KOTH over the weekend, short after finishing Trail Walker in a great time - 18hrs.

Gobi Lo ~ came 2nd in KOTH in 4h.53m

Frank The Plank, TP, Come Into My Tunnel, BOBBLE DICK ~ did well in the KOTH

Frank The Plank ~ won the Buff award, being the oldest but certainly not the slowest one in KOTH.

Down downs from the floor

SST~ staying for the Down Downs and jotting notes for the write up. A VERY RESPONSIBLE HARE!

Shiggy Gaga~ drank all the mulled wine

Comes Up The Rear ~ stingy about shouting trail. Keep the trail to himself

Shiggy Gaga ~ told TS and Octopus their men asked them to pay

Toilet Spray ~ not using up all the hot water

Franz ~ 4 month old boy, 2nd one but thinking about a third one

Naming Franz ~ Fourus

Caine Road 131204 10.31km 80mins