LSW 1927


With Run #1927 touted as a double birthday run and with a "B" at the Loveshack, it was hard not to be excited about the evening. The pack was out in full force at the run start by 7:07pm, next to a housing estate with local Hong Kong-ers gawking at the gweilows. Or more specifically, staring at Gary Glitter changing out of his trousers into his running shorts. Even I had to avert my eyes.

Instructions for the night from Birthday Boy Inflato were simple: "Only about three checks". That sure was a contrast to last week's Goulash run which lasted more than 2 hours, thanks to Octopussy's golden hash advice - "Your hash run should have at least 15 checks to be a good run!". Never take advice from a p*ssy.

The FRBs led by Cheesy Flying Fox set off to a quick start along Fung Lai Road, only to encounter sparse markings so everyone started going back down the hill to look for true trail. It was chaos in the most beautiful hash sense. Then some stubborn ones decided to continue upwards along the road, heading East until Gobi Lo saw a fresh blob of flour against a tree - "ON ON!", and then over a pedestrian bridge to a check at Yuk Wah Street.

Comes Up the Rear and Sophia dashes off madly in the opposite direction of Gobi Lo and Yvonne Pisser, and luck was again with Gobi when Yvonne Pisser found trail. From there it was pretty much a beautiful trail which went up and up and UP (if Hopeless was there he would be cursing), and of course we had the mandatory "HTFU" scribbled on the stone steps to keep the rest of the pack from swearing too much.

A check at the top of the trail on Sha Tin Pass Road kept the lonely FRB Gobi Lo busy. Luckily she didn't have to wait long as Cheesy arrived at the check just as Gobi finished checking one option. Taking the second option, they got it right and basically ran along the trail until hitting Sha Tin Pass Road again (this time a lot further west), and then a sprint-finish to the Loveshack.

Unlimited bottles of beer, wine and Jolly Shandy, potato gratin, avocado and spinach salad, roast salmon and chicken - all made up a happy evening for the hashers.

Happy 35th birthday, Inflato! (50 is the new 35 - you heard it here first).

DD's from Indy

The Hares..... Inflato /Chopper/Yummy Mummy - Great run!

Inflato /Dr Evil - Happy Birthday boys! 21 again......

Inflato / Yvonne P*sser - This week's 7 km half the distance of previous week's 14 km...... needed to do run twice!

Inflato - the 7's run!! What was the significance of the 7.07 start (and 7km run!!) was he born at 7.07 am? No he says... was just an arbitrary number he chose... like run starts at 7.00 ? 7.10? 7.20?

What of Dr Evil as co-hare.... was dumped by Inflato...? was travelling around Japan?

Chopper - Co-hare extraordinaire.....

YM - decorating the house with Birthday symbols as well as Christmas decor.... Aaahh!!

ADWD - Early comer.... left for run at Diamond Hill thinking same time as to Admiralty... and she makes her $ from dealing in figures all day......!!

Late comer - Bubbleduck - retired but still 30 mins late to run start so on phone to hare trying to locate B...

Swings Low /Maggie - met at MTR then walk together on run 'hand holding?'...... Act a likes - Tequila plus wifey - walked to B from MTR 'hand holding'

Non Runners - Tequila plus wifey

Toilet Room/Yours Truly (Indy) - Best head torches ... still got to B in last few

Hash Cash Shiggy Ga Ga - limped her way around the trail with her Achilles ankle... except on the uphill push

Gary Glitter - Pushed up the hill in Shiggy Ga Ga's slipstream but dumped her on the flats

Inflato /YM - Wonderful showers with choice of '2 showers in one'.... thoughtful dermatitis soap… the best of products and shampoo... but NO conditioner!!...

YM - accusing 'unknown hasher' of stealing the conditioner...

Frank the Plank - Wanchai W@nker heard terrifying rustle in bushes off trail and expected to see wild boar but turned out to be FTP??

Returnees - Keg on Legs/Ice Dancer/Cyclops/Shiggy Ga Ga

Recent Returnees - Austrian Eva whose first LSW run had been the Austrian Marathon of previous week......

Yvonne P*sser - so excited about being hare last week that he stayed up drinking his Schloss beer till late.... then could not work the next day..

Yvonne - seen by ADWD on minibus at 12.30 pm heading home still saying 'Hitler was a Deutsch/Goulash is Austrian'!!

ADWD to Yvonne - on minibus YP was stretched in the other direction away from ADWD... Why? so she could not smell beer on his breath!... 'Didn't work', said she....

Yummy Mummy - if u are in need of $ just get Chopper to chase you, fall over and pretend to be hurt and YM will give you $500 as she did to a local boy last week.....

WW - Gobi Lo had commented to him that he was running well on hash that night... to which he replied.... 'I had a banana!'

The hares - Great run/great bash/great ambience... fab food as always!!

Diamond Hill to Loveshack  131127 6.12km 61min